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Wisconsin car accidents: Alcohol possibly caused head-on crash

Many thousands of drivers share the roadways in Wisconsin and around the country safely every day. Car accidents may occur because of weather, road conditions, vehicle malfunctions or distracted driving. In some cases, a driver is impaired, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A recent crash near Janesville is under investigation to determine if alcohol was a factor in the incident.

A Janesville police sergeant reports that the accident occurred on Highway 51. A pickup truck was traveling northbound in the southbound lane. The truck hit a sports utility vehicle head-on near the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport.

Animal bites: which breeds are more likely to bite?

Whenever a deadly dog attack occurs, many Wisconsin residents question which breeds are the most aggressive. A dog owner in another state recently died after being attacked by her pit bull mix. While national statistics on animal bites are not maintained, the Animal Welfare Division of a national veterinary association published a report with data on the number of attacks by breed. The numbers are proportionately weighted based on the popularity of the breed.

In data compiled from 1971 to 2011, the report showed that German shepherds and pit bull mixes top the list of the most serious dog bite injuries. Other breeds on the list include Rottweilers, spaniels, and Labrador retrievers. All of these breeds are also considered to be the most popular breeds in the country, according to Kennel Club data.

Wisconsin car accidents: Driver admits to heroin use

Drivers on Wisconsin roadways expect others operating vehicles to exercise caution and follow traffic laws when traveling. Most drivers have no incidents and arrive at their destinations safely. However, when drugs are involved and impaired drivers cause car accidents, the potential for serious injury or death is increased. A man who recently caused a crash in Dane County apparently admitted to using heroin.

According to officers from the Sheriff's Office, a 40-year-old man was traveling eastbound in a minivan. He ran into another eastbound vehicle, a tractor driving by a 55-year-old man. A 36-year-old woman was a passenger in the minivan. The woman was unresponsive when rescue personnel initially arrived at the scene.

Wisconsin animal bites: ways to prevent attacks

Most dog owners in Wisconsin and around the country never believe their pets would ever bite anyone. However, even a dog that has never exhibited aggressive behavior before could suddenly behave in an uncharacteristic manner. Animal bites can cause serious injury, and they happen rather frequently, according to an animal medical center website.

The National Dog Bite Prevention Week occurs in April, and several issues are highlighted throughout the event. For example, liability of dog owners is a pertinent topic. Certain breeds of dogs are not covered on a homeowner's insurance policy due to their tendency to bite. An incident involving a dog that is not covered by insurance could force owners to pay a significant amount in claims to a victim or family members.

Drunk driving car accidents take the lives of many students

Law enforcement authorities say that a drunk driver recently killed a 24-year old University of Wisconsin-Madison student just a month before she was due to receive her master's degree in economics. Tragically, many young students facing bright futures lose their lives in car accidents involving drunk drivers. Reportedly, this tragedy occurred shortly after 7:30 p.m. on a recent Saturday.

A police report indicates that the student was struck by a car while she was on the sidewalk. Two other pedestrians apparently suffered minor injuries that were attended to at the accident scene. However, the graduate student suffered critical injuries. Emergency responders rushed her to a medical facility, but she succumbed to her injuries later.

Wisconsin animal bites: 3 people attacked by dogs

Many Wisconsin families have dogs as pets and interact with them every day. For the majority of times, these interactions are safe and uneventful. However, animal bites can cause serious injuries when they occur. A recent dog attack in Cassopolis injured three people.

A woman reported that her two grandchildren were outside her home when a pit bull ran into her yard from a neighboring house. She attempted to chase the dog away from the children when the animal started attacking. The grandmother stated that she had to fight the dog for almost 20 minutes.

Common injuries from accidents with semi trucks

Any type of motor vehicle crash comes with a high risk of injury and fatality, but even more so when you get into an accident with a semi truck. Its size and power make injuries not only more likely but also more severe.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports a 62 percent increase in large-truck crashes leading to injuries from 2009 to 2015. The high risk means you should be aware of common injuries to watch for following an accident with a tractor trailer.

Wisconsin car accidents: 1 dead, 1 hurt in recent crash

Traffic fatalities happen frequently on Wisconsin highways and all across the country. While all fatal car accidents are horrific, those caused by the negligent actions of another person are all the more unfortunate. A recent crash in Wisconsin involving possible high speed claimed the life of one man and injured a woman.

A 50-year-old man was driving his car when another vehicle hit it with a great deal of force, causing it to bend into a crescent shape. Due to the nature of the impact, police suspect that speed was a factor. The man died at the scene of the accident, according to police reports.

Should I consult a lawyer about my car accident?

Many people understand the benefits of hiring a top-notch attorney to pursue recourse in a highly complicated case. However, in car accident cases that appear more straightforward, the same people often think of trying a little legal DIY. They speak with insurance adjusters and maybe even file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, such a scenario rarely ends well for the plaintiff. 

Dealing with formalities

Ways to avoid animal bites

Many Wisconsin residents own dogs or live near someone who does. For the majority of the time, the dogs do not pose a threat to anyone. However, when dogs exhibit aggressive behavior, animal bites may occur. An authority on dog bite statistics recently reported that almost 900 people go to the hospital daily after being bitten.

Animal shelter officials have offered advice on how best to avoid being a dog bite victim. It is important to note that any dog is capable of biting. Officials also stress that any size or breed of dog may bite.

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