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Wrongful death lawsuit could follow hit-and-run accident

In Wisconsin and across the country, car crashes happen every day. Sometimes, things like inclement weather, car trouble and the like are major contributing factors. Most motor vehicle collisions are attributed to negligence on the part of one or more parties. When this results in loss of life, grieving families typically have grounds to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit through the civil justice system.

Perhaps even more upsetting is when individuals selfishly attempt to escape accountability for their actions, like in hit-and-run crashes. Reportedly, just such an instance occurred recently in Milwaukee. Thankfully, the police have arrested the 19-year-old individual they believe to be responsible for the fatal accident.

Wisconsin animal bites: Woman injured, dog dead following attack

Many Wisconsin residents and others all across the country have dogs as their family pets. Most dogs interact safely with their families as well as acquaintances and passersby. However, serious animal bites can occur when a dog attacks people or other animals. A recent attack in another state left a woman seriously injured and her dog fatally wounded.

According to police reports, a 58-year-old woman heard noises outside her home. She saw three dogs attacking her dog. When she tried to help her dog, the pit bull mixes began attacking her.

Wisconsin truck accidents: woman injured after crash

Mothers frequently drive their children to various locations in Wisconsin and around the nation. Whether the drive is to work or school or simply for recreation, it is a time for family members to be together. However, when car or truck accidents occur, a routine drive can prove to be catastrophic. A recent accident involving a tow truck has left the victims with a variety of serious injuries.

Last month, a woman was riding in her van, accompanied by her son and daughter. According to police, a 29-year-old woman towing a car with a tow truck ran a stop sign. The complaint states that the truck crashed into the van. All three occupants of the van had to be sawed out of the vehicle.

Wisconsin car accidents: Woman dead after crash with drunk driver

Losing loved ones is a tragedy, no matter what the circumstances. However, the losses seem even more devastating when they occur in car accidents by the reckless actions of another person. Recently, a Wisconsin woman was killed in an accident involving a drunk driver.

According to reports from the Waukesha Country Circuit Court, a 23-year-old woman was traveling south on a highway after 11:00 p.m. one evening. She crossed into the northbound lanes, prompting another driver to swerve to miss her car. The driver, a 59-year-old man, suffered minor injuries when his car flipped after he swerved. The woman stayed in the northbound lanes, then crashed head-on into a car driven by a 44-year-old Milwaukee woman. The county medical examiner's office pronounced that woman dead at the scene from multiple injuries.

Possible vision injuries after an auto accident

Injury in an auto accident can be quite traumatic, especially when it affects vital organs. Eye injury from a traffic crash may be hurtful and leave lasting negative effects.

If someone suffers from an eye injury due to a collision that was someone else's fault, it may be possible to seek compensation. Before filing a claim, it is important to understand the severity of the injury.

Recognizing brain injury after an auto accident

Auto accidents occur on a daily basis and may result in serious injury. If you suffer from a brain injury after a car accident, you may be able to seek compensation. However, it is important to understand what constitutes a brain injury or trauma.

There are a few symptoms people may recognize as brain trauma after an accident, as well as misconceptions that could lead to improper treatment of trauma. Take some time to become familiar with these factors so you know how to handle brain injury properly.

Animal bites can lead to injuries and lawsuits

The majority of dogs in the state of Wisconsin are friendly, lovable animals with responsible owners. Unfortunately, some dogs can be aggressive, hostile and may even attack when approached. Even trained dogs that seem virtually harmless can attack and inflict a painful bite unprovoked. Animal bites of all types can cause very serious and permanent injuries that require extensive medical treatment. Recently, a man in another state filed a lawsuit and received a substantial settlement after suffering injuries from a dog bite.

The man, a home health-care worker, filed the lawsuit after being bitten by a client's dog. According to the lawsuit, the man was caring for an elderly relative of the defendant in the defendant's home. The plaintiff claims the defendant's dog, a 30-pound Schipperke-Corgi mix, suddenly bit him on his left hand.

Animal bites: How to prevent and treat dog bites

Many Wisconsin residents have dogs as family pets. Others may come in contact with dogs at the home of a relative or friend. Most encounters with the dogs are uneventful and no one is hurt. However, animal bites can occur, no matter what the dog's breed is. Animal experts say that any dog is capable of biting someone, even if it has never bitten anyone before.

Statistics show that approximately 4.7 million dog bites occurs in the country each year. Most of the people who are bitten experience only minor injuries. However, around 1,000 people every day have to seek emergency treatment for serious injuries from dog bites. Experts offer several hints to remain safe around dogs.

Wisconsin car accidents: 2 women dead, man charged with deaths

Wisconsin has many beautiful roads that drivers use daily on which to travel. Whether for business or pleasure, the majority of drivers reach their destinations safely without incident. Unfortunately, car accidents occur each day as well, often causing damage to vehicles, injuries or even death. A recent accident involving an alleged drunk driver in Brown County claimed the life of two women.

A 44-year-old woman and her 18-year-old daughter were traveling on a road in Lawrence. Court documents state that a 46-year-old man was driving his vehicle when he crashed into the car occupied by the women. They were pronounced dead at the scene as a result of the impact.

Understanding negligence in Wisconsin personal injury cases

Whether you suffered injuries in a car crash or from a dog attack, you may be thinking of filing a personal injury lawsuit to get legal compensation for the harm you sustained. In most Wisconsin cases, a crucial part of proving your case consists of showing your injuries stem from the defendant's negligence.

Understanding how the law defines negligence can give you a clearer picture of how personal injury cases work. However, every case comes with its own set of facts, and it usually takes a seasoned attorney to assess the strength of a particular lawsuit.

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