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May 2012 Archives

OSHA inspections helping to reduce the number of work injuries

Many might wonder if OSHA inspections do anything to prevent work injuries. A recent study found that the inspections result in a positive impact on the all-around safety of employees in high-risk areas. This should come as good news to industrial workers in Wisconsin.

Police: Wisconsin man's drunk driving caused fatal car accident

The message has been repeated endlessly over the years and there are still people who don't get it. The message: Don't drink and drive. Or do some people get the message and think it simply doesn't apply to them? It's hard to know.

Memorial weekend accidents injure six in Vernon County

Vernon County south of La Crosse includes the hills of Wildcat Mountain State Park in the east, the hills and bluffs near the Mississippi River in the west and farmland in the center. It was on a straight farmland road in the center of Vernon County that a car with two young women and two teenagers went airborne on the crest of a knoll.

Lou Gehrig's disease is on compassionate allowances list

Our readers in Wisconsin may know that amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, carries the common name of Lou Gehrig's disease after the baseball player who died of the disease. There are other notable people who either currently has, or who succumbed, to ALS: Stephen Hawking, Mao Zedong, jazz great Charlie Mingus, actor David Niven and retired teacher and ALS advocate Chris Penderdgast.

Work injury alters dreams after forklift tragedy

Most people understand the dangers of working with heavy machinery but even those who have worked with it most of their life can find themselves making one fatal mistake. That's why some Wisconsin residents may be shocked to hear about one forklift accident that changed a young man's life. What started out as just a summer job for one 20-year-old boy became a life altering work injury.

Disabled veterans needs addressed by Social Security Administration

Since the events of Sept. 11, we have heard news reports of the number of injuries to our service men and women. In previous wars, soldiers died. In modern wars, soldiers still die, but many more survive their injuries and are left with permanent disabilities.

Wisconsin ATV riders at risk for fatal accidents, experts say

As the weather warms in the La Crosse area, the number of people engaged in recreational activities such as boating, motorcycle riding and all-terrain vehicle use also goes up. There are safety measures which can be taken, such as wearing life jackets or helmets -- but not everyone follows safety guidelines.

Widow hit with wrongful death lawsuit

While the story hasn't gotten the attention here in La Crosse that it has elsewhere, the unusual story of a woman, her alleged boyfriend and her dead husband has made more than its share of headlines. The reputed boyfriend was recently convicted of the husband's November 2010 murder.

Report: Dog bites cost hundreds of millions of dollars per year

An attack on a human by a dog can leave behind devastating injuries, both physical and psychological. The devastation caused by dog bites was recently made clear again when State Farm Insurance released a report showing that it paid out more than $109 million for dog bite claims in Wisconsin and across the nation last year.

Horrific explosion leaves worker with burns on 70 percent of body

Workplace injuries often take more than just a physical toll. Throughout Wisconsin and the mid-west, a work injury can spell huge financial costs that leave a heavy burden on the friends and family of those hurt by workplace accidents. This was the case for one 27-year-old worker who was severely injured during a factory explosion on May 2.

Two drivers crash on winding Wisconsin road

Wisconsin 35 is a wonderful road to drive. Also called the Great River Road, it follows the Mississippi River and winds its way through small towns and between bluffs. Generation Xers on their motorcycles, baby boomers in their convertibles and the elderly in their sedans can all be seen enjoying the drive and the view. It may be tempting to take one's eye off the road.

Traffic fatalities may be the lowest on record

With evolving technology presenting the issue of distracted driving, one would expect crash statistics to increase. However, did you know that traffic fatalities for 2011 were probably the lowest yearly total on record for the United States? Wisconsin residents will be happy to know that car accidents are down almost 2 percent from 2010. These records have been documented since 1949.

Five facts about Social Security Disability insurance claims

We never know what the future will bring. However, by paying attention to statistics, studies and research, our readers from La Crosse can have a decent idea of what our future may bring -- and thus, how to prepare for it.

Workplace injury reported after worker plummets 40 feet into acid

In Wisconsin and states across the country, workers are protected in the event that they are injured, either through repetitive-stress injuries or from an isolated incident. Workers injured in Wisconsin are covered under workers' compensation for damages and lost wages.

Study: teen drivers at greater risk when passengers are also teens

It's something parents seem to have always known: teenage drivers are at greater risk of a fatal car accident when accompanied in the car by teens rather than an adult. Now a study by AAA's safety foundation confirms it.

Crash kills two Onalaska men

The Center for Disease Prevention and Control states that car accidents are the leading cause of death among those who are age five to 34. Fatal motor vehicle accidents in Wisconsin cost the state $9 million in medical costs and $742 million in work loss costs for a total of $751 million in one year.

Bad decisions ended five lives in car crash near La Crosse

Not far from La Crosse, high school students recently stood and stared at the remains of a van mangled in an auto accident three years ago. The accident was caused by some very poor decisions, a survivor of the crash told the students.

La Crosse County truck accident injures two

Motor vehicle accidents involving a car and a semi truck can typically result in injuries for the personal motor vehicle, simply due to the huge weight disparity. That holds true even when the motor vehicle is a Hummer.

Social Security Disability claims climb 22 percent

The recent recession has meant unemployment for many people, including those in Wisconsin. Our state and federal government have a variety of safety nets for our citizens. Unemployment insurance is a safety net provided by the state for those who lose their jobs. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a safety net provided by the federal government for those who are unable to work due to disability.

Wisconsin construction worker killed on the job

It has been said Wisconsinites know two seasons, those being winter and construction season. As the weather melts into spring and summer, construction picks up for another year. All across La Crosse and the rest of the state, orange highway cones dot the intersection as it men in orange jump suits sit atop heavy machinery.

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