Getting The Info You Need Before An Independent Medical Exam

If you filed a workers' compensation claim, chances are you have been asked to complete an independent medical examination (IME) by the insurance company. In many cases, insurers hire highly paid doctors who commonly offer diagnoses that benefit insurers.

As workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys over 100 years of experience, we provide clients with the guidance they need when asked to take an independent medical exam. Don't go blindly into an IME. Contact us to learn what to expect and understand your options for pursuing just compensation.

We Know How To Handle The Insurance Companies

Over 100 years of experience handling all types of injury cases and dedicating a portion of our practice exclusively to assisting people with workers' comp claims, we know how to prepare clients for independent medical exams because we use our experience defending insurers to better protect our clients. Having worked on both sides of the table, we can better advise our clients as they pursue compensation.

Giving Clients The Knowledge And Tools They Need During Injury Assessments

As your lawyers, we will take on the insurers so you can focus on recovering after a work-related injury. Although the insurance company may try various tactics that are intimidating, we will stand by your side and prepare you for any obstacle.

Some methods we use to assist clients include:

  • Preparing clients for the IME process
  • Telling them what to expect from the exam
  • Helping clients find another doctor not selected by the insurance company or the employer
  • Informing clients of their rights to see their own doctor and get a second opinion

At Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC, we protect clients from the intimidation tactics of insurers.

Reach Out To Our Firm Before An IME

In many cases, an IME is just another tactic the insurance companies use to hurt the credibility of an injured person. The insurer's preferred doctors may try to insinuate that the injury was pre-existing or that a claimant lied about previous treatments. When you receive notice for an IME, take immediate action and contact a skilled attorney who can help you understand your rights.

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