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May 2013 Archives

Police: Man stole, returned Supplemental Security Income money

Wisconsin residents who have worked a sufficient amount of time and contributed payments to the Social Security system may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, if a need for such benefits should arise. A disabling injury or illness expected to last at least a year is a requisite for receiving SSDI benefits.

More Wisconsin police reports redacted

Police reports for arrests, car accidents and crimes that take place in Wisconsin are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. These documents are especially important to everyday drivers who may be involved in an auto accident and require an accident report for their insurance claim. A federal court of appeals ruling states law enforcement agencies cannot release information that has been gleaned through motor vehicle records. Consequently, more agencies are redacting important information in the interest of avoiding being sued.

Driver kills two pedestrians in separate accidents

An accident that involves a vehicle and a pedestrian can be extremely dangerous in Wisconsin because the pedestrian is not protected by their own vehicle. In a pedestrian accident, there are often fatal consequences of the accident, or long recovery times and intense medical treatment for the pedestrian. Even when it appears that the driver was not distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if he or she has a history of driving in an unsafe manner, they may be held accountable for the accident.

ASC can help farmers hoping to avoid a Wisconsin work accident

Farm safety is often an important consideration for agricultural workers, farm owners and governmental agencies throughout Wisconsin. Many farm owners may find themselves confused about the best ways to conform with state and federal regulations regarding workplace safety. One Wisconsin group offers services that can aid farms in increasing safety for workers and hopefully decrease the likelihood of a work accident and resulting workers' compensation claims that can sometimes result.

St. Croix accident victim dies at the scene

Police are currently investigating an accident that left a 74-year-old driver dead in Wisconsin's St. Croix County. The Houlton woman was killed in a collision that involved one other vehicle. Her 2001 Hyundai Accent was pulling out of a parking lot near a stop sign when it was hit on the driver's side by a 27-year-old woman passing by in a 2004 Mazda Tribute. Police say that she was declared dead on site.

Recommendations to prevent dog bite attacks

As the U.S. Post Office released the latest statistics on mail carriers who receive dog bites, they also promoted National Dog Bite Prevention Week. They made several recommendations for both the owners of canines and for anyone at risk of an attack from a dog on how to avoid a dog bite that can help people from Wisconsin to Florida.

Man killed in trucking accident during snowstorm in Wisconsin

Drivers of semi trucks are required to go through special training to guarantee that they know how to operate a vehicle the size of the truck they are driving. This is done to ensure both the safety of the driver, and the safety of any other cars on the road around the truck in Wisconsin. When a semi accident happens, there are often serious injuries for those involved. In the most tragic of situations, a person involved in the accident may die and leave a family coping with the loss.

What you'll need for an SSI or SSDI application

You'll need your medical records, your doctors' contact information, contact information for the hospitals you've had to visit, your tax documents from the last year and your most recent employment information. You'll need all of these documents for a successful application for Social Security disability benefits.

Potential Wisconsin law could decrease waste work accident risk

Worker safety is often an important considering in Wisconsin, and across the nation at large. Unfortunately, however, work accidents that lead to serious injuries and even fatalities happen all-too-often to hard-working Americans. Those who do suffer a work accident while performing their normal duties at work are not without rights, however. Workers' compensation benefits often provide a safety net for workers who are injured on the job. Further, surviving relatives of those who are killed may qualify to file for survivor's death benefits.

Man convicted for accident that left one dead and three injured

A Wisconsin man is facing between five and 17 years in prison after being convicted on May 8 for several charges stemming from a June 2012 car crash that killed one person and left three others injured. The 21-year-old man pleaded no contest to reduced charges of homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle and two counts of causing bodily harm by negligent operation of a vehicle.

New blood-alcohol limits suggested by the NTSB

Wisconsin and other states are currently being called upon to lower their blood-alcohol concentration limits by the National Transportation Safety Board. In an effort to reduce the rate of drunk driving, the board is urging states to lower their BAC limit from the current cutoff of 0.08 to 0.05. Currently, there is approximately a one in three chance that a fatal car accident will have been caused by someone driving while intoxicated. According to a study done by the board, lowering the limit will save approximately 500 to 800 lives a year.

What exactly is meant by 'Social Security trust fund'?

When you think of Social Security benefits, what do you think of? Do you think mainly of old-age benefits or disability benefits? Are these benefits paid from a single account, or are there separate trusts for old-age beneficiaries and beneficiaries who are unable to work because of injury or illness?

