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How can workplaces better include disabled workers?

If you are unable to work in Wisconsin because of a disability, imagine if workplaces changed -- opened themselves up more -- and created an environment that allowed disabled workers to use their skills. Say you're unable to lift heavy loads, or maybe your hearing impairment is a factor, or maybe a mental condition or a chronic illness has made it impossible to get a job. Could companies and government agencies make accommodating changes to be more inclusive?

Wisconsin police deputy suffers work injuries in car accident

Suffering work injuries can be a frustrating and financially costly time in a worker's life. This is one reason why Wisconsin law provides employees the opportunity to file for workers' compensation benefits after suffering an on-the-job injury. Recently, a Wisconsin police deputy suffered work injuries after pulling over to the side of an Interstate to check on motorists who had slid off the roadway. The officer had just gotten back into his cruiser when another vehicle lost control in the slippery road conditions and slammed into the police vehicle.

Southwestern Wisconsin woman killed in rear-end car accident

Wisconsin residents who drive on a regular basis may be aware that in an accident in which one car slams into the rear of another, it's more likely that the rear-end driver is at fault. That's because any driver who follows another vehicle has a responsibility to maintain a safe following distance. When he or she fails to do so and subsequently crashes into the car ahead, there is often a clear reason. It may be that the driver wasn't paying attention to slowing traffic. In other cases, the driver was following too closely in inclement weather and unable to stop in time on a snow- or ice-covered road. In cases like this, an insurance claims adjuster or personal injury attorney will usually look for evidence of negligence on the part of the driver of the following car.

Some health care facilities may be violating ADA, survey says

For Wisconsin residents living with a physical or intellectual disability, it's common to feel as though society has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to understanding and accommodating people who may not move and think like the average person. Even as the Americans with Disabilities Act approaches its 23rd anniversary, disabled citizens still routinely face discrimination, along with denial of benefits to which they are legally entitled.

Man faces charges following fatal drunk driving accident

A 21-year-old man from Manitowoc faces charges after a serious drunk driving accident. According to police, the incident occurred near the intersection of North Ninth Street and Huron Street and involved a Cadillac and a Lumina. Two men were killed in this incident, and one man was injured. Police stated that the driver who caused the car accident confessed to smoking marijuana and consuming multiple alcoholic beverages before the accident occurred. He also admitted that he was not in fit condition to drive at the time of incident. The driver was arrested, and the judge has established bail at $25,000. Police are requesting that he be charged with causing great bodily harm by intoxicated use of a vehicle, two counts of homicide by use of a vehicle while allegedly intoxicated and three counts of operating a vehicle while under the influence and causing bodily harm. 

Wisconsin foundry cited for 28 potential work accident hazards

Workplace safety is often especially important to Wisconsin workers involved in any type of factory occupation. Hazards can often abound in a factory setting, so it is important that employers take every reasonable precaution to protect their workers' safety. Failing to do so often results in a work accident that could seriously injure workers who are simply doing their jobs. In the most extreme cases, work accidents can cause fatal injuries to factory workers.

Research suggests link between head injuries and immune system

Researchers recently completed a study to determine if the body responds to blows to the head as if they were a viral attack. The study determined that after receiving blows to the head, the protein biomarker S100B is elevated in the bloodstream. The immune system mistakes the protein and begins to attack it. This sets off an autoimmune response. The body in a sense begins fighting against itself, and the immune system attacks healthy cells. This is similar to what happens with multiple sclerosis. In theory, routine head hits like those experienced by football players and soldiers release protein into the bloodstream. The hits do not have to cause brain injuries or concussions for this to happen. The body naturally builds up antibodies when it notices the protein in the bloodstream. 

Driver in Madison-area accident that killed 4 convicted

When you step into a car as a passenger, do you always trust the driver? What about after a night out drinking with friends? While it's always best to designate one person in the group to stay sober, too often friends end up simply choosing the least intoxicated person to transport everyone else. Sometimes that person underestimates his or her level of intoxication, or simply lies out of a desire to get home without relying on a cab.

New research opens possibilities for help with brain injuries

The complexities of the human tongue are often taken for granted. In fact, scientists have recently discovered a possible link between the tongue and the brain, which could provide treatment options for Wisconsin residents afflicted by a variety of ailments and conditions, including brain injuries. The tongue responds well to electrical stimulation because of the number of receptors located on its surface. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have documented the response of the tongue to electrode signals. They use a control box to stimulate the tongues of test subjects for 20 to 30 minutes and monitor the response to a variety of exercises. The exercises differ depending on the placement of electrodes on the tongue. In a phenomenon known as plasticity, the brain can learn to develop new pathways, which means it can compensate for damaged brain areas and learn to overcome afflictions.

School's disability awareness event irks some, inspires others

If you have a disability or care for someone who does, you may occasionally feel that non-disabled people lack a true understanding of what it's like to live with the obstacles a disability can present. While businesses and institutions in Wisconsin and other states have made great strides over the past couple decades in improving access and services for disabled people, it can easily be argued that there is much more work to be done.

