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January 2013 Archives

Wisconsin work injury: Emphasis on safety may save lives

Good safety practices in Wisconsin workplaces can reduce or even prevent a work injury. Employers across the country are embracing the idea and are implementing strong safety messages within the workplace. The head of OSHA has noted that employers are finally stepping up and recognizing how safety management is effective in not only preventing a work injury, but also in boosting a company's profit potential.

Language change for Social Security disability conditions

The language we use to talk about disabilities is important. Disabled individuals and the people who care for them know that some terms used to describe a disabling condition are offensive, and the Social Security Administration recently announced plans to strike one such term from official documents.

Brain injuries in football now a presidential concern

As time passes, the matter of football players' concussions is getting more serious. With the recent suicides of ex-football players, there is an added level of tragedy that is pushing even some of the most powerful people to consider that changes in football are needed to protect players.

Wisconsin woman continues to recover from serious truck accident

Getting in an accident can be a terrifying experience. Not only is there property damage, insurance rates and police reports to be worried about, but victims are also dealing with what could be very serious injuries. When a person is injured in a truck accident, for example, injuries can be catastrophic due to the weight and power of these commercial-sized vehicles.

Wisconsin work accident results in OSHA fines

A Wisconsin company is facing the scrutiny of OSHA after one of its workers was involved in a devastating accident. The work accident occurred when one of the employees was attempting to clean a machine at a turkey processor plant in Barron. The accident resulted in the employee's arm being cut off.

Study suggests that new moms need to safety-proof their driving

There are so many things that go into keeping a baby safe and healthy. Parents have to buy the right kind of crib, mattress, bottles, etc. Car seats can cost hundreds of dollars. But it is all worth it if a baby is kept safe, right?

Icy roads and responsible driving in Wisconsin

Everyone knows that icy weather and unusual road conditions can lead to a car crash, but it's a also a responsibility of every driver to exercise due caution in inclement weather. If a driver fails to take the dangerous conditions into account, and if that failure results in another person's injuries, then the injured party may have grounds to pursue compensation for damages. Those injured in a car accident need be aware of their legal options for covering the cost of injuries.

Disability option roundup: SSDI, Medicare, COBRA, HIPAA

Right now, once an application has been sent in, it can take up to 800 days for a person to receive Social Security disability benefits. But legal professionals can help expedite the process, and an application can be fast-tracked if a person suffers from one of the 200 health conditions listed in the Compassionate Allowances program. If you suffer from one of these conditions and can't work, then you need to be aware of your options for receiving benefits more quickly.

Unemployment decrease meets fatal crash increase in Wisconsin

Have you recently started working again after a recession-related spell of unemployment? Do you drive to work? If so, you're part of the once-again-mobile sector of Wisconsin's population that is contributing to a spike in the number of auto accidents. Even though your own driving record may be solid gold, your risk of being in an accident is directly related to the number of drivers sharing the road with you. The number of fatal accidents in Wisconsin had been low between 2008 and 2011 because of the recession: fewer people were driving to work. In 2012, with more people finding jobs, the accident rate has risen again. The sharpest increase in 2012 fatalities involved motorcycle passengers, who died at a rate 75 percent higher than in 2011. Thirty percent more motorcycle drivers were killed last year than the year before, and four out of five of those who died were not wearing helmets.

Study: Lower back pain the leading global cause of disability

Thousands of Wisconsin residents are unable to work because of an injury. The types of these injuries are wide-ranging, and to receive much-needed Social Security benefits, it's often necessary to seek the help of a legal professional with experience in expediting Social Security disability claims. A key step in the process is proving to the Social Security Administration exactly what your disabling condition is.

Toyota wrongful death lawsuits coming to the end of the road

It has been a few years since rumors started that there was a sudden acceleration problem in some Toyota vehicles. It became more serious than rumors when there were repeat cases of car accidents, some fatal, connected to the purported technical problem.

New charges for Wisconsin man involved in motorcycle crash

When oncoming traffic mistakenly crosses over the middle line, there can be precious little time for other drivers to react, and an accident may be unavoidable. New motions are being filed in a Fond du Lac County Circuit Court to amend the charges brought against a 26-year-old Wisconsin man, who was initially charged after a fatal car accident last year.

Child nearly loses nose in pit bull attack

It can be tempting for parents to want to keep their children under their watch all of the time. That just isn't realistic. At some point, kids must be entrusted to others, whether it is a school teacher, bus driver, family member or a friend's parents. All parents can do is hope and try to ensure that their children are in a safe environment.

Fatal Wisconsin work accident spurs large OSHA fines

Two Wisconsin construction companies are facing serious fines after a work accident in July. The work accident took the life of a 35-year-old man and injured one other worker. One company has been cited by OSHA for several violations in the incident and fined over $100,000. The other faces fines over $13,000.

Supposed danger of Zoloft hits home in Wisconsin for couple

There are so many things to think about when one is pregnant, things to worry about and things to be excited about, too. Patients put their trust in not just doctors but drug manufacturers that if drug facts say a drug is safe during pregnancy, then those facts are true. During pregnancy, expecting mothers are particularly important to protect, since it is the life of a child on the line.

SSI recipients can return to work through Ticket to Work program

Work is a deep-rooted, defining aspect of people's lives, and when people are unable to work because of disability, then the struggle is not only monetary; it's emotional. People with disabilities want to work, but for whatever reason -- illness, injury, a mental condition -- they can't.

Wisconsin workers' compensation affected by traffic accidents

Wisconsin workers required to use a company vehicle on the job may be more prone to suffering a severe accident than other employees, just by virtue of being on the roads. Recent studies show car accidents suffered on the job can detrimentally affect the workplace and result in severe workers' compensation injuries. Some of the major factors linked to motor vehicle accidents that result in filing for a workers' compensation claim are distraction, impairment and speeding.

Injured Wisconsin boy blamed for car-pedestrian collision

Jaywalking occurs when a pedestrian walks outside of the designated crosswalk. When a pedestrian causes an accident in the process of jaywalking or a similar act, police can find that person at fault for the accident. A 13-year-old boy from Port Washington is facing the consequences of such a pedestrian accident, as police say he was at fault for the incident.

Proposed drunk driving laws could prevent Wisconsin crashes

"We have a problem in Wisconsin. Too many people drive drunk. We have too many people that are injured," asserts state lawmaker Jim Ott. He is behind various legislative ideas that would tackle the problem of drunk driving and the car accidents that result from the behavior.

Workers' compensation: Wisconsin workers ill from chemical spill

When a workplace uses chemicals, there is always a danger of a harmful spill. This happened recently in Wisconsin, when a chemical reaction at a plastics manufacturing plant sickened nine workers. They had to be transported to the hospital. As these workers recover from their illnesses, they may wish to investigate their options for workers' compensation benefits.

Amputation in Wisconsin Jennie-O plant result of safety violations

Sacrifice comes with every job. Sometimes, it may feel like one is sacrificing his sanity while he waits in rush hour traffic to get to his job every day. A Wisconsin worker of the Jennie-O Turkey processing plant experienced a much more tangible loss as a result of his work.

More info about SSDI and SSI benefits for HIV/AIDS patients

Not long ago we discussed how Wisconsin residents who have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS may need benefits under the Supplemental Security Income and Social Security disability insurance programs. If HIV/AIDS prevents you from working, you may be eligible.

Man in Santa suit hits sheriff's SUV, injures deputy

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience, especially if the accident is serious. Damage to vehicles, destruction of property, and injuries to or the death of those involved in the accident all combine to make Wisconsin car accidents a harrowing experience. One common cause of vehicle accidents that can be prevented is intoxication of a driver.

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