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Animal bites kill 1 child, injure another

Dog bites in Wisconsin and throughout the country can be catastrophic. A recent tragedy in another state claimed the life of one child and critically injured another. The children were mauled by two dogs as they walked to their school bus stop one morning. As a result of these animal bites, the owner of the dogs has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. The police also report that the man has also been charged with two counts of reckless conduct.

The 911 calls from the attack reveal the intensity of the situation. The dogs kept attacking the children, despite the attempts to chase them away. Dispatchers gave instructions to help control the children's injuries, but the dogs had not been captured and were running free.

Wisconsin crash could lead to wrongful death claim

A Wisconsin car accident may lead to devastating results. The likelihood of a tragic outcome is even greater when that car accident involves a head-on collision. A recent crash claimed the life of a passenger when his vehicle was struck by a driver travelling in the wrong lane. The family members of victims in similar accidents often seek information about filing a wrongful death claim.

The crash occurred on Highway 96 near Industrial Drive in the town of Dale around 5 p.m. on January 13. The Outagamie County Sheriff's Office reported that an SUV travelling westbound on the highway hit an eastbound SUV head-on after it crossed the center lane. A passenger in the eastbound vehicle was pronounced dead after the crash and the driver and another passenger had serious injuries. The man driving in the wrong lane was not harmed in the accident. However, another passenger in his vehicle was transported to a hospital with injuries suffered in the collision.

Children at day care center injured after animal bites

Injuries suffered from a dog bite can be serious and require extended medical care. Animal bites in Wisconsin or in other area are frequently caused by an animal that has never previously bitten anyone.  However, a bite from an animal that has bitten before and was classified as high-risk may be even more devastating.  Such an incident recently occurred in another state.

A 33-year old woman was charged with two counts of child endangerment with bodily injury in November after her dog attacked twins in her care. The woman was responsible for the children at her home day care center. Her pit bull terrier allegedly mauled the children, resulting in injuries that included lacerations, cuts and bleeding, as well as infections from the bites. The injuries were discovered by the parents and were treated at a hospital immediately. Police indicate that the day care provider did not notify the police or the parents of the incident, nor did she obtain medical help for the children.

Factors affecting pedestrian accidents

Being the pedestrian is one of the most vulnerable positions to occupy when involved in a car accident. The outcome for those not inside a vehicle depends on several factors, including the person's age, gender and intoxication level. The time of day, impact point and vehicle type can also play a role in how severe the injuries are.

Deaths in Wisconsin car accidents often caused by drunk driving

Families must often deal with the loss of a loved one. No matter the circumstances, the loss of a family member is a tragedy. However, when deaths occur in car accidents because of drunk driving, the losses become even more devastating. A Wisconsin family recently experienced such a loss.

A 29-year old Lake Geneva woman was struck by a southbound vehicle when crossing the intersection of Edwards Boulevard and State Highway 50 on foot. The accident occurred around 5:20 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 27, according to the Lake Geneva police. The woman died on Thursday, Dec. 29, as a result of injuries suffered from the accident.

Seeking justice in car accidents where at-fault parties have died

A recent tragedy occurred that resulted in a fatality. There is no lack of car accidents in Wisconsin during the winter, and a casual factor in this particular situation appears to have been poor road conditions. The motorist who purportedly caused the accident died as a result of her injuries.

A motorist behind the wheel of a Chevy Cobalt may have hit an icy patch in the road before veering across the center line of traffic. The car then allegedly smashed into another vehicle. The vehicle that was struck was driven by a 72-year-old woman.

Pursuing justice for victims of Wisconsin truck accidents

Anyone who has ever been cut off on the road by a massive tractor-trailer understands how terrifying it can be. In Wisconsin and throughout the nation, many truck accidents are caused by negligent tractor-trailer operators. Excessive speeds, tired drivers and cell phone use are among the top common causes for collisions involving these enormous vehicles.

Sadly, many people involved in collisions with tractor-trailers do not survive their injuries. Families are often shocked to learn of loved ones' deaths and angered when they discover those tragedies might well have been prevented where it not for driver negligence. Acting recklessly while driving a vehicle that may weigh as much as 80,000 pounds is a menace to all who share the road. 

Learn to identify reckless driving behaviors

Keeping yourself safe on the road is about more than just making sure your vehicle is in good repair and that your mind is on the task in front of you. It's also about being able to spot threats and hazards early, so you can take evasive action before a situation gets to a crisis point. This is true whether you are dealing with debris and obstacles or with other drivers who might be operating a vehicle dangerously.

Motorcycle accidents likely to increase during the holidays

Many travelers navigate Wisconsin roads during the holidays. From Thanksgiving through New Years Day, people visit family and friends throughout the state to celebrate the special occasions that occur on and between those two days. Motorcycle accidents and other vehicular crashes often increase during this span of time.

Even if a motorcyclist is driving with caution and obeying all traffic and safety regulations, there's no guarantee that will prevent an accident. If another driver in the vicinity is distracted behind the wheel, a sudden accident can occur at any time. If a driver fails to check rear-view and side mirrors often enough, a motorcyclist nearby may remain unseen until it's too late.

Some car accidents happen when not all the cars are moving

Those who have been in similar vehicular collisions in Wisconsin understand the shock of being struck by another vehicle at a red light. Many car accidents occur when one or more vehicles are stopped at traffic lights. The sudden jolt and jarring that occurs when a moving vehicle rams into a stationary one is not something one is soon to forget.

Such appears to have been the case in an incident in Green Bay. Police responded to the scene just before noon on a recent Saturday after getting a call that reported a reckless driver on the road. A vehicle that was allegedly headed in a northbound direction suddenly slammed into several other vehicles stopped at a red light nearby.

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