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August 2012 Archives

Hepatitis C can become disabling, lead to SSDI benefits

As the baby boom generation passes through different phases in Wisconsin and elsewhere, it creates a bulge that is difficult to ignore. When the boomers were young, schools were built by the millions. Many were either torn down or repurposed after the boomers passed through them.

Elderly pedestrian killed by out-of-control car in Wisconsin

Accidents can occur at any time, which is why people are encouraged to invest in life, car and other types of insurance that mitigate some of the financial damage caused by accidents. There are also laws on the books designed to help injured Wisconsinites obtain legal redress for the damages sustained because of another person's negligence.

Wisconsin work injury victims may need legal assistance

Working in any construction job whether in the actual building process or on maintenance crews can have unique dangers. Often unseen forces are at work such as natural gas, or electricity that can greatly increase the severity of a work injury. Certain Wisconsin laws are in place to protect workers injured on the job.

Lawsuit in texting driver car crash settled

The lives of several people converged a little less than three years ago in a car crash. The man who reportedly caused the crash by texting while driving was ordered by a court to pay $775 in fines. The price paid by the married couple he crashed into was a bit steeper: they each lost a leg.

Fatal crash kills Lake Delton woman

When a person is killed in a car accident, the victim's family must cope with unexpected expenses. Funerals, medical bills and other fees can mount quickly. Additionally, family members may need to take unpaid time off of work to tend to their emotional needs. If the victim was a parent, childcare options will need to be arranged so the other parent can return to work. After a fatal car accident, surviving family members in Wisconsin should know that our state has laws that are designed to help them.

Work accident: natural gas explosion kills worker, injures 3 more

An eruption of natural gas at a work site has taken the life of one man and has sent three others to the hospital. The work accident happened outside of Wisconsin at a highly productive natural gas site. The company that experienced the accident has approximately 1,100 wells in the region.

SSI benefits can help Wisconsin families who have disabled children

With the new school year about to start, many Wisconsin families will need to budget for school supplies, new clothes or uniforms, and fees for sports or extracurricular activities. Having children is certainly rewarding, but raising children can also be quite expensive.

Police: Driver inattention caused six deaths in truck accident

Everyone knows that summer is not only driving season, but also road construction season. No one should be more familiar with the summer proliferation of road construction zones than the drivers of 18-wheelers who spend their days traveling through La Crosse, crisscrossing Wisconsin and traversing the nation.

Car accident near La Crosse leaves one dead, two badly injured

Local newspapers have just a few reporters and editors, making it difficult to devote resources to articles about car accidents. Even when lives are ended or torn apart in the accidents, the newspapers are simply unable to devote more than few terse words about who died, who was injured and who might be at fault for the crash.

Report suggests changes to keep SSDI afloat

As the political atmosphere heats up in Wisconsin and elsewhere, so-called entitlement programs are making the headlines. One of our social safety nets is Social Security Disability Insurance, SSDI. The SSDI benefits that people take advantage of help them pay for basic necessities such as food and shelter.

2 juvenile bicyclists injured in Sparta auto accident

It goes without saying that collisions between motor vehicles and bicycles can have serious consequences. Usually, an investigation is necessary in determining whether driver negligence played a part in auto accidents involving bicycles.

Work accident recovery brings hope to injured Wisconsin citizens

An out-of-state firefighter who suffered a serious injury has made a remarkable recovery just a few months after the injury occurred. The man suffered the work accident when he responded with other firefighters to the scene of a 18-wheeler that had caught fire. While working on the fire, an explosion occurred that tore a door off the truck and struck the man in the head. However, this accident did not result in the man's death, as he was able to survive the accident and plans to return to work in the fall, a recovery that may serve as inspiration to Wisconsin workers who have suffered similar work place injuries.

Psoriasis sufferers could obtain SSDI benefits

Our La Crosse readers may not know that August is National Psoriasis Awareness Month. It is a good time to learn more about the condition and about potentially obtaining Social Security disability insurance benefits for those who suffer from the disease.

La Crosse man, allegedly drunk, charged with killing passenger

Our Wisconsin readers may know that it is possible for someone to face civil litigation and criminal charges for the same incident and end up with different results in each case. In recent times the O.J. Simpson murder trial is an example of this happening. Simpson was found not guilty of murder of his wife and another man in criminal court, but was found liable for their deaths in civil litigation.

Paid sick leave decrease chances of work injuries in Wisconsin

Due to the recent economic downturn, many business owners are searching for ways to save money on expenses. Initially it may seem like offering employees paid sick leave would increase expenses, however in the long run offering paid sick leave may actually save money, according to a recent study. Although not offering paid sick leave may reduce costs in the short-term, the survey showed that it also increases the chances of work injuries. This could increase costs for Wisconsin businesses due to increased administrative needs and workers' compensation payments.

Losey Boulevard resurfacing project leads to higher accident rates

There are many different factors that contribute to a motor vehicle accident. For example, a crash may occur because the driver was distracted by their phone behind the wheel. However, a major highway reconstruction project along La Crosse's heavily trafficked Losey Boulevard has caused an unexpected side effect: an increase in accidents along the stretch of Losey Boulevard between La Crosse Street and Market Street.

Study: Traumatic brain injury symptoms can last years

Doctors used to believe that after a car accident, a fall or a collision in sports, that the effects of a concussion -- dizziness, headaches, memory difficulties -- would disappear with a little rest and time. But a new study suggests that that was wishful thinking.

La Crosse company trucker faces jail for fatal truck crash

The truck driver was hauling a load for a La Crosse food service company when he said he took his eyes off of the road for just a few seconds to reach for an energy drink. When he looked back up, traffic ahead of him had stopped for construction and he had no time to halt his vehicle.

Wisconsin law limits employer liability for work accident deaths

Employers are always concerned about compliance to work safety standards. Different industries often have their own set of work safety compliance laws designed to avoid a work accident. Some may be more complicated than others. Many employers in Wisconsin are fear punishment from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. However, there is a question of OSHA's power to punish those employers found in violation of standards.

Do mood disorders qualify as disabilities? Maybe.

Our readers in the La Crosse area would probably agree when we point out that when someone well known gets a disease or condition, there is a sudden flurry of information disseminated about the condition. Michael J. Fox has elevated the level of knowledge about Parkinson's disease for example. We learned about traumatic brain injuries from Congresswoman Gabby Gifford.

Crash near Bangor kills 1, injures 1, alcohol and speed suspected

County Road U near Bangor runs parallel to Interstate 90. It is a relatively straight two-lane road. Under normal conditions there would be no reason to leave the road. However, accidents happen. A deer could dart across the road causing a driver to swerve and lose control of a car. A driver could be sleepy and doze momentarily. More and more often, drivers are distracted by cellphones and texting.

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