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September 2012 Archives

Rear-end collision in La Crosse leaves 1 dead, another injured

It's common knowledge: alcohol slows one's reflexes. That means injurious car accidents in which alcohol is a factor can take many forms, involving vehicles that are speeding, slowing down or parked. For instance, people in a stopped or slowing vehicle are very likely to sustain head and neck injuries if the vehicle is hit from behind, and unfortunately this kind of injury often proves fatal.

Fatal motorcycle accidents on the rise in Wisconsin

It has not been a good year for Wisconsin motorcyclists so far. Department of Public Safety officials say 79 people have been killed while riding, up from 70 at this same time last year. The latest occurred when an SUV collided with a bike in Sawyer, killing one rider and seriously injuring his passenger. The SUV occupants were treated and released from a local hospital.

Cats or dogs? The court will weigh in

Some people in Wisconsin don't like pets at all, although most people when asked will define themselves as either a cat person or a dog person. They are distinctly different types of pets. A dog is happy to see you every time you come home while a cat may or may not deign to greet you at all. A cat is typically fastidiously clean while a dog can roll in raccoon droppings and be quite pleased with himself or herself after the effort.

Wisconsin man suffers work injury, nearly severs arm

Like others throughout the country, Wisconsin workers run a risk of suffering a workplace accident. Workers in the construction and industrial fields may be even more likely to sustain a serious work injury, or even death. One recent workplace accident has left one man seriously injured, though the type of industry where he was employed was not disclosed in a news report. Though he appears to have escaped with his life, the injuries sustained may alter his ability to return to work quickly, or at all.

Dog bites police officer and police horse

The fate of a male pit bull from San Francisco is in the hands of a local judge there. Charlie the pit bull is accused of racing up to a mounted park police officer, biting the officer and the horse, and then chasing the horse at least a mile and a half through a park. The officer was thrown from his mount and briefly lost consciousness. The horse, meanwhile, was bitten and nipped as it made a beeline for its stable. Police say the pit bull continued to attack the horse until another officer on a motorcycle was able to scare the dog off with his siren and air horn.

Police apprehend driver suspected in hit-and-run death

When a driver accidentally crashes into another motorist, everyone involved in the accident has an obligation to remain at the scene until authorities arrive. If a person leaves the scene of an accident, then he or she will face criminal charges, which can be especially severe if the accident results in a fatality.

Wisconsin work accident sends 1 to the hospital

A 53-year-old man in Wisconsin working on the Lake Sinissippi Dam may be entitled to workers' compensation after a recent accident at a job site left him trapped and injured. According to reports, a large piece of concrete broke free from the dam and trapped him. It is unclear how extensive his injuries are, though officials state that he was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Any work accident must be reported and medical attention given immediately.

Alzheimer's disease joins compassionate allowance list

As we have mentioned in previous posts, there are some diseases for which a simple diagnosis would qualify one for Social Security disability insurance benefits. In a previous post we mentioned that amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease is one in which a diagnosis is all that is needed to qualify. Other diseases, such as diabetes or cancer, may be allowed depending upon the ailments which are suffered. If your diabetes results in amputations for example, you may qualify as having a disability.

Fatal car accident: Stevens Point man pleads no contest

Driving a car in Wisconsin is the same as operating any other potentially dangerous piece of machinery. Drivers cannot allow themselves to be distracted and must make efforts to avoid any dangerous situations on the road. Texting while driving is a particularly dangerous and illegal practice that can lead to a fatal car accident. In such a case, there are laws that apply in both criminal and civil courts.

Is NFL workers' compensation ruling relevant to Wisconsin athletes?

A recent court case involving an out-of-state NFL player may spark the interest of Wisconsin athletes. The case involved former punter Tom Tupa, who suffered a back injury during a preseason warm up game in 2005. The case began shortly after the accident when Tupa was unable to return to the field. He filed for workers' compensation benefits, a decision that would be before the court for years before a final decision was reached.

Those with SS disability benefits able to transition back to work

Those who do not know anyone with a disability may have false impressions or believe the myths of what it means to be disabled. Without any study to back it up, it might be a fair statement to say that most people collecting Social Security disability benefits would rather be able to work. It just makes sense that it would feel good to actually feel good. Recently, there was some good news in that regard.

Wisconsin dairy farms hold training session to reduce work injuries

The Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin teamed up with the National Farm Medicine Center recently to spread awareness and training to farm workers. This coordination attempt was to reduce the number of work injury reports in agricultural-related jobs across the state. Training included topics of animal handling, electrical and chemical safety and proper usage of protective equipment.

Hearing ends for La Crosse officer involved in fatal accident

The job of a police officer is to protect and serve the public, so it can be jarring to hear that the actions of a law enforcement officer result in the death of an innocent person. These issues were at hand in a recent court case in La Crosse.

Disability benefits for mood disorders vary by location. Why?

Social Security disability benefits can be given out for illnesses, injuries or mental conditions. The Social Security Administration has a list of conditions which qualify one for disability payments. Who receives these payment, where they are and what they receive them for is tracked by the federal government.

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