Wisconsin workers' compensation: mill worker seriously burned

Factory accidents can change the lives of workers in an instant, often causing severe injuries that lead to significant recovery periods or, in the worst-case scenarios, death. Many workers who suffer on-the-job injuries are able to file for workers' compensation benefits in order to have their medical and related expenses covered. In addition to covering medical costs, workers' compensation can also help those who suffer factory accidents make ends meet while they are unable to perform the normal duties of their jobs.

Two-car accident in Wisconsin kills two, injures five

On March 3, 2013, a two-car crash in eastern Wisconsin left two people dead and five others injured. According to police, the car accident occurred when one car ran a stop sign and broadsided another vehicle. Two of the three passengers in one of the cars died at the scene, and the third was airlifted to a hospital. All four passengers in the other vehicle were taken to hospitals. Police said that they believe that both alcohol and speed were factors in the crash, but they did not say which driver was drunk or the speeds at which the cars were traveling at the time of the accident. It is also unclear whether the alleged drunk driver was one of the injured people who were taken to hospitals or one of the people who were killed in the crash.

Man files suffers work injury, files lawsuit against paper mill

A man who suffered a serious work injury when an explosion occurred at a Wisconsin paper mill is now seeking restitution from the company where the accident occurred. The man suffered a work injury in the form of serious burns to nearly half of his body while cleaning a dust collection tank at the plant. The man was actually employed by a company called Hydroblasters, which may have been liable for workers' compensation benefits related to the incident. Now, however, the man has filed a civil lawsuit against the company running the paper mill seeking restitution for his medical expenses in addition to the loss of income he expects to incur, along with other damages.

Lake Geneva man killed in pickup-semi crash

The majority of truck drivers operate and maintain their vehicles responsibly with a concern for drivers of smaller vehicles. Of course, that isn't true of all truck drivers, and when truck driver negligence results in the injury or death of another person, the victim or his or her family will have grounds for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. A recent truck accident in Wisconsin illustrates the tragic devastation that can result from a truck accident.

One dead in two-vehicle Wisconsin crash on Highway 26

A driver was killed when a box truck lost control and smashed into a sedan on Highway 26 in the town of Nekimi. The fatal accident occurred between Cottonwood Avenue and County Trunk Z. The roads were said to be very icy and slippery at the time of the accident. The box truck driver sustained no injuries, but the sedan's driver was pronounced dead by officials at the scene. Highway 26 in the vicinity of the accident was closed for around three hours after the crash.Weather conditions appear to have been a factor in the accident although the Wisconsin State Patrol is still investigating. An accident reconstruction was completed, but the results of the investigation and the name of the victim were withheld pending further study and notification of family members.

What are the steps for applying for SSDI benefits in Wisconsin?

Some technicalities have to be carried out before a Wisconsin resident can begin receiving Social Security disability benefits. Let's take a look at some of the requirements.

14-car Wisconsin pileup on U.S. 41 prompts shutdown

Ice and snow are being blamed in part for a 14-car pileup that shut down portions of Highway 41 near Lomira in Dodge County. Police were alerted to the massive car accident when a 911 caller reported that he had been hit and spun into another car. Arriving deputies found semi-trucks jackknifed and cars in the ditch. The road was closed for over two hours as officials attempted to clear the wreckage.Deputies blamed poor visibility in part for the massive accident scene. They noted that due to blowing snow and slick roads from ice buildup, drivers would have little time to stop when they came upon the wreck, and many were traveling too fast for conditions. One deputy described the scene as "white out conditions." The scene was also dangerous for first responders working to help people from their vehicles and direct traffic. Two drivers were taken to hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

Wisconsin wrongful death suit alleges negligence at Mendota

Patients in any mental health facility have the right to receive care befitting their conditions. Unfortunately, these facilities do not always pay the salaries needed to hire qualified personnel, and they may cut corners by not providing necessary training to employees. One woman experienced this reality firsthand after the death of her son in the Mendota Health Institute.The woman has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit naming several defendants, including Mendota, her son's doctor and the state of Wisconsin. Her son, who was schizophrenic, committed suicide during confinement in a seclusion room, and his body was not found until an estimated 18 hours later by hospital staff. During this time, personnel were presumably making checks every 15 minutes. The mother called to speak with her son, and a psychiatric technician informed her of his unresponsiveness.

3-vehicle collision in Wisconsin injures 13

A serious car accident involving three vehicles has resulted in injuries to more than a dozen people. The collision occurred on Highway 10 during the afternoon. The driver was traveling eastbound and lost control of the vehicle, which contained seven passengers. The vehicle sideswiped another vehicle in the oncoming traffic lane and hit a second one almost head-on. The vehicle that was sideswiped had one person inside, and the other vehicle involved in the collision contained five people.Clark County law enforcement officials are investigating the cause of the car accident. Slushy road conditions were reported at the time of the incident, but it is not clear if this was a direct cause. As a result of the car accident, 13 people were reported to be injured and received treatment at local hospitals. According to law enforcement officers, some have been released and others remain hospitalized with critical injuries.

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