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Why uninsured motorist coverage is important

Let’s face it, insurance coverage commercials are the most entertaining on television. From Aaron Rodgers’ encounter with Hans and Franz, to the Geico pig and Gecko, car insurers appear as if they are more concerned with entertaining viewers to make a name for themselves rather than advertising the beneficial aspects of their policies.

This is likely because insurers understand that a large majority of consumers will only purchase the minimum amount of coverage allowable, which in the state of Wisconsin is $10,000 for property damage, $25,000 for the injury or death of one person, and $50,000 for the injury or death of more than one person in a vehicle.

Good things to do after an accident

You do quite a bit to keep safe and avoid accidents. You wear your seatbelt, maintain safe speeds and avoid distractions while driving. However, you may still be involved in an accident. Despite all the safety precautions, nothing can really prepare you for what you need to do when one occurs. Nevertheless, there are a number of helpful tips that you can employ in order to preserve your rights.

This post will identify a few.

Three things that auto insurers won't tell you

Shopping for car insurance should seem simple. You look for a policy you can afford, you get information about the levels of coverage, and that should be enough to make a decision. Indeed, many insurers try to get your attention through promotions and catchy commercials (this is why Flo from Progressive and the gecko from Geico are famous). Nevertheless, through all the hype and money saving promises that car insurers throw out to consumers, there are a number of things insurers won’t tell you that if you knew about them, you probably wouldn’t do business with them.

This post will identify a few.

Can cars be safer if they watch a driver's eyes?

With automakers releasing their 2015 model year vehicles this month, it is expected that many will include crash avoidance systems such as lane integrity warnings, back up cameras and blind spot warning systems. Some models will even include park assist systems, which employ small cameras and radar systems to guide a car into a parking spot.

These systems are the precursors to fully automated cars, which are expected in the next decade. But self-driving cars may not be the only advancements that automakers are working on. General Motors is working on a technology that will track a driver’s eyes to determine if the driver is at risk of falling asleep or is distracted by an electronic device (such as a cell phone). 

Three things to keep motorcycle riders safe on Labor Day weekend

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, and it is expected that roads will be jammed with drivers trying to get to weekend destinations for one last summer party. For motorcycle riders, this will be nothing new, but they must be especially careful this weekend. With the more cars on the road, the possibility of being hit and injured by aggressive drivers, distracted drivers, and especially drunk drivers increases.

With that, this post reminds our readers who are motorcycle riders of what they can do to avoid being in an accident

New in-car display may not ward off distracted driving

Labor Day is the annual occasion where automakers try to clear out supplies of model year inventory to make room for the next year’s models. This is most likely why consumers are seeing sales of 2014 models, so that 2015’s can be brought in. Not only do new body styles create a new buzz of interest, so do new features.

One of these features has to do with hands free systems that allow drivers to control multimedia systems as well as their cell phones. 

Why traffic violations can affect a car accident case

When you hear about the latest Kardashian news, it likely comes from E! News about the latest photo shoot, or the release of a new clothing line. With as much as the family is in the news, they do not usually deal with negative press. However, a recent car accident involving Kylie Jenner may be one of those instances where the family has to wait for an unflattering story to blow over.


Wisconsin Supreme Court approves mandatory 3-year sentences for chronic DUI offenders

When Wisconsin drivers drive while intoxicated, they are often punished severely. Unfortunately, some drivers do not learn from their previous mistakes and become chronic offenders, which increases the likelihood that they will cause an auto accident in the future. Recent legislation, however, requires that all chronic drunk drivers receive prison sentences of at least three years, excluding supervised probation.

Three years after a Wisconsin man appealed the sentence he received for his seventh drunk driving offense, the state Supreme Court ruled in favor of a three-year minimum sentence requirement for chronic drunk drivers. It is not clear whether someone who has had more than two drunk driving convictions will be subject to the law, or if a driver must have three, four, five, six, or even seven convictions before he or she is considered a chronic offender.

Trucker accused of vehicular homicide regarding fatal accident

A truck driver will face charges of vehicular homicide regarding a fatal Wisconsin car accident that occurred two years ago. The incident involved an art teacher from Wisconsin Heights High School, whom the truck driver struck and killed.

The 22-year-old victim was driving a Saturn at approximately 7:30 a.m. in May 2012, when the truck driver's semi truck rear-ended her on Highway 14. The force of the crash caused the woman's car to be struck by an oncoming van. The van driver suffered minor injuries, and the woman was killed. The semi truck driver and his passenger did not suffer injury.

Truck driver pleads guilty in crash that killed 2, injured 6

Because of the unique driving abilities and the differences in handling a semi-truck compared to a regular sized passenger vehicle, truck drivers are required by law in Wisconsin to obtain a commercial driver’s license. In order to get one, drivers must undergo specialized training and testing to ensure that they can safely operate a semi-truck. This is done to help drivers be safer on the roads and reduce the number of truck accidents.

A Wisconsin truck driver who took the lives of two people in an accident last year appeared in court recently. The driver was approaching an intersection just as the light turned green, but failed to slow down for the line of cars that were stopped for the previous red light.