Were You Injured In A Boating Accident?

In La Crosse, Wisconsin, and other river and lake communities in the surrounding area, many people take to the waters to enjoy the many recreational activities our region offers. However, with large numbers of people sharing the water, accidents can occur due to irresponsible or negligent behavior on the part of boaters and others on the water.

Many people may not think to file a personal injury claim after a boating accident. However, if another boater or individual acted irresponsibly and caused your accident, you may be entitled to compensation for damages or pain and suffering.

Working With An Attorney After A Boating Accident

As a La Crosse law firm, we at Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC, understand the enthusiasm residents of western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota share for their lakes and rivers. That is why when accidents occur on the water, we are there to help individuals and families recover. Over 100 years of experience and unwavering dedication to our clients, we offer practical advice and intelligent solutions that achieve results.

Not limited to boat accidents, we can help you with various types of crashes or injuries sustained on area waterways, including:

  • Jet Ski crashes
  • Speedboat or fishing boat accidents
  • Boat or car-related accidents that occur at the marina or public access
  • Drownings
  • Accidents or injuries that occur at public beaches

Contact Our Lawyers For Intelligent Legal Counsel

At Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC, we understand that the circumstances of every accident are unique. That is why we diligently investigate each case to ensure we have all the facts. If alcohol was involved in your crash, or if negligence on the part of a reckless boater led to an injury, we can help you determine the most effective course of action when pursuing a claim.

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