Know Your Options After A Construction Accident

Construction sites are inherently dangerous work environments. For the men and women who handle heavy machinery and materials, and to the contractors, architects and numerous other people who regularly visit the work site, there is the potential for severe injury to occur.

Most incidents that occur on construction sites are called accidents for a very good reason — nobody intended for something to go wrong. Still, a brief moment of negligence or oversight can have devastating consequences. Miscalculating the structural integrity of a scaffold, or even placing materials in an area where it has the potential to fall and strike an unsuspecting passerby, these all may fall under personal injury or even workers' compensation claims.

Never Assume That You Are Out Of Options

As attorneys helping people who have suffered injury, we have seen our fair share of construction-related accidents. Over 100 years of experience handling these types of cases, we understand the nature of investigating, negotiating and litigating these matters. Take a moment to review our Verdicts and Settlements page to get an idea of how we've helped others throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Just a few of the common types of construction accidents and injuries we see include:

  • Head and brain injuries from falling debris
  • Electrical shock
  • Back injuries
  • Various types of burns
  • Falls such as scaffolding injuries
  • Broken limbs from mishandled or improperly mainstreamed tools
  • Explosions
  • Injuries resulting from heavy equipment such as trucks, forklifts or cranes

In many cases, the claims for injuries sustained at a construction site can fall under multiple categories such as personal injury, workers' compensation and potentially a third-party claim if subcontractors or other parties were involved.

Contact An Attorney To Take Immediate Action

A construction accident can affect more than just your job; it can compromise your ability to perform daily tasks, continue in your current line of work and provide for your family. Don't attempt to handle these matters blindly; contact us at Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC. Located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, we represent the victims of all types of accidents throughout eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

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