What To Do After A Farm Accident Or Injury

In western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, many jobs and careers revolve around farming and agriculture. No matter if you work as a farmhand in the fields, drive a truck and operate heavy machinery, or work in an elevator or service farming equipment, you likely know that the risk for injuries is part of the job.

No matter if your injury was caused by another employee, unsafe working conditions or perhaps because of faulty equipment, our team of experienced attorneys can help you determine your options and pursue a personal injury or workers' comp claim to help with your recovery.

Below are just a few of the numerous types of bodily injuries that can occur when working on the farm:

We Understand The Unique Challenges Facing Injured Farm Workers

No matter if you are a seasonal worker or a full-time farmhand, you have rights after suffering a workplace injury. Understand those rights by scheduling a free initial consultation at our La Crosse law office by dialing 608-406-2282, toll free at 866-821-1345 or fill out our online contact form.

Lawyers Helping You Hold Negligent Parties Responsible

Just as there are various types of injuries, there are also numerous situations that can cause those injuries when working in farming or agriculture. At Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC, we have been assisting injured farm workers effectively pursue just compensation throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Some common incidents that result in farm-related injuries include:

  • Entanglements in farm machinery: Farm workers can get caught in exposed machinery, which can result in the loss of limbs, disfigurement or even death.
  • Falls from farm structures: When climbing into trucks, bins or other equipment, farm workers may be severely injured after slip-and-fall incident. Additionally, falling objects are another risk facing farmhands.
  • Tractors and other machinery rollovers and overturns: Death and serious injuries can result from tractor or other machine rollovers.
  • Bin or elevator accidents: Grain bins and silos are extremely dangerous. Workers can fall into the bin, get caught in machinery, or be exposed to harmful gases and chemicals.