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July 2012 Archives

Police seek man who fled after La Crosse area crash injured three

Law enforcement officials are looking for a Wisconsin man who they accuse of causing a car accident that left three people injured about 30 miles southeast of La Crosse.If he's apprehended, the Prairie du Chien man, 33 years old, will face questions about why he fled the scene of the two-car crash near Viroqua on Highway 56.

Supplemental Security Income bill making its way through Congress

If you are someone in Wisconsin who qualifies for Social Security Income, or SSI, you may be wondering how you could ever save for retirement or a rainy day. It appears that others have also thought of this issue.

Pair of semis crash near Hudson, 1 driver injured

When a semi truck crashes with a car, SUV or pickup truck, we typically see serious injuries suffered by the motorist but not the semi truck driver. The extreme weight differential is simply too great. But what happens when two tractor trailers crash?

Work accident at Wisconsin mill leaves 1 dead and 1 critical

Many factory workers in Wisconsin understand that there are inherent dangers in doing their jobs. All companies are required to take as many precautions as possible to ensure the safety of their workers. However, even the most stringent safety procedures and policies can't always prevent a work accident.

Old drug gives new hope for depression sufferers

Those who do not suffer from depression, just like those who do not suffer from migraines, have a hard time understanding how it can be debilitating. But depression can certainly be debilitating. For some, depression makes it hard to function, to hold down a job, or maintain relationships. Some even entertain thoughts of suicide.

Baron County accident fatal for 1 teenager

The satellite view from Google maps shows that the intersection of 26 ½ Avenue and 5th Street in Maple Plain, Wisconsin, is a T intersection. When traveling south on 5th Street, there is a stop sign and one must turn right or left.

Workers' compensation claims affected by economy in Wisconsin

Economic fluctuations affect many aspects of the business world. One of these aspects is the number of workers' compensation claims filed. Statistics show that the frequency of claims declined in 2011, but had previously increased in 2010 for the first time in more than 10 years. Many experts believe the increase in 2010 resulted from factors related to the economic downturn in Wisconsin and the rest of the country.

Tractor-trailer runs red light, kills two in crash

If someone wanted to be in an accident, one of the best ways to cause a crash would be to run a red light. It's one of the most dangerous common driving behaviors on our roads, as was proven again in deadly, dramatic fashion when a tractor-trailer ran a red light and slammed into a car.

Two workers killed after crane collapses at construction site

Working in the construction industry can be more dangerous than other types of professions. This is because workers are always using heavy machinery and are surrounded by half-built structures which could collapse anytime a mistake is made. Those working in construction run the risk of serious injury or even death caused by a work accident. This was the case when a crane collapsed at a university campus outside of the state of Wisconsin, while a crew was working on a construction project.

Rear-end collision sends 4 to La Crosse hospital

Highway 44 near Spring Grove, just across the Wisconsin border, is a lovely two-lane road that winds through southern Minnesota. It has some right turn lanes, but someone making a left turn would need to stop in their lane before turning if there was oncoming traffic.

Social Security disability benefits may be hit first

It is impossible to turn on the news in Wisconsin without hearing about our national budget, Congress and so-called "entitlements." When it comes to the safety nets upon which many of us will depend, it appears that one of them will be hit first if nothing is changed. The Social Security Administration may begin running out of money.

Fatal Wisconsin road construction work accident

About 150 miles due east of La Crosse is Lake Butte des Morts, a favorite recreation spot for fishers and boaters. Unfortunately, it's also the spot where a 35-year-old road construction worker was killed in a work accident late last week when a crane collapsed on a bridge on U.S. Highway 41.

Unexpected fatality occurs on a Madison park lawn

There are some activities or locations that we may consider dangerous. Hang-gliding would be one example. A dark alley late at night is another traditional example. But sunbathing on a lawn in a Madison city park? That should be safe.

Changes in workers' compensation policy of one Wisconsin city worry its employees

A three-day waiting period has been added to one Wisconsin city's workers' compensation policy. This addition is part of a rule change the city adopted in order to make its workers' compensation policy more similar to its private sector counterparts.

Pictures of recovery: Brain injury victims making art

The brain injury victims featured in a recent newspaper article each have a unique story of how they were injured. The stories have common threads, however, including a drastic, unexpected change in their lives and a long, difficult recovery afterwards made easier by creating works of art.

One woman killed, another critically injured in car crash

Just a few miles southwest of us in La Crosse, Wisconsin, is Houston County, Minnesota, tucked into the very corner of The Land of 10,000 Lakes. It's there that a woman visiting from San Francisco, California, was recently killed in a car accident on Highway 44.

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