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March 2014 Archives

Weather may have contributed to a 2-vehicle crash in Wisconsin

The weather here in Lacrosse, Wisconsin can wreak havoc on our roadways and make driving a potentially dangerous and even lethal activity. Snow and ice can cause vehicles to slide, particularly if they are negotiating a curve or attempting to stop. Water that pools on the roadway from heavy rains can pose a hydroplaning danger. Drivers who are traveling in these conditions need to be extra vigilant and slow down in order to negotiate the roads safely.

Workers' compensation may help Wisconsin glass employee

Workers' compensation in Wisconsin is meant to provide financial support to victims of workplace injuries who may need the additional help. Severe injuries often come with hefty medical expenses which workers' compensation can assist with. A glass company employee recently suffered a severe injury to his neck while on the job, requiring extensive and immediate emergency medical treatment.

Proposal requiring more medical information in SSDI applications

It seems we can expect the Social Security Administration to tighten rules concerning those applying for Social Security disability benefits.  The SSA has proposed that applicants provide relevant medical information to authorities.  It appears that such requires will even apply to applicants that are not able to work.

Drunken driving accidents often caused by first time offenders

In the state of Wisconsin, when a person is convicted for the first time of OWI, he or she does not have any criminal liability. Yet according to a new report released by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), most deaths that occur from drunk driving accidents are caused by intoxicated drivers who have never been convicted of OWI. In addition, the group says that it is estimated that before a driver is ever convicted of OWI, he or she has driven while intoxicated at least 80 times.

Wisconsin work injury caused from chlorine gas exposure

Wisconsin employers are required by law to provide the safest possible working conditions to their employees and follow state mandated guidelines to minimize work injury. When regulations are ignored or intentionally violated, employees can suffer work injury that is irreversible and damaging. A worker who is hurt due to the negligence of their employer may feel anger and injustice as they try to understand workers' compensation and the benefits they may be entitled to.

Semi-truck and pickup collide in Wisconsin

With the amount of semi-trucks on the roadways of Wisconsin, motorists need to be aware of them and consider the unique challenges they face. Semis often carry heavy loads that required the truck driver to begin slowing down early in order to make a complete stop in time. When a car pulls out in front of a semi, the truck driver typically cannot just slam on his or her brakes and stop on a dime. This type of scenario can lead to serious injuries, and oftentimes even death. There have been a number of these types of truck accidents because motorists fail to pay attention to the roadway around them.

Wisconsin work injury costs employee his foot

Reports reveal that employees who work in the construction industry or drive trucks number among those who most often suffer work injury through object impact. Wisconsin employees are protected through state mandate, which is meant to ensure that they are provided safe work environments and proper training within their industry. When an employer fails to adequately provide safety and training to its workers, there is potential not only for work injury but strict consequences for the company.

Advocates seek legislative change to SSI rules, limits

Is there a federal program that can assist persons with mental or physical disabilities who do not quality for Social Security Disability benefits owing to an inability to sufficiently pay into the Social Security system through payroll taxes?

Wisconsin concrete employee suffers fatal work injuries

Precast concrete forms are created to build highways, buildings, sewage systems and a number of other large necessary projects. Concrete can be heavy and dangerous when safety precautions are not adhered to, sometimes resulting in fatal work injuries. One employee of a Wisconsin concrete company recently lost his life in such an accident.

SSA announces expanded screening program for representative payees

Many of our readers in Wisconsin and elsewhere might vividly remember the so-called “dungeon case” that emerged with all requisite horror in late 2011. A number of people were subsequently charged with nearly 200 criminal counts deriving from their treatment of several mentally disabled people.

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