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September 2013 Archives

Wisconsin legislature to help prevent work injury in mining

Mine drilling can be considered a dangerous profession especially when employees rely on the safety of their workplace to perform their duties. When a work injury occurs at a drilling or testing site for a mine, the damages can be serious or even fatal. In response to recent complaints, a state Senator felt it necessary to support Wisconsin legislature to help prevent work injury in mining.

Fatal work injury inspires workplace safety review

Safety in the Wisconsin workplace is an absolute necessity and should be implemented and supported by employers. In environments where heavy machinery or dangerous tools are used, additional caution may be required but in depth training is essential. A fatal work injury has inspired a workplace safety review at a local university and a thorough evaluation of what needs to be resolved.

Wisconsin high school juniors learn about texting dangers

A group of 200 Wisconsin high school juniors recently received a hands-on lesson about the dangers of texting while driving. Teens are more likely to become involved in a car crash than any other age group, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and auto accidents are the number-one cause of death for American teens.

Are Wisconsin's judges too free with Social Security disability?

As Congress struggles to come up with a viable federal budget, it seems as if much of America’s social safety net could be on the line. Throughout much of this year, numerous proposals have been made to reform or cut Social Security disability, including changing how SSDI and SSI benefits are calculated and even reducing those benefits.

Drunk driver collides with car in Wisconsin, killing 1

It is hard to believe that with all the warnings about the dangers and risks associated with driving while intoxicated, there are still those who choose to drink and drive in Wisconsin. Many do so under the mistaken belief that they are not drunk and that they can handle the vehicle just fine. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case a large percentage of the time.

Woman kills man in her 2nd fatal crash

A man was killed in a deadly car crash in central Wisconsin on Sept. 13. A 23-year-old Amherst woman was charged with DUI in the accident when officials found that her preliminary blood alcohol content was 0.15, which is almost twice the legal limit. This was the second fatal accident that the woman had been involved in.

Research: poor Medicaid managed care providers rarely punished

If you’re on SSI, there’s a good chance you get your healthcare through Medicaid. If you can’t work, you’re eligible for Medicaid once you’ve received Supplemental Security Income for a month. If you’re working while on SSI, you’re still eligible as long as you meet SSI’s income limit and eligibility rules, you need Medicaid to work, and your income is still insufficient to get healthcare through other programs.

Small objects may appear further away than they actually are

A new study of human visual perception used a computer driving simulator to learn about the way people react to objects that are headed towards them. The participants were asked to look at a screen with animated objects in motion that seemed as if they would collide with the viewers. The test subjects saw two objects, a large distant one and a smaller one that was closer. The small one was programmed to 'arrive" or 'collide" with the viewer sooner. The test subjects consistently chose the larger object as the greatest threat, even though the smaller object would 'impact" sooner.

Wisconsin construction worker suffers serious work injury

Roadway construction is a hazardous job that contains the real possibility of serious injury. One Wisconsin man has just experienced one of the worst case scenarios for receiving a work injury. He was the victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time when a car was propelled into him after having been struck by another vehicle.

Employee of dealership dead after motorcycle accident

A 20-year-old man who was riding his motorcycle when it collided with a van on Sept. 13 has died. The man was an employee of the Porcaro Ford Dealership in Mount Pleasant. The man suffered from serious injuries after the motorcycle that he was riding ran into a van that may have turned in front of it in the parking lot of the dealership around 1:30 p.m.

Harvest time in Wisconsin can lead to increased traffic accidents

The fall season can be a busy time for traffic in the state of Wisconsin. This is because of the large amount of farms in the state that are harvesting their crops and taking them to market or operating farm vehicles on the state’s roadways. Because of this, the chance of crashing into a farm vehicle increases during harvest time.

Get flu shots for kids with neurologic or intellectual conditions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just issued an urgent call for children with neurologic or intellectual conditions to get seasonal flu shots every year. Many of these kids are beneficiaries of Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance, and a large proportion of them are eligible for Medicaid. In Wisconsin, you may have heard that BadgerCare Plus requires a $10 copayment for flu shots, but the shots are free for Medicaid recipients. They are also fully covered by most private insurance.

Wisconsin workers' compensation: Is the system broken?

Millions of people,including a large number here in Wisconsin, are injured at work each year. At least some of those people are left with some sort of chronic pain that the workers' compensation system fails to adequately resolve. Unfortunately, many workers' compensation systems seem to end up being more of a legal system rather than a medical one.

Texting driver hits 5-year-old Milwaukee boy; paralyzes him

Many people in Wisconsin are aware of the dangers of drunk driving, but they may not know that texting while driving can be just as, if not more dangerous, than drunk driving. In fact, a driver is 23-times more likely to be involved in a collision if he or she is texting. The number of accidents where a cell phone contributed continues to rise. In 2011, at least 23 percent of all automobile accidents in the U.S. had a cell phone involved in some way.

Milk truck crash in Wisconsin injuries four people

Four people were injured in a crash that occurred on Friday, Aug. 30 around 7:30 a.m. The accident happened on Highway 27 when an 18-year-old driver pulled out from a stop sign into the path of a milk truck that was traveling south on the highway.

Demon-chased man charged in fatal accident

On Aug. 8, 2012, a Wisconsin man was driving a car erratically on state Highway 23 when he collided with another vehicle head-on, killing a 22-year-old woman. Just prior to the accident, witnesses say that he ran a stop sign and drove off the road, maneuvering in and out of a ditch before attempting to pass a semi-truck.

Study suggests link between lupus and mental health conditions

Are you currently living with a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression? Are you also living with lupus? Have you ever wondered if the two were linked? Well, a new study out of Turkey last month may be able to answer the latter of these questions and potentially help your case if you are applying for disability benefits.

Wisconsin man suffers work injury

When employees start the day at their place of employment, it is usually expected that they provided with a safe work environment. This is not always the case and some workers are at risk of danger by simply showing up for work, leaving them susceptible to work injury. It's important for Wisconsin employers to provide their workers with a safe place to work and eliminate hazardous situations.

Motorcyclist dies in two-vehicle crash in Wisconsin

An accident involving a motorcycle and a vehicle occurred on Sept. 1 in Baraboo. A Jeep rear-ended a motorcycle on Steinke Road at around 9 p.m. The motorcycle had stopped at the intersection of Gall Road and Old Lake Road.

Bicyclist struck by car, declared dead at scene

Wisconsin law enforcement officials are investigating an automobile related accident that left a bicycle rider dead in Outagamie County on Aug. 24. The local sheriff's department stated that a car collided with a bicycle at the intersection of County Y and County VV at about 5:50 p.m. in Seymour Township. Only the driver of the car and the bicyclist were involved in the accident. No information was provided regarding the prevailing weather conditions at the time that the accident occurred.

Wisconsin bicyclist dies after driver crashes into him head-on

The promise of the upcoming fall weather in Wisconsin is appealing to many of the state’s bicyclists. There is nothing quite like going for a ride on a bike to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage Wisconsin has to offer. During this time, it is especially important for motorists to be aware of bicyclists and realize that they have just as much right to use the roads as automobile drivers do. Sharing the road responsibly can ensure that everyone is safe and that pedestrian accidents are minimized.

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