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November 2012 Archives

Understanding HIV and SSDI qualifying conditions

There are some illnesses and diseases which can cause a disability in their later stages and not in their earlier stages, or if important medical complications are lacking. Diabetes is an example of an illness which can be successfully managed, but can also lead to amputations, blindness and even death.

Wisconsin company cited for safety issues

A metals maker has received several citations for alleged safety violations at one of its foundries in Wisconsin. Such violations could result in a worker suffering a work injury or even worse. The company has not responded to requests for a comment. They could face financial penalties in excess of $50,000.

Wisconsin buckles down to decrease proven trend of DWIs

For many residents of Wisconsin, stopping for a drink is something that is almost second nature. But while stopping is often done out of a sense of friendliness, there's nothing friendly about a drunk driving accident. Wisconsin's culture of drinking and driving is astounding, with nearly 300,000 residents of the state who have faced at least one DWI conviction, and 5,000 people have been convicted of a DWI four times or more. Knowing that so many are out on the road impaired can be very unsettling, especially for those who have been injured or are close to someone who has been injured or killed as a result of a car accident caused by drunk driving. Prosecuting DWI drivers has become increasingly difficult because of an attorney shortage in the state and the lack of funds in the budget to remedy the situation.

Four ways to improve the SSI program

In our last post we mentioned that the Supplemental Security Income program is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Since its inception it has helped keep people in Wisconsin out of homeless shelters and provided enough income to help the poorest and neediest among us. To qualify for SSI benefits, one must be at last 65 years old or have a severe disability. In addition, one must have extremely limited income and assets.

Woman charged in potential hit-and-run wrongful death

Car accidents are never pleasant, and those that end in fatalities are even more devastating for the victim's family. A pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle often sustains severe injuries and is more likely to succumb to those injuries, as he or she is not afforded the protection of the vehicle. It is important that negligent drivers be held accountable for their actions. To that end, the family of the victim may be able to pursue a legal claim in civil court.

Wisconsin work injury: Workplace violence under spotlight

With the rash of workplace shootings occurring across Wisconsin and the nation, workplace safety is becoming a hot topic. Although it is always important, a work injury like this can often be out of the employer's control. However, companies around the area are beginning to focus on the prevention of workplace violence.

Young and the reckless: Teens more likely to doze and drive

A recent study done by AAA has found something alarming. More young drivers are falling asleep at the wheel. It's a potentially deadly problem, and one that doesn't get enough attention. It can devastate families and take lives, and there are ways to prevent it from happening. While one in 10 licensed drivers admit they've dozed off behind the wheel at least once in the last 12 months, one in seven drivers between 16 and 24 years of age admitted to nodding off during that same time period. That's a significant increase from older drivers and something that has to be carefully considered. Data from car accidents shows that young drivers are 78% more likely to be tired when involved in a crash than drivers who are between the ages of 40 and 49.

Supplemental Security Income program celebrates 40th anniversary

Forty years ago the average cost of a new home in Wisconsin was $27,550, a gallon of gas cost 55 cents and inflation was at 3.27 percent. In 1972 Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in Munich, the Equal Rights Amendment was passed by the Senate and Richard Nixon was president.

1-year sentence in Fond du Lac crash that killed 3

It's nearly impossible to imagine a scenario as horrific as a fatal car accident that claims the life of three teenage girls. But that's the terrible reality of a crash last winter in Fond du Lac County in which authorities claimed a young woman speeding down a rural road caused a crash that killed three of her friends. While nothing can bring back a family member, anyone who loses a loved one in a fatal car accident should be aware of one's rights in a court of law.

Industrial work in Wisconsin leads to employee's death

Going to work can feel like a chore sometimes, but doing so can also be a health risk for workers, particularly within certain fields. Some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others. Industrial and construction work are examples of riskier occupational fields.

Wisconsin work injury: OSHA focus on height and chemical hazards

OSHA is beginning to place increased scrutiny on employees who work at heights in Wisconsin and around the rest of the country. The emphasis appears to be on those involved in tree trimming or other workers who may be subject to a work injury because of unsecured ladders. They are also expected to scrutinize isocyanates, a product used in auto body shops that could cause respiratory issues if not 'properly controlled.'

Traumatic brain injuries also increase victims' epilepsy risk

Many people will get into car accidents in their lives. A fender bender here and there is not uncommon, usually with the worst consequence of it being a damaged paint job to one's vehicle. But there are the extreme cases of traffic accidents that lead to serious injury.

Wisconsin officer wins workers' compensation battle

A Wisconsin police officer has won a workers' compensation battle after injuring himself while preparing for his PT test. The officer was doing pushups on his basement floor when he injured his right rotator cuff. The man was preparing for a mandatory fitness test that rewards employees who do well on it. However, the man experienced problems when seeking workers' compensation and became embroiled in a four-year legal battle.

Veterans with disabilities may benefit from congressional bill

Our country now has an estimated 22.7 million veterans according to the Department of Veteran Affairs. Thanks to modern technology and the recent war in Iraq and the ongoing war in Afghanistan, our country now has more veterans who are disabled with what would have been fatal injuries during WWII or the Viet Nam or Korean wars. The number of disabled veterans is up 25 percent since 2001 and now numbers nearly 3 million.

Wisconsin teen charged in injury causing crash with squad

Teenagers are somewhat notorious for doing unwise things. Unfortunately, driving while intoxicated is one of them. Although they are not yet of legal drinking age, teens can face some of the same consequences adults face when they are caught driving under the influence. This includes losing their Wisconsin driver's license, jail time (or juvenile detention), and being assessed fines. The consequences can be even worse if the teen causes a car accident.

La Crosse County residents are being wiser about alcohol use

Wisconsin has a notorious reputation as a state where alcohol is quite popular, and cheese. Whether the cheese part is true is not of great concern on this personal injury blog. The alcohol part of that reputation, however, is of greater concern.

New Wisconsin drivers: Put down your phones or pay!

Now that the leaves have fallen and all of the trick-or-treating candy has been handed out, November has finally arrived. For many, that means plans for holiday shopping already. For all new drivers in Wisconsin, that means a new, stricter distracted driving law.

Wisconsin pallet company faces fines for unsafe working conditions

A Wisconsin pallet maker is facing almost $200,000 in fines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after being accused of numerous violations of safety and health regulations. Such hazards could increase the possibility of a work accident and endanger employees that work for the company. This is not the first time the company has faced OSHA fines.

Unemployment rate higher for those with disabilities

As the national election season enters its closing moments, the focus in Wisconsin and elsewhere is still on the economy and unemployment. The employment for those without disabilities continues to climb. According to the Department of Labor, 171,000 jobs were added in October and the current unemployment rate is at 7.9 percent.

Wisconsin law protects police dog from personal injury liability

Dogs play important roles in the lives of many people and communities. They are man's best friend and they are also a police officer's partner. Police canines are highly trained dogs that are treated less as pets than as law enforcement tools. That is how police see them - but also how the law sees them.

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