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February 2013 Archives

Could new diagnosis result in lost disability benefits?

Some controversy has arisen over a new diagnosis that categorizes a patient's medical concerns as symptomatic of a mental disorder. For example, if a person spends hours on the Internet researching medical conditions, and the research makes that person feel ill, then he or she might be diagnosed with what is now called somatic symptom disorder. Symptoms of the disorder include extreme fear and "excessive and disproportionate thoughts, feelings and behaviors."

Woman killed, another injured in frightening Highway 14 crash

In the event of an accident, victims are often left shaken and afraid, with more questions than answers. A car accident is a traumatizing experience for those involved, leaving many with wounds ranging from minor cuts and bruises to catastrophic injuries.

Man injured in Wisconsin work accident struggles to recover

Suffering a work accident can be devastating for hard-working Wisconsin residents. Both physical and financial hardships are often the result after such a serious work injury. Fortunately, however, when most on-the-job injuries occur workers have the right to file for worker's compensation benefits to help with the financial difficulties that can come from such a work accident.

13 injured in three-car collision in Clark County

On the afternoon of Feb. 10, a three-vehicle collision in Clark County resulted in injuries to 13 individuals. The incident took place on Highway 10 near Neillsville. Multiple law enforcement and emergency response teams arrived on the scene, and the highway was closed for several hours as responders attempted to assist those involved in the car accident and remove the wreckage from the road. The accident is still under investigation, but law enforcement officials believe that a Honda Accord carrying seven individuals traveling eastbound began sliding on the road due to slushy conditions. As it lost control, the vehicle sideswiped a Chrysler traveling westbound driven by a 50-year-old woman. The Honda Accord then struck a third vehicle nearly head-on, a Toyota Tundra pickup truck carrying five individuals. As a result of the accident, all 13 individuals involved in the collision were transported to local medical centers for treatment, and some are reportedly in serious condition.

Drunk driver heads wrong way on freeway, crashes head-on

Drivers have the responsibility to be safe on the roads, and this includes not driving while under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving accidents can result in permanent life-altering injuries as well as death. Someone involved in a car accident at the hands of a drunk driver in Wisconsin may have a lifelong struggle ahead of them, and it's only fair that the victim receives compensation for injuries.

2 dead, 1 hospitalized after Monroe County car accident

On Feb. 1, a two-vehicle collision resulted in the death of two individuals. The car accident occurred in the morning hours on Highway 16 in Adrian. A 47-year-old male driving a Dodge Stratus attempted to pass another vehicle and lost control of his vehicle. As the vehicle fishtailed, it struck a Dodge Grand Caravan Sport Van driven by a 32-year-old female.The driver of the minivan had to be extracted from her vehicle by law enforcement officials. She was transported to a local medical center to receive treatment for injuries sustained in the accident. A front-seat passenger in the Dodge Stratus died at the scene of the accident, and an infant in the backseat of the car died later at a local medical center. The driver of the Stratus and another passenger were both treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Workers' compensation needed for Wisconsin foundry workers

A Wisconsin foundry has been investigated recently by the nation's Occupational and Health Safety Administration. The foundry, which mainly focuses on production of metals, allegedly allowed workers to be exposed to crystalline silica dust and other harmful substances. This atmosphere creates a dangerous workplace for the men and women who work at the foundry, and can lead to illnesses that could cause some to seek workers' compensation.

Wisconsin NAMI director dispels mental-illness stigmas

Along with the national debate about gun control has come increased discussion about mental health issues. People are right to reconsider how people with mental conditions are diagnosed and treated, but unfortunately widespread discussion of these matters only seems to occur in the wake of a tragedy. Consequently, there is the risk of stigmatizing people with mental illness.

Juneau County man charged in fatal single-car crash

A reckless driver does not only endanger his or her own life but also puts the lives of others at risk. A fatal car accident can cause great sorrow and grief for the family members of the victim or victims. Other than suffering loss of companionship, they may also face financial problems as a result of the accident, particularly if the victim was a major contributor to the family's finances.

