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Advice that graduating drivers should take to heart

Graduation season is nearly upon us. For most future grads, this is the best time of their lives. Not only are they excited about getting ready to go to college (or in some cases, to grad school), they are more than ready for the parties that will occur to celebrate the occasion. While we fully support the notion of celebrating a job well done, the reality is that accidents involving young drivers are apt to occur around this time of year.

Fatal auto accidents are tragic reminders that there are people on the road who fail to use reasonable care while behind the wheel. While auto accidents are the leading killer of young drivers, the likelihood of fatal car accidents increases during the summer months. As such, it is prudent for parents to have honest and frank conversations about the dangers that can befall a young driver.

Memorial Day weekend safe driving tips

Memorial Day weekend is upon us; and with it, the unofficial gateway to summer is here. Scores of people across Wisconsin will treat it as a reason to get away to their favorite cabin or resort. With so many people thinking the same thing, it is likely that there will be more people on the road than usual. With heavier traffic volumes, the chances for a car or motorcycle accident increases as well.

To avoid potential accidents, there are several things that a driver can (and should) do. This post will focus on a few of them. 

Helpful safety tips for Wisconsin motorcycle riders

One of the great things about spring is finally being able to take your motorcycle out of the garage and ride again. Indeed, the last few stormy days have not been good for riding. However, the latest weather pattern should bring riders out again.

With the thrill of being on the open road and the wind going through one’s hair, riders should also be diligent about maintaining their safety. After all, if an accident occurs between a car and a motorcycle, chances are that the rider is going to be on the wrong end of it. Because of this, it is imperative that motorcycle riders be diligent about maintaining their safety.

How to know when to replace a car seat

For all of the posts we have written on surviving auto accidents, we have not touched upon the topic of how car seats may be affected. Indeed, it is important to make sure that a car seat is in good working order and properly installed even before an accident. But when an accident has occurred, it is critical to know whether the vehicle is in good working order.

The same applies to car seats.

Truck speeds could lead to dangerous tire conditions

When you think of speed limit increases, you may think about how easy it is to go too fast in rural areas. Indeed, the speed limit on Wisconsin interstates is 65 miles per hour, but it is common for people to drive above the speed limit. The same could be said for semi-truck drivers. With deadlines to meet and hours of service regulations affecting how long drivers can be on the road, it is not surprising to see the behemoths of the road travelling faster than they should.

Even though Wisconsin is not one of the handful of states that allows trucks to travel at speeds of 75 miles per hour or higher, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still concerned about big rigs going that fast. The trepidation is based on the potential failure of a truck’s tires. 

The danger of glancing away from the road for too long

As young drivers, we all learned the basics of driving. Essentially, putting our hands at the 10:00 and 2:00 positions and keeping our eyes on the road ahead. Indeed, some glances away from the road were acceptable. After all, we were taught to check our blind spots before changing lanes, and we should pay attention to our speed so that we can adhere to speed laws.

In these lessons we may have never learned the true reasoning behind them; but a recent report may put them in the proper context. Essentially, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently recommended that glances away from the road should be limited to two seconds or less. 

Tips teen drivers should follow on prom night

In Wisconsin, April not only signifies the official start of spring, it also begins prom season. High school students from across the state look forward to their night to shine. After all, prom night is when memories that are made that last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, it is also a time where risky behavior can lead to tragedy. The period between April and the end of the school year is when more accidents are likely to occur because there are more young drivers on the road at different times of the day. But given that proms are at night, and there is alcohol commonly involved (even though it is outlawed by officials) the chances for accidents increase dramatically. Because of this, the following safety tips should be incorporated.

Thousands of Mini Coopers t0 be recalled due to airbag issue

In a prior post, we explored the question of whether 2015 will be the year of the automotive recall; even after the record number of cars brought back to dealerships to remedy dangerous defect. We also highlighted another airbag recall involving Takata airbags that were not corrected in last fall’s massive callback.

It appears that airbag recalls will be commonplace in 2015. The latest automaker to be affected by this type of recall is BMW. The German automaker builds Mini Cooper vehicles. According to a recent report, more than 90,000 vehicles will be recalled to address a defect that would could prevent an airbag from inflating in a crash. 

Safety tips for driving on wet roads during spring

It’s good to have an actual spring. Compared to last year, it seemed like good weather did not come around until May. But spring is always unpredictable in Wisconsin.  We can have picture perfect weather on one day, and a complete deluge the next. Because of this, drivers must be ready and wary of how to drive in wet conditions in the same way they must navigate snowy roads.

With that said, we feel it helpful to give our readers some helpful tips that can keep them safe on wet roads. 

Is supplemental auto insurance coverage right for you?


In a prior post, we discussed whether you actually need additional insurance when you rent a car. This is a necessary question given the markup on temporary insurance policies that come with rental cars. We also have highlighted certain questions you should have for your insurance company before purchasing insurance. After all, you should know what you are buying before you sign on the dotted line (literally and figuratively).