What Caused Your Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accident cases require thorough investigation. At Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, you will find lawyers with decades of experience serving accident victims in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We know how to conduct an investigation to determine all of the factors that contributed to an accident. We know how to build a case designed to get results.

In the last 13 years alone, our law firm has recovered more than $70 million for injured people. We have been able to achieve such an impressive record of success by digging deep and not letting any opportunity pass us by as we strive to maximize compensation.

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Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Negligent Drivers

While it is true that many motorcycle wrecks are caused by drivers of other vehicles who fail to watch for motorcyclists, there are other factors that contribute as well. Frequently, our investigation reveals that poor road design or improperly set up road construction played a role. Perhaps there was loose gravel around a construction site. Perhaps there was no shoulder on the road and no warning sign indicating that was the case. We will find all responsible parties and hold them accountable.

The Victim Should Not Take The Blame

A lot of people have negative attitudes about motorcyclists. They feel that all motorcyclists drive dangerously. They feel that motorcyclists should not be on the road. These people could get onto juries, impacting how a case is handled. We have the experience to know how to overcome the biases people have against motorcycle riders.

Sometimes, victims even blame themselves. Perhaps you were going too fast. If another vehicle hit you, you still have the right to take action. There is the issue of contributory negligence, meaning your speeding may have contributed to the accident. That does not mean you are responsible for it. We will still seek compensation for you.