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Party-goers beware: Animal bites increase during the holidays

It is logical to assume that more road traffic during the holiday season in Wisconsin may lead to an increase in motor vehicle accidents. Less obvious, however, is the fact that the number of animal bites suffered by travelers and party guests also rises during the holidays. Such incidents range from minor to tragic, and dog owners, as well as party-goers, will want to take every precaution to keep themselves and others safe.

One of the reasons there appears to be an increase in animal attacks during the holidays is more people tend to be around during parties. A dog who is used to a calmer atmosphere may become nervous and growl or bite if it feels threatened in any way. Loud arguments and other noises, children who pull tails or any sight or sound out of the ordinary may place those present at risk for an attack.

Similar investigations sometimes lead to wrongful death claims

One can only imagine the horror of seeing a loved one struck down by a motor vehicle while crossing the road. For one mother on her way to church with her young daughter, a tragedy like this changed her life forever. Two people are now facing charges in Wisconsin connected with the incident. In the past, similar investigations have sometimes led to wrongful death claims being filed in civil court.

Reportedly, the mother and her 5-year-old daughter were walking hand-in-hand. At some point, the child is said to have let go of her mother's hand. Moments later, a car allegedly struck the child.

Identifying liable sources for injuries caused by animal bites

Nothing can bring the joy of a pleasant evening walk in Wisconsin to a screeching halt faster than suddenly being attacked by another person's pet dog. Animal bites can cause very severe injuries. In fact, when a victim is a small child, the attack may prove fatal.

If you or your child has been injured by another person's pet, you may wonder what the best way to seek justice might be in your particular situation. An investigation into the events leading up to the injury can shed light on what options may be available for seeking restitution. One thing is certain: You should not be made to bear the expense of medical treatment or any other costs associated with the attack.

Wrong-way accidents often lead to wrongful death claims

A tragedy took place recently on a Wisconsin roadway that resulted in several fatalities. One of the people involved in the horrific crash was said to be attempting to elude police at the time. The identities of four fatally injured victims have since been released to the public in the incident, which appears to be a wrongful death situation.

The terrible accident occurred on Interstate 94. Police officers were reportedly responding to a call claiming that a vehicle on the road was traveling in a very erratic manner. When police responded to the situation, the driver of the SUV in question allegedly changed directions and began driving into oncoming traffic.

Wisconsin school teaches about car accidents in very shocking way

Many schools in Wisconsin have programs designed to teach students about safe driving. One school pulled a stunt regarding car accidents recently that has left many parents and students shocked and upset. Others say those who are upset should instead be grateful their children are alive and well.

The situation unfolded when an announcement came over classroom loudspeakers, stating that four students had been killed in a car accident. The announcement offered information in great detail, including that the accident had occurred because a driver had been texting behind the wheel. Explicit details were given regarding one student being rushed to the hospital after the crash.

Drivers and cyclist can both minimize risk on the road.

Over recent years, cycling has become more popular than ever. For many, bikes have become the preferred method of transportation whether it be for their daily commute, running errands, or simply getting some exercise. As the number of riders on the road increases, it is important for drivers and cyclists alike to know Wisconsin law regarding bikes and their operation so we can all minimize the risks for every person on the road.

What are the most important Wisconsin biking rules?

There are many Wisconsin biking rules, but probably the most important one to remember for drivers and cyclists alike is that bike are legally considered vehicles and should be treated as such. This means cyclists are required to obey the same traffic laws and regulations as the drivers of cars and trucks. Because of this, all parties should be sure to provide others with enough space for them to safely operate. One of the single best things anyone on the road can do to minimize risk for themselves and others is to be as predictable in your actions as possible. This will allow other individuals on the road to act responsibly and quickly should any adverse circumstances arise.

Head-on collisions often signify wrongful death issues

There are many factors that commonly lead to car accidents in Wisconsin. From distracted drivers using texting devices behind the wheel to those who have consumed alcohol in excess of legal limits, one never knows when another motorist will do something to cause a collision. Poor road conditions, obstacles in the road and other issues may also be causal factors when a crash occurs. When two vehicles hit head-on, and a fatality occurs, it is often evidence of a wrongful death situation.

On a recent Friday night, on Highway 26, there was a terrible tragedy. It was just shy of 11 p.m. when a two-car collision took place. Authorities later said that the two vehicles had crashed into each other head-on. A 16-year-old who was traveling in one of the vehicles was critically injured.

Tips to avoid Halloween dog bites

With Halloween just around the corner, the night will be filled with ghosts, zombies, Kylo Rens, probably a few Harley Quinns and maybe a couple creepy clowns scouring the neighborhood for treats. To keep the tricks at a minimum and to avoid a dog bite, it is important to remember that curious and playful dogs can become anxious. Multiple strangers clanking around may frighten a dog, no matter its age, size or typical demeanor. You can avoid an unsavory trip to the ER by following a few safety tips.

Several factors often cause motorcycle accidents in Wisconsin

People in Wisconsin like to travel by various means. Some prefer walking to and from their destinations, while others like to drive reliable vehicles. Still, many others enjoy riding motorcycles, though must be wary of various factors that could lead to motorcycle accidents.

Drivers in cars or trucks who do not check their mirrors frequently enough may not see a motorcyclist nearby. This can create dangerous situations if thee driver changes lanes, speeds up or slows down without paying attention to a motorcyclist in the area. Intoxicated drivers, too, are not only risks to those on motorcycles but all travelers sharing the road. Injuries suffered in motorcycle crashes are often quite serious, if not fatal.

Just when you thought it was safe to cross the street

The La Crosse area has experienced a number of pedestrian involved crashes lately. In mid-September, five people were injured in a collision that involved three pedestrians. Around 9:30 p.m. on a Friday, a car with two passengers, traveling along south Losey Boulevard, veered off the road, hit a speed limit sign, hopped a curb and crashed into a brick support. News reports were unclear if the crash was alcohol or drug related. Two people were in critical condition while another sustained life-threatening injuries.

Prior to that, a visually impaired pedestrian was killed after being hit by a truck on Mormon Coulee Road around 5:30 p.m., and a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse student died from injuries sustained when she was struck on La Crosse Street around 8:30 p.m.

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