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More people using handicapped placards illegally

When you go to the shopping mall to do your holiday shopping, chances are you that are not paying attention to the number of cars in the spaces designated for handicapped parking. It may not seem strange that these spaces are always occupied. After all, the holiday season brings everyone to the mall, right?

 However, this may be a hardship to the disabled. According to a recent report, there is a growing trend of people illegally parking in these spots. Some drivers are taking advantage of placards that have not been retired (either because the person to whom it was issued has since passed away or no longer drives).

How drivers can avoid being in truck accidents

In a prior post, we highlighted a number of dangers that come with driving during the winter. Even though weather conditions have improved in the last few weeks, winter is still coming and the snow and ice dangers will be here eventually.

However, the elements are not the only dangers that drivers face. Semi-trucks are also a danger to drivers. With these vehicles being the largest on the road by far, they can cause quite a bit of damage to passenger cars in an accident. With that, drivers must be vigilant around these behemoths of the road. This post will highlight a few helpful tips that can keep drivers safe.

Why a traffic ticket can influence your personal injury case

Our last few posts have focused on the potential for accidents in shopping mall parking lots and due to treacherous road conditions. With the weather getting (surprisingly) better this week compared to early November, chances are that drivers will have an added sense of security knowing that roads may not be snowy or icy this week.

This may lead to people driving faster than usual and taking chances that they usually would not take in inclement weather. In some instances, these driving choices may lead to a traffic ticket in addition to an accident. In those instances where a driver is cited after an accident, a criminal matter must be resolved. This may play a huge part in how a potential personal injury or property damage suit is handled. 

What to do after a mall parking lot accident

In a prior post we highlighted the importance of dealing with road rage. As the holidays have come about and shopping mall parking lots are going to be congested, we find it prudent to revisit this issue.

Road rage is the definition given to aggressive, violent and/or rude behavior exhibited by drivers in the course of having a negative experience while behind the wheel. It can manifest itself in rude gestures, profanity laced tirades and even physical violence. With the holiday season in full swing, it is expected that parking lots will be tricky places to maneuver. But with tensions running high between people who are stressed out by the expectation to get presents, the chances for road rage accidents may increase.

So what are you to do if you are in an accident with someone? The following tips should help.

Can drivers be injured in parking lot accidents?

The holiday week was punctuated with a snowstorm on what is arguably the busiest travel day of the year: the day before Thanksgiving. Of course, there were a number of travel warnings and advisories, and it appears that many drivers took heed to warnings about reducing speed, keeping safe distances between vehicles, and not driving aggressively.

As the weekend goes on, the weather is markedly better. However, would you be surprised if the risk of accidents actually may go up? As surprising as it may be, shopping mall parking lots may be just as dangerous as the open road. Indeed, drivers may not end up being killed in a parking lot accident, but the chances for damages are still high.

How much each year is lost in Wisconsin car accidents?

Just as a threshold notion, car accidents in LaCrosse and in Wisconsin can be costly. When you consider the amount of money spent on medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages and even future income lost (from people who are killed in accidents) it is no wonder that hundreds of millions of dollars are lost in car accidents each year.

A study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that over $40 billion in lost work and medical costs arose out of car accidents across the country. With 30,000 people killed in auto accidents each year, the economic losses are certain to be large. 

More winter driving safety tips

If you believe it feels more like January than November, you’re certainly not alone. The average temperature for November in Wisconsin is 41 degrees. Yesterday it didn’t reach 20 degrees. Not only does this make people wonder what the rest of the winter will be like, it also has made driving conditions treacherous.

It may go without saying that when driving conditions deteriorate, drivers must be additionally vigilant when behind the wheel. Despite this, it is good to follow some basic tips to guard against being in a crash. This post will highlight them.

Winter driving season comes early across Wisconsin

Just when you thought that you wouldn’t have to deal with treacherous winter driving conditions until after Thanksgiving, Mother Nature throws a curveball. Thanks to unseasonably cool arctic air and moisture coming from the west, a snowstorm blanketed Wisconsin. In fact, North Central Wisconsin saw nearly two feet of snow.

Other regions saw far less snow, but the cooler than average temperatures bring the possibility for black ice. This is the thin layer of moisture that can freeze into a virtually invisible sheet of ice on streets throughout Wisconsin. Indeed, the danger of auto accidents is high when driving conditions deteriorate, but the chances of single car accidents increase because of the specter of spinning out of control (and into a ditch) after hitting a patch of black ice at a high rate of speed. 

If you have been diagnosed with PTSD, this post is for you

When you think about the receipt of Social Security disability benefits, you may consider someone with a chronic physical ailment that prevents them from keeping a consistent job. However, there are a number of Americans suffering from mental impairments that prevent them from doing the same. Indeed, many people diagnosed with depression may be receiving benefits, but many others suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may be eligible for benefits as well. 

Small increase for Social Security benefits in 2015

For those receiving Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income, the annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) is an important announcement. Many people receiving these benefits count on them because they are their only source of income. So if they are going to continue to make ends meet, and they are unable to find or maintain a job, their benefits have to increase by some degree.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently announced what the COLA will be for 2015. Unfortunately, the increase was not groundbreaking. In fact, the 1.7 percent increase will be the third (increase) in a row that is under 2 percent.