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Fiat Chrysler assessed record fine for Jeep failures

In a prior post, we noted how Fiat Chrysler could be facing additional scrutiny from federal regulators based on inquiries about problems relating to its adaptive cruise control on Jeep Grand Cherokee models. The embattled company recently faced a rare public hearing held by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and was recently assessed a fine for its failure to address safety hazards regarding the placement of its fuel tanks on Jeeps.

Essentially, older model Jeeps with gas tanks behind the rear axle are a safety hazard, as a rear end collision could cause the tanks to rupture and explode, which could lead to drivers and occupants being killed before they can escape. To correct this problem, trailer hitches were supposed to be installed that could act as a buffer to prevent the fuel tanks from being compromised. 

The elements of a products liability lawsuit

In our last post, we highlighted an additional automaker that was under investigation for providing potentially defective airbags. While this may lead authorities to another recall, the overriding concern is likely the chemical compounds that are being used to inflate the airbags.

A recent article featured in the Atlantic suggests that Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata has been using a dangerous chemical, ammonium nitrate, to inflate its airbags, and that it knew about the potential dangers of using the substance instead of a different accelerant. 

Second airbag maker suspected of providing defective airbags

Could your summer road trip be marred by a defective airbag? It is estimated that millions of drivers could be in grave danger because of potential defects in the very airbags that are supposed to protect them in the event of a crash. Last year, millions of vehicles were subject to recalls because of problems in airbags produced by Takata, LLC, a Japanese company that provides airbags to many major automakers.

Takata was under fire last year just like General Motors, as the number of vehicles recalled reached a record. Safety experts believed 2015 would have even more recalls. While it remains to be seen whether last year’s infamous mark will be eclipsed, another airbag provider is under investigation for providing potentially dangerous airbags. 

If you were injured during the holiday weekend, read this

The holiday weekend was likely a blast for most of our readers. After all, the weather was great and traffic was not completely unreasonable. Indeed, there were reports of fireworks accidents (e.g. New York Giants’ defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul) and people being injured through a collapsing deck (in North Carolina).

If you have been in an accident, your top priority should be recovering and getting back to full strength. However, you should not lose sight of the fact that you have rights and that you can be compensated for your injuries. At the same time, there are a number of things that accident victims need to prove in order to recover money damages.

Four things that must be done after an accident

We hope that our readers enjoy the holiday weekend. After all, it is the height of the summer and time for families to spend time together, for fantastic getaways and great barbeques. With as many people primed to hit the road to get to their favorite holiday destination, it is imperative for people to use the utmost care while driving.

While no one really expects to be in an accident, it is an unfortunate reality that they happen. When one occurs, it is critical to be prepared. This way, you don’t jeopardize your ability to exercise your right to compensation should you be injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver.

The damages that can be sought after a car accident

Who actually thinks that they will be involved in an accident over the holiday weekend? The answer to this question likely is: very few people. Despite this contention, the Fourth of July holiday weekend is one of the most dangerous times of the year to be on the road. The combination of potentially drunk drivers, distracted drivers and aggressive drivers could make driving to your favorite destination hazardous.

In the unfortunate event you are in an accident, you should know that you have rights. One important right is to be compensated for your injuries, as well as the expenses associated with them.  This post will focus on some of the damages (i.e. basis for compensation) that can be sought.

High definition screens on trucks could save lives

For summer getaways, it is common to use two-lane roads in order to get to one’s destination. While these drives may be tranquil and without too much traffic, they may be annoying when having to follow a large truck.

Indeed, cars and trucks normally travel at two different speeds, even though they commonly share the same speed limit. Because of this, cars tend to overtake trucks; but sometimes it can be difficult to do because drivers may not be able to see around such large semi-truck trailers. Some drivers may take unnecessary chances by trying to pass trucks when they can’t really see what’s coming from the other direction.

Four things you should not do after an accident

With as many miles that people drive during the summer months, no one actually expects to be in an accident, despite the safety precautions that may be taken (i.e. wearing seatbelts, limiting distractions, or driving within the speed limit). Nevertheless, accidents do happen, and it pays to be prepared to preserve one’s right to recover money damages.

However, there are some instances where people may panic and do things that could hurt their chances of prevailing in an action to seek damages, even though they may believe that they are doing the right thing. This post will highlight a few of things that drivers in accidents should not do.

Why you should deal with the temptation of road rage

It seems too early for the height of the summer to come about, but the Fourth of July weekend will be here before we know it. Known as the midway point of the summer, this weekend is also known for getaways to Wisconsin Dells and other summer vacation spots. With getting away being such a popular pastime, traffic is certain to be heavy in spots. With that, patience should be at a premium.

Not only is traffic inevitable on busy holiday weekends, it could increase the risk of an accident. Not only through driver error (i.e. distracted driving, drunk driving) , but also through road rage actions. According to the website, road rage is defined as actions by a driver to commit traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property. This could include assault with a motor vehicle, or the use of a dangerous weapon to intimidate or harm another driver. 

The dangers of using a cell phone while driving

Summer time in Wisconsin is known for road trips. Wisconsin Dells is not a top summer vacation destination for nothing. And with the Fourth of July holiday weekend coming up, it is expected that tens of thousands of people will be taking to the road across the state.

The increased traffic on the road also increases the chances for an accident to occur. Combine that with the potential number of drivers who may be on their phones for one reason or another (i.e. talking with friends, confirming reservations, looking for directions) and driving on the highway could be a recipe for disaster.