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February 2014 Archives

Wide variances can occur in SSD processing times

A recent media investigation into how disability claims are handled at a particular Social Security Administration office in Western New York is revealing on a number of counts. We think that some of the details might be interesting to readers in Wisconsin and elsewhere, and thus pass them along.

Construction workers fall, suffer severe work injury

Falling from heights can be a terrifying experience for an employee and cause severe or fatal work injury. Many victims do not escape the accident unharmed and those who survive may battle ongoing injuries or permanent disability. Wisconsin construction employees who have experienced work injury by a fall from heights while at work may require workers' compensation benefits to make ends meet and maintain financial security during their recovery.

Wisconsin hit-and-run driver charged in pedestrian accident

It’s hard to imagine causing a car accident and then leaving the scene without checking to make sure the occupants of the other vehicle are okay. Yet sadly there are those who engage in this kind of behavior. In the state of Wisconsin, it is considered a crime to leave the scene of a car accident in which you were involved. In addition, if someone was injured in the accident and the person who caused it leaves, he or she could be sentenced to jail.

Storm blamed for multiple car accidents in Wisconsin

With the snow and ice that accompany Wisconsin’s winters, the roadways can become potentially deadly places. This is why it is so important for drivers to be aware of the conditions and adjust their speed accordingly. Obviously if the road is wet, icy or snow packed it is smart to slow down and proceed with caution, particularly when attempting to navigate turns or pass other vehicles.

Fatal industrial work accident investigation

Losing a loved one to a fatal work accident can be difficult for a Wisconsin family to work through. When an accident is the potential result of negligence on part of an employer, an investigation can be opened and enforcement actions taken. An industrial work accident investigated by OSHA can take up to six months to complete.

Are the unemployed defrauding SSD program? Researchers say no way.

Here is undoubtedly what critics of programs pursuant to which government benefits are distributed to select individuals wanted to see from recent university research findings: a misuse of the Social Security Disability program by people no longer able to collect jobless benefits.

Families awarded millions for fatal work accident

Losing a loved one to a work accident can be devastating and confusing, especially when the loved one is a teenager. A Wisconsin jury recently made the decision to compensate two families with a multi-million dollar award and provide restitution for another worker involved in a fatal work accident. Both families of the teen boys received $8 million and the surviving victim was awarded $875,000 for damages.

Drunk driver accepts plea deal after causing fatal accident

It is scary to think that even if you follow all the rules of the road and are a safe and cautious driver in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, you are still at risk for being involved in a car accident. This is due to the fact that no matter how safe a driver you are, you still share the road with other motorists who may not take their driving responsibilities as seriously as you do. There are numerous drivers who operate their vehicles while distracted or after they have drank alcohol or are otherwise impaired.

Report: Traumatic brain injuries increase risk of PTSD

Suffering from a mental illness can be devastating. In many cases, people are not born with these conditions, so their entire world can be turned upside down when they are diagnosed. You may have lived on your own for years, working at a steady job and taking care of yourself before a traumatic event or injury triggers a mental response. 

Icy conditions may have contributed to fatal crash

Driving in Wisconsin during the winter can present a whole slew of challenges. Ice is a big one of these and has the potential of creating dangerous roadway conditions, especially on bridges. This is because bridges tend to ice over much more quickly than roads. Ice forms on bridges for a couple of reasons. The first is that cold air circulates around all sides of the bridge, so that heat is lost on all sides. On a road, the ground underneath it keeps it insulated for longer. The second reason is that a majority of bridges are constructed of materials like steel and concrete that conduct heat well and therefore the heat moves away from the bridge to the surface where it is lost.

Wisconsin work injury inflicted by resident at state facility

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration found that a resident home facility failed to protect workers from hazardous conditions associated with workplace violence involving a mentally ill resident, which resulted in work injury. The home is managed by an overseeing firm contracted by the Wisconsin Family Care Program. An employee that suffers a work injury from a physical altercation with a resident may be able to obtain rightful compensation for work damages.

UW-Madison employee killed in accident with delivery truck

Although there may not be as many pedestrians walking across the streets in Wisconsin in the cold winter months as there are when there are warmer temperatures, automobile drivers still need to keep an eye out and be aware of their presence. Failing to do so could lead to serious injuries and even death, consequences that no driver wants to have on his or her conscious.

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