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April 2013 Archives

Wisconsin workers' compensation: Man dies in grain bin accident

A 27-year-old man who recently perished in a Wisconsin work accident at a grain bin leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old son to mourn his passing. Under Wisconsin law, the man's surviving relatives may be able to file for workers' compensation death benefits to help them financially cope with his death. While this will not help with the emotional grief, it could assist them as they handle his final expenses and the loss of his income.

University of Wisconsin employee crushed; dies in work accident

Fatal work accidents often affect the community at large, but there's no doubt that it's especially tragic for the family members left behind to mourn a loved one's loss. Few expect that a routine day on the job will result in a person's death. Unfortunately, this recently became the case for a University of Wisconsin employee who suffered a fatal work accident while attempting to repair a lift at a loading dock.

President Obama asked to make SSI income limit $10,000

In terms of economics, when inflation occurs, the buying power of a single dollar decreases. But consider this fact: since 1989, the maximum amount of money a recipient of Supplemental Security Income can have is $2,000. That means that Wisconsin residents who have more than that amount are ineligible to receive SSI benefits.

Driver ordered to pay restitution after fatal Campbellsport crash

In Wisconsin, if a driver's negligent or reckless behavior causes another person's death, then the driver could be sent to jail and made to pay restitution to the family of the victim. This restitution is generally meant to return the grieving family to the financial position they held prior to the fatal accident.

Teen drivers land in marsh in high-speed Wisconsin car accident

A group of teenagers is luckily uninjured after crashing their vehicles at high speed into a marsh. The auto accident took place on Arboretum Drive at the University of Wisconsin's Arboretum. Two 16-year-old drivers were involved as well as a 17-year-old passenger.The university's police say that on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 9, the Jeep Liberty and Chevrolet truck were traveling at speeds up to 80 miles per hour when they became airborne and landed in the marsh. After the crash, a witness saw one of the teens throw a bottle into the water, which was later recovered and found to contain alcohol. However, all of the teens passed a Breathalyzer test. They all managed to escape injury and were released to their parents.

Truck accident with injuries caused by zombies, teen says

After stealing a big rig truck and crashing it into multiple vehicles, a 19-year-old male provided an explanation to law enforcement officials that may strike many Wisconsin residents as unusual: His actions were due to zombies chasing him. The young man had been traveling with a truck driver from Tennessee to California. The teen reportedly stole the truck near Temecula when the truck driver stepped out of the vehicle for an inspection and then took off down the freeway.The first collision occurred when the big rig slammed into a Toyota Tacoma, and this collision caused the Tacoma to hit a Mercedes and a 4Runner. The teen traveled further down the road in the semi-truck, and he caused a truck accident with a Honda and a Ford. He later told law enforcement officials that zombies were hanging onto the truck, and he was driving erratically so that they would fall off the truck. Hallucinogenic drugs may have been involved in this incident. Charges against the teen include receiving stolen property and taking a vehicle without consent.

Wisconsin auto accident on I-39 results in fatality

An accident in Waushara County, Wisconsin involving an SUV rollover led to five injuries and one death. The auto accident involved a single vehicle headed south on I-39 in Coloma Township. A lieutenant with the Waushara County Sheriff's Department said the rollover occurred after the vehicle left the highway for unknown reasons. All six passengers were ejected from the 2001 Lincoln SUV by the force of the impact. A 23-year-old occupant was killed directly by the crash, and others were listed in serious condition. Emergency responders reported the smell of alcohol during rescue efforts, and investigators think that none of the occupants were using seat belts. The driver of the SUV was reportedly returning from a trip to Madison, Wisconsin, according to the lieutenant.

Police: Bishop intoxicated in fatal pedestrian accident

Alcohol abuse is one of those things that easily spills over into other people's lives, and this is especially the case when a drinker decides to drive. No matter what a person's social standing is in the community, it only takes a split second for a drunken decision to have catastrophic consequences.

Two car accident victims identified, investigation continues

On March 31, two women were killed in a car accident in Sheboygan County. The incident took place on State Highway 32 in Herman in the afternoon. A car carrying three occupants was traveling south on Highway 32 close to Franklin Road at the time of the collision. The occupants included two female passengers and a male driver. This vehicle struck another vehicle that was travelling north on the highway in a head-on collision. The second vehicle was being driven by a 79-year-old man from Brillion. The two female passengers in the southbound vehicle died at the scene of the car accident, and Sheboygan County Sheriff's officials have identified them as being 71 years old and 52 years old. The older victim's husband, a 70-year-old male, was driving the car at the time, and he suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The driver of the second car was not injured. Law enforcement officials are continuing to investigate the accident.

Scientists report breakthrough in MS and cerebral palsy treatment

Multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy are connected disorders in that they both involve missing or damaged brain cells. With cerebral palsy, damage to the brain usually occurs during pregnancy or early in life, while multiple sclerosis usually begins to affect people in their young adulthood. Both are physically disabling and often prevent people from working.

Wisconsin ceramic mold facility cited for work injury hazards

Workplace safety is often an important topic for Wisconsin workers, especially those who work in an environment that may be particularly hazardous. Those companies which are found to repeatedly violate health and safety standards may find themselves facing fines from the nation's Occupational Safety & Health Administration. This is the case for one Wisconsin mold manufacturing company, which has been cited for safety violations related to respiratory hazards that could potentially lead to a work injury.

Police say Marathon County collisions caused by drunk driver

Seven people were injured recently in a Marathon County auto accident involving four vehicles. Police say an intoxicated 25-year-old woman from Madison caused the multi-vehicle crash, which occurred on Interstate 39.

