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January 2014 Archives

SSA statistics: mental conditions the basis for many SSD claims

According to the most recent statistics from the Social Security Administration, 10,088,739 people in the U.S. received Social Security disability benefits in 2012. Of those, more than 3.5 million -- 35.5 percent -- were receiving those benefits for a qualifying mental disability, which includes a wide range of diagnoses from clinical depression and schizophrenia to intellectual disabilities and autism-spectrum disorders.

Wisconsin manufacturer violates law, could cause work injury

Manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin are required to adhere to certain laws and regulations for the safety of the public and to help protect any employee from a work injury. A worker who inhales or comes into contact with a highly dangerous chemical may be given limited information regarding his or her potential workers' compensation benefits. When a company is responsible for failing to protect an employee from a work injury, it may be responsible for extensive compensation benefits to the injured worker.

25 medical conditions have been added to Compassionate Allowances

When someone has an acute medical condition or disease -- especially a life-threatening one -- that is so serious and disabling that it virtually always qualifies for Social Security disability benefits, it's outrageous for that person to be subjected to administrative waiting periods, adversarial proceedings and backlogs. The Social Security Administration agrees. In fact, it holds itself obligated to provide benefits quickly when an applicant's condition obviously meets the SSA's statutory disability standards.

Man's shoe at the center of debate in fatal car accident

A 45-year-old man accused of drunk driving and causing a wreck that killed two is currently on trial for felony criminal vehicular homicide. The car accident happened in Minnesota on Feb. 25, 2012, and the subsequent wreckage has been a key point of the trial.

Wisconsin construction worker loses life in work accident

Construction workers who operate at great heights face a number of risks while at work. When safety and training fail to prevent a fall or severe work accident, the consequences can be permanent and life-altering. Recently, a Wisconsin construction worker fell in a work accident while at a build site and lost his life.

ACA provides coverage for those on Social Security disability

One of the main points in the debate over the Affordable Care Act was the potential for cost savings in the healthcare system. Among a host of proposals was the observation that many people without insurance end up in emergency rooms -- the most costly place to get treatment. Moreover, with preventive care and routine treatment of chronic diseases, most of these folks would never need emergency intervention. Ensuring that people have access to basic care, therefore, actually turns out to be much less expensive than letting them go without.

1 dead after drunk driver causes accident

The penalty for drinking and driving in Wisconsin can be a stiff one, especially if the drunk driver causes an accident. Despite the risks of hurting innocent people and going to jail, all too often drunk drivers don’t think it will happen to them and that they are okay to drive. Since alcohol can impair your decision making skills, it is important to have a designated driver before you begin drinking so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Fire caused when intoxicated driver slams into townhomes

Not everyone who is involved in a car accident in in Lacrosse, Wisconsin is inside a vehicle. Many times those who are walking along or across the roadway may become victims of a negligent driver. Even those who are inside buildings aren’t completely safe from reckless drivers.

Large recall issued by Land Rover

Wisconsin owners of certain Land Rovers might want to take precautions. Land Rover has issued a recall in order to minimize the injuries that a person suffers in case they are involved in a car accident in certain vehicles.

Wisconsin girl, 14, dreams of dancing despite disease

The parents of a Wisconsin teenager were told that she might not make it to her second birthday because of a debilitating disease called spinal muscular atrophy. However, the young woman's mother said the now 14-year-old was far too determined to give up. Now, the teen is determined that a cure for her disease will be discovered soon, and she has her sights set on ballet dancing one day.

Both drivers killed in Wisconsin head-on collision

There are a variety of different types of automobile collisions that occur in Wisconsin. These include side impacts, rear-end collisions and colliding with an object at the side of the road. However the type of collision that tends to be the most deadly is a head-on collision. This is because both cars’ have energy that is leveled full-force on the vehicles and passengers inside. In other types of accidents, only part of this energy is felt.

Wisconsin company fined for work injury violations

An industrial worker who suffers from a severe injury while on the job may experience extreme pain and suffering both physically and mentally. A Wisconsin iron works company recently received a total of $119,000 in citations from OSHA for safety violations when a work injury brought attention to unsafe conditions. The maintenance supervisor who suffered the work injury was additionally exposed to potential electrocution, flash hazards and arc blasts, as were any other employees in the vicinity.

Man hit by truck while retrieving luggage

After leaving his vehicle to retrieve something in the road, a 19-year-old man suffered a life-threatening head injury in Rock County, Wisconsin on Jan. 1. According to the State Patrol, the Georgia man was driving north along the Interstate 39-90 when he stopped his vehicle along the shoulder of the road. He then stepped out of his vehicle to pick up what is being described as some type of luggage or bag that was in the road.

New rule to enrich Medicaid home care for those with disabilities

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has just announced a long-awaited rule meant to improve community and home-based services for Medicaid recipients with disabilities. The rule, which is expected to be published in the Federal Register this week, not only clarifies what constitutes an acceptable community-based or home setting for all those with disabilities but also marks an important change in perspective on how people deserve to be treated.

Study finds car accident risk varies with different phone tasks

Young Wisconsin drivers might not be in as much danger from talking on a cell phone while driving than when preparing to make the call, according to a new study. Research from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute reported that cell activities that require drivers to remove their eyes from the road raise the risk of an auto accident. This included texting, dialing and just reaching for a phone. Surprisingly, the study showed that merely talking on a cell phone did not increase the danger of a crash; however, some faulted the report for not making a distinction between talking on a handheld device and using hands-free technology.

Small Wisconsin farms and their risk of work injury

A Wisconsin farm employee can face a wide range of dangerous situations that have the potential to lead to work injury on a daily basis. A worker who has experienced a work injury on a small farm may question the safety of their environment and seek professional help in collecting workers' compensation . Laws passed by Congress allow Wisconsin farms with less than 10 employees to remain exempt from inspections executed by OSHA, prohibiting certain regulations by the agency.

Dangers of distracted teen driving

Teen drivers in Wisconsin and across the nation start off with the best of intentions regarding focused driving habits, but they quickly end up involved in other tasks when behind the wheel, according to a report released by The New England Journal of Medicine on Dec. 31. While experienced drivers can manage eating or talking, those tasks can prove challenging for new drivers. However, cell phone dialing can raise the likelihood of a car accident no matter the driver's age.

Drunk driver hits and kills 15-year-old student

When a person chooses to drink and drive in Wisconsin, innocent lives can hang in the balance. Those who drive intoxicated often think they are not too drunk to drive and operate under the delusion that they are invincible. This can be a dangerous and often deadly assumption.

61-year-old bicyclist fatally wounded in car crash

A 20-year-old Wisconsin man is reportedly under investigation for a felony hit and run, which fatally wounded a 61-year-old man on a bicycle. According to investigators, the 20-year-old driver was on the phone with his girlfriend en route to picking her up when the crash occurred in the early hours of Nov. 9. Reports indicate the motorist's girlfriend informed police officers of the incident one week later. She stated that the driver picked her up from her home and told her they needed to get to his residence immediately because he had hit somebody with his father's red truck and wanted to avoid police involvement. According to the accused, the 61-year-old bicyclist was still moving when the 20-year-old man drove away.

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