Wisconsin man recovers from summer crane accident

A Wisconsin man who suffered a terrible fall last summer has made an incredible recovery. The man is a crane operator and was working on a job on U.S. Highway 41 near Oshkosh when his life-threatening accident occurred. Though he had worked on cranes for 12 years, he had never been involved in an accident until last summer.

Wisconsin siblings devoted to helping people with disabilities

A brother and sister from Wisconsin who are familiar with the struggles associated with disability are working to help disabled individuals feel healthier and more welcome in the community. For many people with mental or physical disabilities, the disability itself leads to other physical problems such as diabetes, heart disease or obesity. And to combat those problems, the brother is raising money to create The Ability Center.

Wisconsin resident finds hope after a work accident

A Sheboygan, Wisconsin man who lost his fingers in an industrial accident ten years ago has now found hope through a successful prosthetic on his hand. The man lost three of his fingers in a work accident in which a punch press fell on his hand when he was working at a local factory. The three fingers were amputated and it took him a full year to heal from his injury. Most heartbreaking of all was the fact that his baby daughter was only two weeks old at the time of the accident, and he was unable to hold her.

Mother sues Wisconsin hospital for its role in son's suicide

Accepting that one's child, adult or not, needs constant medical help and supervision would be hard for many parents to accept. In the case of a Wisconsin family, the 27-year-old son suffered from schizophrenia and after getting into legal trouble was committed to a mental hospital.

Wisconsin worker prevails in workers' compensation case

A Wisconsin employee has prevailed in his workers' compensation claim. Records show the worker hurt his right knee when he slipped and fell inside of a building. The county never disputed the man had injured himself or that the injury was incurred during work-hours, but claimed the infection that came later may have been caused by his own negligence. With this evidence, the county believes his workers' compensation claim should have been denied.

January proved fatal for 40 motor vehicle accident victims

When the Wisconsin Department of Transportation totaled January's fatal accidents in the state, there was good news and bad news. The good news was that four fewer people died in traffic crashes than a year ago. The bad news was that with 40 fatalities, the total was still three higher than the state's five-year average. Most of the fatalities were drivers, and a few were either passengers or pedestrians. In 2010, January saw half as many fatalities, and in 1964, more than twice as many were killed. One state patrol believes a lot of the problem comes down to distracted driving in one way or another. Someone might be on a cell phone, or looking for something in their car, or trying to do a number of different things while driving,

News host speaks ill of SSDI recipients

It's a shame that some people try to attach a stigma to receiving much-needed benefits through the Social Security disability program. Recently, Shannon Bream of Fox News made the dubious claim that everyone -- all 8.8 million people -- who received Social Security disability benefits last year did so "under false pretenses." The statement is brazenly false, and it's important that Wisconsin residents understand why.

Dogs: Pets and safety threats

Dog bites can do some serious damage, so it's much better to avoid them than it is to have to treat them. The responsibility of avoiding dog bites falls to the owner of the dog, but not all owners are deeply concerned about that particular responsibility. With that in mind, anyone who's been bitten by a dog may want to seek legal counsel in order to be compensated for his or her injuries. Each year, around 2 percent of the population suffers a dog bite injury. Considering the number of people in the US, that's a lot of dog bites. Most victims are children, but adults can be attacked as well. Fifteen dog bite victims will die from their injuries every year, and two-thirds of those fatalities will be young children. This most often occurs when children are allowed to play with dogs that are not being properly supervised by their owners.

Milwaukee crash with UPS truck takes woman's life

When a commercial truck is involved in a motor vehicle accident, the potential for damage and injury is much greater than in crashes between smaller vehicles. Of course, any kind of auto accident is dangerous, but negligence on the part of truck drivers or truck manufacturers can have catastrophic effects simply because of the size and weight of the vehicle involved. Truck accident victims or their families should be aware of their rights and responsibilities after such a crash.

Did failure of brakes result in three car crash?

It is alleged that a driver ran a red light due to the failure of the brakes in his vehicle, and this then resulted in a three car crash. Though fortunately no one was injured in the accident, all of the vehicles involved in the accident sustained major damage.

Number of fatal car accidents rose across Wisconsin in 2012

Fatal vehicle accidents can leave families not knowing where to turn or how to proceed. But when another party's negligence leads to a fatal car accident, families need to know that legal remedies are available in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit.

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