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April 2014 Archives

Wisconsin traffic fatalities down last month

Although automobiles are a typically safe way to travel in Wisconsin, accidents do occur. They may be caused by negligent or distracted drivers, intoxicated drivers, bad road conditions or a number of other factors. When car accidents happen, there is the potential for serious injuries and death.

Wisconsin employer ordered to pay for work injury situation

Being hurt at work can be difficult for a new employee and may be confusing when the employer exercises retaliation for the reporting of an injury. A Wisconsin railway company was recently ordered to pay just over $352,000 in restitution to a former employee for a work injury situation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration demanded that the railway employer provide rightful compensation to the employee who had been terminated after suffering a work injury.

The SSD Compassionate Allowances program: What is it?

A great many people who file for government disability benefits arguably cannot wait. That is, they have a truly debilitating mental condition or physical illness or injury for which they require immediate help. Put another way, any delay in eligibility confirmation and approval of benefits works an extreme hardship on them, as well as the caregivers who often make great sacrifices to step in and help them.

Wisconsin officer suffers work injury resulting in amputation

Wisconsin police officers are constantly in danger and at risk for work injury as they execute their necessary duties. An accident that causes permanent disability may require ongoing financial assistance to help alleviate medical expenses and wages that may have been lost while away from work. A Wisconsin state trooper recently had a portion of his right leg amputated following a devastating work injury that risked his life.

Wisconsin foundry's apparent negligence could cause work injury

Employees who are exposed to respiratory toxins could suffer serious or fatal work injury. A Wisconsin iron foundry recently received three citations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for violations that could have caused work injury to a number of employees. The employer has been fined $50,600 and had previously been cited for a violation similar in nature to this in the past two years by the federal agency.

1 dead after collision with police car in Wisconsin

It is the law in Wisconsin for motorists to yield to emergency vehicles. When motorists hear the sound of a siren or see flashing lights of an emergency vehicle approaching, they are required to pull over to the right and stop. In instances where there is no room to stop, motorists should slow down as much as possible. In turn, emergency vehicle drivers should keep an eye out for motorists and operate their vehicle in as safe a manner as possible to avoid causing an accident.

64-year-old pedestrian hit and killed by pickup truck

When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle on the streets of Wisconsin, serious injuries and oftentimes death can occur. Pedestrian accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, but when a person is walking across the street in a designated crosswalk and a driver hits the pedestrian, that driver may be held liable for the accident and may face charges.

Wisconsin legislation could affect work injury compensation

Mesothelioma is a very dangerous and often fatal form of cancer in the lungs that can be developed from asbestos exposure, and can take many years to develop and surface into a work injury. Asbestos was a common compound found in military equipment, living quarters, vehicles and a number of factories in the past, and was a substance many mechanics were exposed to while working. A Wisconsin worker who suffered a work injury in the form of cancer from exposure to asbestos may choose to pursue compensation from the responsible party.

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