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Wisconsin law concerning owner accountability for animal bites

It is impossible to know how an animal will act at any given moment. Many pet owners are confident that the animals they own will not harm anyone, only to be disappointed later when a bite occurs. As animal bites often cause severe injuries in Wisconsin and elsewhere, the law allows a monetary judgment to be sought against a party or parties deemed liable in such situations.

Filing a personal injury claim in a civil court can seem like a complicated process to someone facing such circumstances for the first time. It is often helpful to seek assistance through experienced counsel and guidance. Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC, has successfully recovered more than $70 million in settlements and verdicts on the behalf of clients throughout western Wisconsin and nearby areas.

Wisconsin family determines grounds for wrongful death lawsuit

There is always risk involved in any type of surgery. However, every patient has the right to reasonably assume that all medical professionals will adhere to the highest levels of accepted safety standards when providing care. Many families have been devastated to learn their loved ones have died due to medical negligence. One such family recently filed a wrongful death claim in Wisconsin after discovering details regarding a tragedy that occurred several years ago.

Typically, those considering filing such claims are bound by a 3-year statute of limitation. In certain circumstances, time extensions are granted to one year beyond the time that negligence is discovered so long as the incident did not take place more than five years prior to discovery. The decedent in this situation was a 77-year-old man who had undergone heart surgery in 2011.

Options for family members who lose loved ones in truck accidents

Wisconsin highways are often cluttered with traffic and many different types of vehicles. The more vehicles that share the road, the higher the chances are of a collision taking place. Truck accidents, in particular, often have devastating results. One such tragedy recently occurred that ended in two fatalities.

It was just before 9 a.m. on a recent Friday when the terrible crash took place. Apparently, a retired dentist, age 69, and his wife, who was a former school teacher, were traveling together. The couple was riding in a sport utility vehicle, when it was struck by a massive tractor-trailer.

Child's estate awarded $10.7 million for wrongful death

One can only imagine the unspeakable grief of suffering a child's death in an accident that might have been prevented. A court outside Wisconsin recently determined that such was the case concerning a baby who died after suffering serious burns from bathtub water. After a week-long trial, a verdict awarded the substantial monetary judgment to the 18-month old girl's estate, holding the water heater manufacturer liable for her wrongful death.

The baby's father filed the claim after the tragedy that eventually led to his child's demise. He asserted that many water heaters include anti-scalding valves as standard features. It was further alleged that the manufacturer's failure to include the anti-scalding valve on the water heater model installed in the child's home constituted negligence that became a causal factor in her death.

Traffic congestion may be causal factor in recent car accidents

Recent incidents on a Wisconsin highway may have been caused by traffic congestion. In addition to road construction, distracted and negligent driving may also play significant roles in car accidents that occur on heavily traveled roads. Officials are currently investigating the series of collisions that seem to have occurred in the same area.

One of the crashes occurred on a recent Tuesday and resulted in a fatality.The flow of traffic was reportedly fluctuating due to construction on the highway. At approximately 11:30 a.m., a tractor-trailer operator reportedly slowed down because the car in front of him had stopped. A flat-bed vehicle then allegedly struck the massive truck from behind, causing it to smash into the car in front of it. The driver of the flat-bed truck was killed in the crash.

A new hurdle for distracted driving

While battling in a Pokémon game, scoring critical hits are a surefire way to win a duel. With the reality-gaming based app Pokémon Go, critical hits post a much greater danger as they have a chance to become literal.

The smartphone application, which allows players to catch augmented reality Pokémon in real-world locations, has rocketed to the top of popular discussion since its recent launch. Apple has confirmed that it has broken the record for most downloads in an app's first week of release, while 7ParkData reports Pokémon Go users spend over twice the amount of time on the app than they do on social media juggernaut Facebook.

Wisconsin car accidents often lead to personal injury claims

Motor vehicle collisions often occur in Wisconsin that leave victims financially strained due to expenses sustained during recovery. Depending on the circumstances of an individual situation, such car accidents may lead to personal injury claims being filed in civil courts. A recent crash involved two occupants in an off-road vehicle that resulted in injury and death.

The accident occurred at around 3 p.m. on a recent Sunday. A 29-year-old man was apparently behind the wheel of the utility vehicle when it crashed. Traveling as a passenger at the time was a 21-year-old woman. It appears that at some point, the off-road vehicle seems to have hydroplaned on a patch of wet ground along the trail.

Where to obtain wrongful death claim information in Wisconsin

Many Wisconsin families have suffered shock and grief when loved ones suffer untimely deaths in motor vehicle accidents. It is often difficult to think beyond the sorrow of such situations. However, when an accident is caused by another motorist's negligence, a family may want to obtain information regarding how to file a wrongful death claim in a civil court.

No amount of court-awarded compensation can replace the loss of a human life. Although, many families have been helped by using such monies to cover funeral expenses and other costs associated with an accident. Filing a claim against a negligent driver is a valid option for any family who finds itself unprepared to meet the debt sustained when a loved one is killed in a collision.

Wisconsin motorcycle accidents often result in fatalities

A recent tragedy that took place in Wisconsin is definitely not the first of its kind. Motorcycle accidents are always a risk for those who choose such a form of travel. As in many other motor vehicle collisions, two lives were lost in the accident that occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon.

It was nearly 2:30 p.m. when a motorcyclist who was apparently carrying a passenger seems to have lost control of the motorcycle. The vehicle reportedly veered out of its lane of traffic and smashed into a car heading in the opposite direction. Reportedly, both occupants on the motorcycle were ejected from the machine.

Take caution during the "100 deadliest days on the road"

As the Independence Day holiday nears, the summer road season is in full swing across Wisconsin. School is out, the pace is more relaxed, and it's the time to make memories with loved ones. For many, this means family vacations to Wisconsin Dells, area lakes and rivers, or other popular destinations around the state. For teenagers, though, the summertime represents something much more sinister.

The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day the "100 deadliest days on the road for teens," with good reason. More teens are killed in auto accidents in this time than any other during the year. According to information provided by the American Automobile Association (AAA)'s Foundation for Traffic Safety, the average number of teen deaths from car crashes climbs approximately 16 percent per day during this dangerous period compared to other times of the year.