Injuries That Qualify For Workers' Comp Benefits

Whether you work in a factory, warehouse or an office building, if you are injured in a workplace accident, you have options for pursuing compensation to cover expenses and mitigate your pain and suffering.

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Understanding Your Work-Related Injury

Although workplace injuries vary widely in terms of type and severity, there are two distinct categories that most fall into:

  • Breakage injuries: These injuries commonly result because of a specific event such as a single instance of lifting a heavy object that causes a muscle pull or severe sprain.
  • Occupational injuries: Ranging from well-known injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome to chronic back problems caused by repeated movement, these injuries account for gradual degradation of the body.

Helping You Fight Back Against Insurers

The large insurance companies that protect employers are not in the business of handing out settlements; they are in business to make money. If you or your loved one suffered an injury at work or while carrying out work-related duties off-site, you may be entitled to benefits to ease your recovery. In most cases, insurance providers will try to withhold workers' comp benefits or at the very least, keep payments to a minimum.

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