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November 2013 Archives

Wisconsin included in recall of 80,000 Kia vans

Wisconsin is one of the states targeted in a recent announcement by automaker Kia stating that the company would be recalling almost 80,000 of its Sedona minivans. The vehicles from model years 2006 to 2012 are at risk of possible steering failure that could lead to a car accident, according to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The problem is in the potential for the minivan's front control arms to rust and break, which would result in a loss of control for the driver.

Latest SSDI statistics put Wisconsin in the middle of the pack

Each year, the Social Security Administration releases a detailed statistical report on who receives Social Security disability benefits, how many people applied and how many were approved, the average monthly benefits paid and other information for Congress. As part of that, the agency provides information on the percentage of the total population in each state receiving those benefits.

Truck driver charged in accident that killed police officer

Because driving a semi-truck in Lacrosse, Wisconsin is an entirely different ballgame than driving a regular sized vehicle, truck drivers must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in order to do so legally. Before obtaining a CDL, applicants must pass a medical examination, take and pass a written test and take and pass a skills test meant to assess the driver’s ability to control the truck and knowledge of how to properly inspect the vehicle. This process is set in place in order to ensure that truck drivers are properly trained and can operate a tractor trailer in as safe a manner as possible.

OSHA: $400,000 fines after wall collapsed in work accident

Workers and employers in Wisconsin may be interested in the rulings of OSHA regarding a failed demolition of a building in another state. This work accident happened in June. Federal officials completed their investigations and finalized the citations on Thursday, Nov. 14.

Millions of vehicles recalled by Volkswagen and 3 other companies

Wisconsin vehicle owners might with to know that approximately 2.6 million Volkswagen vehicles are being recalled for repairing the drive-system and other electronic flaws. This recall is in addition to other November recalls by Mitsubishi Motors Corp., Toyota Motor Corp. and Chrysler Group. All of these recalls are disclosing the many negative aspects of the addition of advanced technology that has become increasingly sophisticated in newer model vehicles.

Accident leaves Wisconsin pedestrian in critical condition

Drivers in Lacrosse, Wisconsin need to be aware and on the lookout for pedestrians. In many instances, pedestrians may have the right of way when walking across the street in a crosswalk. Of course, pedestrians need to be smart about their own safety too; just because they may have the right of way does not mean that it is safe or prudent to dart out in front of an approaching car without any warning.

Wisconsin radio personality injured in accident

The well-known voice of Marquette University basketball and local Milwaukee radio personality suffered a serious head injury in a car accident on Nov. 13. Milwaukee police stated that the radio host's Toyota Corolla was eastbound on W. Hampton Avenue and proceeded through the intersection of W. Fond du Lac Avenue with a green light at around 10 a.m. A Cadillac that had been traveling southeast on W. Fond du Lac ran the red light and hit the Corolla.

Car collides with semi-truck, injuring 2 in Wisconsin

Generally speaking, when a regular-sized passenger car goes up against a semi-truck in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, the car usually is the one that receives the most damage. Depending on the type of crash, occupants of the car are often severely injured. This is why it is so important for drivers to be aware of tractor trailers and give them plenty of room on the roadways.

Deaths from hit-and-run accidents increasing

With hit-and-run accidents on the rise in Wisconsin and across the nation, lawmakers are looking for ways to stem the tide of the problem and the accompanying fatalities. For example, in Los Angeles during a recent 12-month period, nearly 50 percent of all the car accidents in the city were hit-and-run wrecks. LA Weekly indicated that 20,000 hit-and-run accidents happen in the city annually and 4,000 of those result in injury or death.

Roofing company cited by OSHA for fatal work accident

It is crucial for construction companies in Wisconsin and other states to be aware of required safety procedures that protect their workers from injuries and death. A work accident may result in substantial fines and penalties, should your company be found lacking in the execution of safety procedures. A fatal fall from a roof recently sparked an investigation by federal safety authorities.

Drive carefully to avoid car accidents on winter roads

With colder temperatures incoming, La Crosse motorists need to prepare themselves for winter conditions; winter driving is more complicated than in the summer. They can start with making sure that their vehicles are in good operating condition, since being stranded on the highway because of a breakdown when it's snowing and freezing outside can be dangerous.

For SSI beneficiaries, food stamp cuts cancel out COLA increases

As we discussed on this blog on Nov. 1, the Social Security Administration announced a cost of living adjustment, or COLA, for 2014. That means that Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries can expect a 1.5-percent increase in benefits starting on Dec. 31, 2013. For a single person receiving $710 in monthly SSI benefits now, his or her 2014 monthly check would be $721. For a married couple where both spouses receive SSI, however, the increase is only $16 per household.

Audi issues recalls for shattering sunroofs

Wisconsin owners of Audi vehicles might become worried when they hear that German car maker has issued a recall on some of its vehicles after they received reports from consumers of their sunroofs unexpectedly shattering. The recalls affect 2013 and 2014 A8 premium luxury sedans as well as the S8 versions, approximately 1,120 vehicles in total.

Wisconsin mine could cause asbestos-like work injury

When iron mine employees are working, they are encapsulated with heavy equipment and efficient air filtration systems. In mines where rocks are crushed with heavy machinery, the machines are also encapsulated and provided with air filtration. If safety measures fail, workers can have contaminated residue on their face, clothing and skin -- potentially causing work injury and illness. A proposed new Wisconsin mine could cause asbestos-like work injury if proper measures are not taken prior to opening its operation.

2-car collision results in multiple injuries in Wisconsin

When a vehicle travels too closely behind another, it is known as tailgating. Tailgating can be a very dangerous driving habit; in fact crashes in Wisconsin are commonly attributed to it. Because of this, Wisconsin authorities do not take kindly to those who they catch tailgating and have the right to issue citations. The law states that the driver of an automobile must not follow another car too closely, taking into consideration the speed and traffic conditions on the road. You just never know when the driver in front of you may have to slam on his brakes to avoid a collision. If you are following too closely, you likely will not have time to stop.

Little girl's progress with cerebral palsy highlighted in report

More than two out of every 1,000 babies are reportedly diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which can limit a person's movement and motor coordination to various degrees, depending on the individual case. Often people living with cerebral palsy are unable to work, and Supplemental Security Income is necessary to help families cover the cost of their loved one's basic needs and medical care.

Alcohol involved in fatal boating accident

A Wisconsin man was killed in a boat crash involving an allegedly intoxicated boat operator. The man who was operating the boat received multiple charges, including homicide by negligent use of a vehicle. After the fatal crash, the boat operator was said to have had a blood-alcohol level of .114 percent. According to reports, the three men on the boat were engaged in a trip that they took on a weekly basis.

2014 COLA will increase Supplemental Security Income benefits

The Social Security Administration’s scheduled announcement on whether there would be any cost of living adjustment, or COLA, in 2014 was delayed by the government shutdown, but it has finally arrived. There will indeed be a COLA, effective Dec. 31, which will increase benefits for our nation’s 8 million Supplemental Security Income recipients -- of 1.5 percent. At the beginning of this year, a COLA of 1.7 percent went into effect.

Autonomous cars could transform driving

While no laws have been passed in Wisconsin for the regulation and licensing of autonomous cars, they are already being tested in several states. According to government research, about 90 percent of crashes are caused by driver error, with about 40 percent of fatal crashes caused by such things as intoxication and fatigue. Because computers are immune to such circumstances, increasing the number of autonomous cars on the road is expected to reduce the number of traffic fatalities and their related expenses.

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