News commentators use dubious tactics to report on SSDI

It continues to happen. This week we wrote about a misleading NPR report about Social Security Disability Insurance, and now the Fox network, also discussed in one of our previous posts, has again exaggerated the problem of SSDI fraud.

Two-car Waupun wreck harms 5

After two vehicles crashed at the intersection between County Trunk TC and Highway 26, five individuals were left injured. The car accident was reported to the Fond du Lac County Communications center at 6:44 p.m., and it's still being investigated by law enforcement officials. The crash occurred when a Fond du Lac man going west on County TC ignored a stop sign at the intersection. As he continued through the junction, he hit a south-headed car driven by a Madison woman. The Fond du Lac man and the female passenger in his front seat were both treated for injuries before being released from Waupun Memorial Hospital. The male Iowa native in rear seat of the car was also treated and released from a different hospital. The woman in the struck vehicle and her passenger, who happened to be her 14-year-old daughter, were both treated for non-critical injuries at St. Agnes Hospital. Although the daughter was subsequently released from medical care, the mother was transported to a different care facility in Wisconsin. 

NPR series offers misleading picture of SSDI program

It wasn't the first time a widely broadcast news story cast aspersions on the Social Security disability program (we wrote about one such dubious claim a few months ago), but again Wisconsin residents with disabilities may have been taken aback by a recently broadcast series on National Public Radio.

Wisconsin car accident causes vehicle damage, minor injuries

Two vehicles were involved in a collision in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, on March 28. The car accident occurred during the evening hours on Highway 65 close to the entrance on the west side of the Pierce County Fairgrounds. The two vehicles that collided were a Dodge Neon and a Chrysler minivan. Officers from the Pierce County Sheriff's Department and firefighters responded. At least one person involved in the accident received minor injuries and may have had a nosebleed, and the Ellsworth Ambulance Service was on the scene to provide medical assistance to those who were injured. The Neon received front-end damage. The condition of the other vehicle was not known, but firefighters cleaned up a fluid spill at the scene. The cause of the accident was not indicated. 

Wisconsin work accident: Worker fatally injured in another state

Too many Wisconsin construction workers face dangerous conditions on a daily basis as a matter of course when working in their industry. Tragic accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, sometimes before a worker has the chance to react to the changing circumstances. In the case of a fatal work accident, surviving family members may be left behind to pick up the pieces and try to figure out exactly what happened to their loved one. For many, financial hardship may follow in the steps of emotional trauma.

Witnesses: Driver in fatal Wisconsin crash failed to yield

Criminal charges and traffic citations are not necessary for the family of a person killed in a motor vehicle accident to pursue compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. Traffic violations can strengthen a civil claim, but they are not necessary in Wisconsin. As families grieve the loss of a loved one after such a collision, at-fault drivers' insurance companies have been known to shift the blame for the accident onto the victim.

Drunk driving app released in United States

The State of Wisconsin's Department of Transportation has released a new app for smart phones designed to help drivers avoid DUI charges and dangerous accidents. Because of the high number of crashes involving alcohol and arrests for DUI, DOT officials hope that this app will help bring car accident fatality and injury numbers down. The app is called "Drive Sober" and was released in March prior to St. Patrick's Day, traditionally a holiday involving large numbers of DUIs. The app is free for both iOS and Android users and offers a blood alcohol estimator, a game to select a designated driver, and local weather data.

New guideline addresses sport-related concussions

Athletes and medical professionals in Wisconsin and elsewhere will benefit from becoming familiar with new guidelines issued by the American Academy of Neurology that provide an updated set of recommendations concerning concussions. These guidelines offer guidance to athletes and their health care professionals concerning the diagnosis and management of concussions in order to minimize risk of further brain injuries. Former recommendations for athletes returning to play have been replaced by a new one that urges physicians to customize timetables for each individual. Suspicion of concussion still requires immediate removal from play pending professional evaluation. Multi-disciplinary findings are listed to assist physicians in making sound recommendations, including risk factors for concussion and more serious impairment, relative benefits of protective gear, clinical diagnostic tools and symptom checklists that are important for establishing a recovery period.

Three people injured in two-car crash on Hwy 57

A two-car crash in Brussels on Wisconsin 57 sent three to the hospital and severely damaged both vehicles involved. The car accident took place when a 19-year-old driver pulled out after stopping for a yield sign into the path of a 65-year-old man who was driving east. The young woman stated to authorities that she did not see the man coming and that his vehicle may have been in her blind spot. The young female driver, the driver of the other car and a 52-year-old female passenger traveling with him were all transported to the hospital with possible injuries. The young woman was given three citations by police: failure to yield, open intoxicants and violation of seat belt laws.

Two people injured in Sheboygan crash

A fiery crash in the 3200 block of Washington Avenue in Sheboygan, Wisconsin sent two victims to the hospital. The car accident took place when a box flew off the back of a pickup truck and was then struck by a car, resulting in that vehicle rear-ending the truck and bursting into flames. The 72-year-old pickup truck driver and the 43-year-old car driver were not injured, but two passengers in the truck, a 61-year-old woman and a 29-year-old woman, were transported to an area hospital, both suffering from non-life threatening injuries. It is unclear from the reports if any citations were issued, either to the driver of the car for rear-ending another vehicle or to the driver of the truck for failing to secure a load. Both charges are possible given the circumstances of the crash and could play a role in determining who pays for the victims' medical expenses and injuries.

Worker injured in work accident at Wisconsin golf course

Suffering serious injuries in a work accident is never an easy thing for Wisconsin workers to go through, especially if they become unable to work for a lengthy period of time. This is one reason why Wisconsin worker's compensation insurance exists. Such benefits can help an employee who suffers a work accident with the medical expenses associated with their injuries, not to mention help cover some of their income during the time they become unable to work.

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