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Safety tips for driving on wet roads during spring

It’s good to have an actual spring. Compared to last year, it seemed like good weather did not come around until May. But spring is always unpredictable in Wisconsin.  We can have picture perfect weather on one day, and a complete deluge the next. Because of this, drivers must be ready and wary of how to drive in wet conditions in the same way they must navigate snowy roads.

With that said, we feel it helpful to give our readers some helpful tips that can keep them safe on wet roads. 

Is supplemental auto insurance coverage right for you?


In a prior post, we discussed whether you actually need additional insurance when you rent a car. This is a necessary question given the markup on temporary insurance policies that come with rental cars. We also have highlighted certain questions you should have for your insurance company before purchasing insurance. After all, you should know what you are buying before you sign on the dotted line (literally and figuratively).

Could you be at fault in your car accident?

If there is one thing that we know about car accidents, no one likes being part of them. However, when potential clients come to us, they universally want to know that their rights and options are; especially if they believe that they were not at fault. Proving fault (in some cases) can be an arduous process. However, there a few accidents where fault can be proven without much evidence.

This post will identify a couple of accidents where fault can be proven relatively easily.

Four things that can help you after an accident

With the weather getting better, the prospect of encountering ice patches diminishes every day. However, the potential for accidents still remains. After all, spring weather brings more people on the road, including motorcycles and bicyclists. Because of this, it is important to know what to do in the event of an accident. Your emotions may be running high, you may be injured or you may be in shock.

With that said, we will highlight a few things that can help you after an accident to preserve your legal rights.

Study shows that more teens are distracted when driving

For parents who have teen drivers, they are likely worried about their child’s safety; especially if they are a new driver. They may worry about them driving too fast, making poor decisions, or being struck by a drunk driver. But young drivers’ inexperience is likely the reason why parents are worried, because inexperience commonly leads teens to make poor decisions about safety.

Texting while driving is one of these common, yet poor decisions. While teens may confess that they may not text behind the wheel or engage in distracted driving practices, a recent study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests otherwise. Researchers found that distractions played a part in more than half of all crashes involving teen drivers.

Questions to ask to get the most out of your insurance

The NCAA tournament has not disappointed when it comes to upset-minded Cinderella teams, last second shots and fantastic individual performances. The tournament has also been great in terms of commercials. Arguably the most popular advertisements have to do with insurance. Between State Farm’s assist theme, Allstate’s mayhem theme and Progressive’s time travel spots, it is a wonder that more people aren’t changing their insurance coverage more often.

So beyond the themes and catchphrases, consumers may be wasting their money on policies they may not need, or may not be getting their money’s worth on the coverage they have. To get the most out of your policy, it is best to ask questions

Is the rental company's insurance necessary?

If you are in the process of planning a summer vacation, or are going on a spring break adventure, chances are that you are going to rent a car. When you pick up the car, it is likely that you will be offered a number of temporary insurance policies. They include collision damage waivers, personal effects coverage, general liability coverage and supplemental health coverage.

To the uninitiated, these coverages can help in the event of an accident, but they are offered as money making opportunities for the rental car company. So you may not need them. 

Who can be held liable for pothole accident injuries

You would be hard pressed to find someone who is offended by the warmer weather. The same would apply to the longer days now that daylight savings time is in effect. Yes, spring is just around the corner, which means that the beginning of pothole season is near.

Potholes are commonly created by water that seeps into cracks after snow and ice has melted during the winter. The moisture can refreeze as temperatures drop, then melt when temperatures go up. This can affect the integrity of the road and lead to potholes.

What can delay your disability benefits petition

It is no secret that obtaining Social Security disability benefits is no easy task. This is especially true given that more than half of all initial petitions are denied the first time that they are submitted. Additionally, the Social Security Administration is one of the largest bureaucracies in Washington (even though there are field offices across the country). Because of this, getting disability benefits can take a great deal of time. With that said, those who petition for benefits may get frustrated over how long the process may take.

This post will explain some of the most common reasons for delays in processing. 

Could large products liability awards be making a comeback?

If there was one thing that tort reform supporters wanted when legislation was proposed, it was that jury awards be in line with “reality.” This essentially meant that personal injury plaintiffs could not receive huge windfalls that would bankrupt a company or affect an entire industry because of the fear of blockbuster verdicts.

For over a decade, tort reform basically did what reformers promised. Multi-million dollar jury awards were few and far between. But last year, it appears that these verdicts came back. For instance, a man who developed cancer as a result of a diabetes medicine passed away; and the family was awarded $9 billion (yes, billion) in damages. Another case where a 36 year man passed away after years of smoking tobacco, the surviving family was awarded, $23.6 billion.