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December 2012 Archives

Wisconsin firefighter suffers minor work injury in blaze

A Wisconsin firefighter sustained a work injury after a fire broke out at Lambeau Field. The fire began in a fourth-floor construction area close to the southeast corner of the stadium. Firefighters rushed to the scene, but they had to wait until water was available before they were allowed to open the burning area and start battling the blaze. The work injury is said to be minor.

Motorcycle crash victims fight with cases against Wisconsin man

Motor vehicle accidents are not rare. In fact, most people have experienced a wreck or been impacted by a crash. Every now and again, however, a traffic accident comes along that still is surprising due to the details that make it different.

Driver in 3-person fatal accident sentenced

A car accident occurs suddenly and often results in serious injuries. A drunk driver might swerve off the road or hit a pedestrian. Just because the unexpected happens does not mean there are not remedies. Whether the accident causes injury or wrongful death, victims and their families should know their legal rights. There may be ways to receive compensation for suffering that can help pay for medical bills and perhaps ease some pain and suffering.

Across the nation, SSDI backlog leaves injured and sick stranded

As regular readers of our LaCrosse blog know, Social Security Disability payments are a crucial part of our social "safety net." These payments, which help people who are too injured or ill to work, keep millions of American afloat.

Dog to be euthanized after biting three times

Dogs make some of the best companions humans can find, but those humans also have the responsibility that those dogs are not a danger to others. Recently, one man failed to fulfill that responsibility and as a result his dog, a Rottweiler, golden retriever mix has been scheduled to be euthanized after three different people experienced a dog bite on different occasions. In one of the cases, a woman was bitten when she was passing by the owner's home. In the other two cases the dog bit people who had entered the home. When the euthanization was scheduled the owner attempted to find another home for the dog, but the city determined that the gesture was too little too late.

Caring for the disabled affects health of caregivers, study shows

Those who are disabled face a number of challenges. Perhaps they can work, but often they can't. Perhaps they can drive, although often they can't. A disabled person may be able to care for him or herself, but it is also likely that a disabled person will depend upon a caregiver who is usually a family member.

Organizations team up to highlight work injury hazards on farms

Workers in the Wisconsin agricultural field may be exposed to unique hazards in their chosen career fields. With the growing likelihood of a work injury occurring, OSHA and the Wisconsin Agri-business Association have allied to combat that increase. They will focus on addressing the hazards that can occur in the grain and feed industry and discuss the six major danger areas that could increase the dangers of a work injury.

Would NTSB drunk driving idea help Wisconsin traffic safety?

A recent opinion piece posted in the La Crosse Tribune suggests that the National Transportation Safety Board has a logical safety idea that Wisconsin should adopt. Car accidents caused by drunk driving are completely preventable, if only people would choose not to drink and drive. But since not everyone is so responsible, the NTSB suggests that ignition interlock devices should become more commonly used.

Southern Wisconsin collision injures 4

Those who drive recklessly or under the influence of drugs and alcohol are not only endangering themselves but also creating unnecessary risks for others. Every day, people are injured or killed in car accidents caused by negligent or intoxicated drivers. Anyone who is a victim of a drunk driving accident may be entitled to financial compensation under the law.

Brain injuries in children are no quick fix

Studies into brain injuries are becoming more popular because of the recent links found between head injuries and long-term health. Various personal injury cases have been filed by former professional athletes, for example, because they suffer from long-term (sometimes fatal) effects of having sustained brain injuries during their athletic careers.

Faster approvals approved by SSA for specific medical conditions

When a person in Wisconsin is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or Lou Gehrig's disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) it essentially a death sentence. These diseases, and a few types of cancers, are progressive and fatal.

Five Wisconsin car accident victims sent to area hospitals

Car crashes recently sent five people to Monroe County hospitals in a single weekend, and reckless or inattentive driving may have caused at least one of the wrecks. Car accidents, especially those featuring rear-end collisions, can cause personal injuries that may affect people's lives for years to come. Victims of this type of auto accident may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

Bike accident of a different sort leads to Wisconsin death

Bicycle accidents can be extremely dangerous for cyclists. They don't have the walls of a car to protect them from impact and they are vulnerable to being injured or even killed in a wreck. A fatal Wisconsin accident presents a rarer incident of a bicyclist fatality.

Wisconsin veteran involved in serious work accident

A Wisconsin veteran sustained serious injuries in a work accident after being run over by a forklift. The accident occurred at the dismantling of a trade show while he was assisting in removing milling machines from one of the booths at the show. Somehow, he was knocked down and his foot was run over by the forklift. The injury required four surgeries and the use of leeches to control blood circulation. Although doctors were able to save the majority of his foot, the work accident caused him to lose his left heel.

New simple effort adopted to prevent dog bites

For the most part, dogs are loyal, lovable and playful companions. They welcome us when we get home, keep us warm on cold winter days and make going for walks a bit more enjoyable. But no matter how loved dogs are, people of all ages also need to understand that they are animals and may not always respond with the friendliness they'd expect.

Motorcycle accidents are a $16 billion problem in the U.S.

It is no surprise that a motorcycle accident takes a financial and physical toll on those involved, but the traffic incidents also cost society. According to the Government Accountability Office, motorcycle crashes cost the country at least $16 billion in 2010.

Truck accident in Eastern Wisconsin injures 8

More often than not, trucking accidents leave death and destruction in their wakes. For this reason, most people cringe at the thought of being involved in any type of truck accident. Unfortunately, tractor-trailer accidents are a sadly common occurrence.

SSDI fund solvency: the problem and a few potential solutions

Those in Wisconsin who are not disabiled may be confused about Social Security and think that it only helps provide a basic income to those who are retired. People with disabilities know differently. Those with disabilities may be confused however about the funding of the program. Contrary to the perception of many, the funding for retirement benefits and SSDI benefits are separate.

Wisconsin work injury: Fracking can lead to serious health issues

Fracking has been in and out of headlines across the country, but the newest information surrounding the controversial process is how it could damage Wisconsin workers' health. Any time someone sustains a work injury, it can result in hospitalization, but fracking appears to damage someone's health over the long term. This type of work injury can be concerning, especially since the sands from fracking contain a component long linked to silicosis and lung cancer.

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