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June 2012 Archives

Industrial worker killed in fatal work accident

A mechanical failure resulted in the tragic death of a 58-year-old employee on June 10 in Neenah, Wisconsin. The fatal work accident occurred while routine maintenance operations were being performed at Neenah Foundry, a local industrial plant. The plant was not operating due to the maintenance operations, according to plant officials. No one else was injured in the incident.

La Crosse parents hold bar liable for son's drunk driving death

Four friends were out celebrating an engagement. They spent a considerable amount of time at the Wildwood Smokehouse and Saloon in Iowa City. When they left, the driver was obviously drunk according to sources.

Use electronic deposits for Supplemental Security Income

If you live in Wisconsin and depend upon the Social Security Administration's Supplemental Income, you may wait for the postal worker to drop off your check each month. For some, having a physical check provides a sense of security or peace of mind. However, Wisconsin is no stranger to floods, tornados and blizzards.

Wisconsin men killed in tractor-trailer crash

It's about a three-hour drive from La Crosse to Pine River, Wisconsin. It's a small, quiet town with a population of less than 2,000 people. Unfortunately, the town known for its old, covered bridge, tart apples and scenic horseback riding trails is now mourning the loss of two of its residents in a recent tractor-trailer crash just outside of Holstein, Iowa.

Wisconsin rollover crash injures 3

When a motor vehicle accident is caused by one driver, and other people are injured, the people who suffered a personal injury can hold the negligent driver accountable for their injuries. They may choose to seek compensation for damages including pain and suffering.

Police officer electrocuted in work injury incident

In a case that will likely be of interest to Wisconsin readers, a police officer nearly died after a 2006 drug raid. However, he was not shot by drug dealers or stabbed by a criminal; instead, he was electrocuted. The officer was standing in water accumulated from the irrigation of marijuana plants and severed an electrical cord with his knife. He had thought as did another officer that the cord was unplugged; however, he found they were wrong when electricity surged through his body nearly killing him. The police officer attempted to return to work after the accident, but was unable to function as a result of his work injury.

Veterans disabled by visible, and invisible, injuries

Some of our past wars were waged on a large scale so that each serviceman or woman may have done a single tour of active duty. In our more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, service members from Wisconsin were asked to do multiple tours of duty -- sometimes as many as seven times.

Electrical contractor cited after work accident causes fatality

Safety around power lines is a priority for companies around the country, and Wisconsin is no exception. Preventing a work accident involving power lines requires the diligence of not only the employee but the employer as well. Providing safety equipment and safe working conditions is the responsibility of every company.

Elderly driver in 2 crashes with injuries, blocks apart

Getting our Wisconsin driver's license when we turn 16 is a major life event. What teenager doesn't feel as though he or she has made another important step toward becoming an adult? On the flip side, giving up one's car keys for the elderly can feel like a loss of freedom, vitality and independence.

Will the Social Security Administration run out of cash?

Recently Wisconsin was the home for national politics playing out on a local level. As the national political scene heats up, so does speculation that the Social Security Administration will run out of cash. The year it will run out probably depends upon who you listen to.

Veterans with injuries filing more often for disability

War comes with inherent risks for those serving in the military. Unfortunately, this is taking a toll on America's newest veterans, including those in Wisconsin and everywhere else in the nation. Veterans are filing for Social Security disability benefits at a higher rate than ever before.

Work injuries go unchecked, repeatedly endangering employees

When working with dangerous materials, it's the responsibility of a company to make sure that their employees are safe and that the conditions they're working with are equally as safe. Wisconsin factory workers might be surprised, however, to hear that some factories, even after multiple work injuries and fatalities, have done little or nothing to help keep their employees safe.

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