Auto-pedestrian accident results in critical injuries

When two or more cars are involved in an accident in Wisconsin, injuries may vary based on the severity of the accident. A car crash becomes more serious when it involves one car and a pedestrian who is not protected by a car. If the pedestrian is not killed in the accident, he or she may still suffer from serious injuries that require intensive treatment and recovery. Medical bills can make a bad situation worse when the person who was injured can’t afford to pay them.

Wisconsin work injuries: Man dies in potato farm truck accident

Very few of us ever expect that we'll suffer a fatal accident while in the workplace. Unfortunately, however, deadly work injuries happen every year in Wisconsin and across the nation. These accidents can often leave surviving family members financially strapped for money to pay necessary funeral expenses and having to deal with an unexpected loss in income. For that reason, Wisconsin law allows certain surviving family members to file for workers' compensation death benefits in some cases.

Wisconsin man cited for causing four-car accident

A Wisconsin man caused a four-car crash on May 1 in Saukville after he failed to yield to oncoming traffic. Police said that all injuries were minor, although several people were transported to area hospitals. The 26-year-old driver was cited for failure to yield, which was his second citation in two days. He was cited for speeding 16 - 19 miles per hour over the limit on April 30.

Who do you know who needs SSDI benefits?

People who receive Social Security Disability benefits are the neighbors of those who do not. Beneficiaries are wives, husbands, sisters, brothers and other family members who are unable to work because their disability is severe. We've used this blog previously to try to dispel some of the misleading and frankly malicious stigmas some people try to attach to receiving SSDI benefits. People who know and have represented SSDI beneficiaries rightly bristle at the idea that those payments aren't the main reason that many decent, deserving people aren't living in deep poverty.

Returning military men and women face extra challenge

Residents of Wisconsin may be interested to learn that although much is now known about some of the issues military service men and women face upon their return stateside, which includes unemployment and post-traumatic stress disorder, recent research has revealed another serious challenge. More and more are dying behind the wheel of a car or motorcycle in the months following their return to the United States.

Family of 9 injured in Wisconsin car-buggy accident

Readers in La Crosse may have seen headlines about the recent rear-end accident involving a car and a buggy in Osseo, Wisconsin. The crash illustrates just how negligent driving can lead to serious injuries, especially when the injured parties aren't protected by the shell of an automobile.

Work accident statistics cited at Workers Memorial Day event

Recently, union supporters gathered along with various lawmakers in honor of Workers Memorial Day. They met at the Wisconsin state Capitol in order to call for increased worker safety in the state. Workplace safety is an important issue, as recent work accident statistics for the nation showed that there were 4,600 work-related fatalities in the U.S. in 2011. In Wisconsin alone, 89 workers lost their lives that same year, with an additional 74,400 employees being injured while on the job.

DOT recommends two-second rule for on-board equipment

Following months of research, the Department of Transportation has issued new voluntary guidelines that automobile manufacturers could implement to limit the amount of time required to use on-board devices in vehicles. Wisconsin drivers who take their eyes off the road for more than two seconds multiply their chances of getting into a car accident, and changing the way equipment in cars work could help reduce distracted driving accidents.The guidelines from the DOT address devices that assist drivers, which are usually secondary devices, and those that are likely to distract them from the road. When using secondary devices, individuals should only take their hands from the steering wheel or eyes off the road for two seconds. Instead of having to spend several seconds looking at their dashboard, drivers should be able to glance at electronic devices. Devices that include DVD players as well as access the Internet can keep a driver's attention from the road, so the DOT stated they should only be allowed for use when the vehicle is in park or not moving.

Woman sued for car crash injuries

A woman who is accused of running a stop sign has been sued by the victims in the resulting crash. Like Wisconsin, Illinois law provides for victims to recover damages in certain cases when a driver has shown negligence in causing a car accident. Both states are considered "liability" states in which victims can file lawsuits against other drivers to recover damages from injuries.The car crash in question took place when the victim was driving on Illinois Route 13 in October with a male passenger and her three children. She claims that as she crossed the intersection of South 28th Street, the driver ran a stop sign and crashed into her car. All of the car's occupants, including herself, a male passenger and her three minor children, were injured in the crash. The lawsuit claims that the driver was negligent in causing this accident and asks for $250,000 in payment of medical bills, lost wages and other costs.

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