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October 2012 Archives

4-vehicle accident leaves 1 person injured

Four vehicles were involved in a head-on collision on Oct. 20 in the town of Hamilton. The accident left Highway 16 closed for around an hour and a half. What's amazing in this instance is that only one person was injured. Those hurt as a result of any car accident should have a full understanding of their legal rights so that they can make an informed decision about whether and how to best pursue the recovery of compensation for their suffering.

Family believes Wisconsin drowning was more than accident

Facing the loss of a loved one, particularly a child, is never easy. When the loss is so unexpected, the shock and emotional impact can be great. In the summer of 2011, a Wisconsin family lost their 21-year-old son in what's been classified as a drowning accident.

Consider SSDI and SSI during estate planning

Parents of children with disabilities have a lot of special challenges as they raise their child. Oddly, it may be more simple to handle the myriad of issues during the school age years, but as the child becomes an adult and leaves the school system everything becomes less clear. Does the disabled child move to a group home? Continue to live at home? And what happens when the parents are gone?

Wisconsin worker suffers devastating work injury

A Wisconsin worker has sustained a devastating work injury after a bus crash. The accident occurred when workers were stringing cables across the road. A bus approached the workers, slowed down, but then continued to drive through the area. The work injury occurred when the bus snagged one of the wires.

Pedestrian killed in eastern Wisconsin collision

Pedestrians face extreme danger while walking along busy roadways. A split-second lapse in judgment or momentary distraction by a driver can spell disaster for the unsuspecting pedestrian. The sheer momentum and size of a vehicle can cause catastrophic damage to the human body, even at low speeds. A Wisconsin family is likely grieving just such a loss after a fatal pedestrian accident.

Do GPS devices navigate trucks toward danger?

As a society that is generally addicted to our technological devices, most would classify GPS devices as helpful. Gone are the days of having to lay out a paper map and write down directions. Today, we can simply type or speak a desired destination into a phone or navigation system and be guided there step by step.

By November, Wisconsin will have fewer distracted teen drivers

Over the past few years, with the growing popularity of cell phones and text messaging, there has been a need for changes in traffic laws. With the addiction that so many have to their cell phones and constant communication, the roads have become more dangerous.

Near Milwaukee, former official blames lack of sidewalk for car-pedestrian fatality

A former Greenfield city council member is speaking out against the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's failure to provide sidewalks along a busy street where a pedestrian was killed earlier this week after being struck by a car.

Supplemental Security Income will see cost-of-living increase

According to the Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) was created to assist disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources. SSI benefits are also available to those who are at least 65 years old and without disabilities, if they meet the financial limits.

Did fish oil help brain injury victim recuperate?

If La Crosse residents feel like they've been hearing about brain injuries in the news a lot lately, they might be right. Over the past few years, the medical community has come to realize that brain injuries can devastate their victims in ways that are not immediately apparent to the eye and can continue to impair someone years after the injury that lead to the brain trauma.

Rate of drug use for work injuries increases in Wisconsin

A concerning study has surfaced about work injuries and employees who receive narcotics to control their pain. In the state of Wisconsin, approximately 4 percent of workers that are injured on the job end up using narcotic painkillers for an extended period of time. Employees suffering from pain after work injuries may very well need the drugs to deal with pain that doesn't respond to other medications. However, the numbers have increased since 2009.

Man faces homicide charges in fatal car accident

Everyone knows that negligent, distracted or intoxicated driving can result in a fatal car accident. When someone dies in an accident due to no fault of their own, their family may seek compensation to help cover the unexpected costs of medical expenses, lost wages, final expenses and property damage. This compensation cannot heal the pain experienced at the loss of a loved one, but it can help ensure that the family does not financially suffer due to the errors of another.

Is concussion risk worth keeping kids from tackle football?

In recent years, there have been multiple stories about ex-NFL players who have sustained brain injuries. Their work on the football field caused them various head injuries and left them with permanent, significant brain damage. Some former players' suicides have even been connected to what football had done to their mental health.

Motorcycle accident in Wisconsin results in man's death

Motorcycle accidents can cause a great deal of harm to motorcyclists. Tragically, such accidents can sometimes even have fatal results. This can be seen in a motorcycle accident that recently occurred in Wisconsin.

Fatal auto accident rates in Wisconsin highest in recent memory

Car accidents result in major injuries, death and large amounts of property damage every year. Those injured in an auto accident should seek to understand all the factors of the laws and regulations governing liability and possible forms compensation that may be pursued to recover for injuries or damage suffered. In cases of fatal automobile accidents, survivors or family members may be able to seek compensation for medical or final expenses, lost wages and emotional distress.

Study echoes other findings: SSDI claimants don't return to work

A university researcher has released findings that confirm other reports we have shared with our La Crosse readers recently. The reports and the research and the rhetoric are all pointing in the same direction -- those on Social Security disability insurance benefits tend to stay on benefits until they retire.

Wisconsin deputy suffers work injury after car crash

A Wisconsin Sheriff's deputy sustained a work injury after being struck by a driver, later accused of being drunk. The work injury occurred when the deputy was traveling northbound in his squad car. The other driver reportedly ran the red light and crashed into the officer's vehicle causing a head injury to the deputy.

Students in La Crosse learn about new distracted driver law

A documentary released by AT&T demonstrating the dangers of texting and driving is making the rounds in American high schools. The film, titled "The Last Text," was shown recently to Logan High School students in La Crosse. The movie is intended to foster safe driving habits by alerting students to the possible ramifications of becoming distracted while operating a motor vehicle.

Father of 4 killed in Wisconsin construction accident

An unfortunate accident in Wisconsin has taken the life of a father of four recently, leaving a community saddened by their loss. The victim was working for Highway Technologies along Interstate 94 when the work accident occurred. The equipment that was being used to replace guard rails came in contact with a power line. After the accident, the man was transported to a local Mayo hospital, but he later died from his injuries. Officials are said to be investigating the incident.

Relief to disabled veterans is backlogged, VA says

With the advent of modern warfare, fewer of our armed service members are killed in the line of duty and more of them survive serious injuries. What once would have been a fatal head wound, is now a survivable brain injury. There are consequences to this development.

Pedestrians still hospitalized after La Crosse crash

According to a recent media report, three pedestrians hurt in a recent La Crosse car accident are still hospitalized. Two are in care at Gundersen Lutheran and one is at the Mayo Clinic Health System. In the crash, five people were hurt when a car driven by a Maquoketa, Iowa, man, 19 years old, slammed into the front of a pick-up truck on Losey Boulevard South near Denton Street when making a lane change. The driver of the car lost control, sheared off a speed limit sign, careened onto the sidewalk, hit the pedestrians and then crashed into a brick stanchion that held up a business sign.

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