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June 2014 Archives

Motorcyclists face criminal charges for accident

When a motorist causes an automobile accident in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, the law states that the motorist must stop and check on the other people involved in the crash. It is also necessary for those who are involved in the accident to stay on the scene and wait until authorities arrive. Failing to do so can constitute a hit-and-run and land the person who flees the scene in hot water with the law.

Wisconsin man sentenced to two years for drunk driving accident

Operating an automobile after drinking can have devastating effects not only to the drunk driver, but all those with whom he or she shares the road. This is why authorities in Lacrosse, Wisconsin are so concerned with cracking down on drunk driving.

New study analyzes fear of termination after work injury

The thought of losing a job can be an overwhelming fear for the victim of a work injury. A new study may have found a connection between anxiety of termination and the length of time a person needs to recover from a work injury. Wisconsin laws and regulations exist to help protect workers from potential employer retaliation and give a person the time and care they need to heal before returning to the workplace.

Group preserves disability stories in lead-up to 25 years of ADA

We've often written about the misconceptions that continue to swirl around Social Security Disability and disabilities in general. What we hear from too many politically motivated talking heads is that SSD is social welfare rather than social insurance. That's insurance, whereby workers' payroll taxes go into the system in order to provide coverage in the event of a disabling injury or illness.

Wisconsin plant's safety hazards could lead to work injuries

An ingredient manufacturer in Wisconsin was recently cited for extensive violations regarding health and safety regulations that could lead to severe work injuries. The company faces a fine for $449,680 for the dangerous conditions and hazardous practices discovered. An employee that is exposed to certain chemicals used by the plant could suffer extensive and painful work injuries.

Truck driver charged with vehicular homicide after fatal accident

Because truck drivers in Wisconsin spend a great deal of time on the road, it can be easy for them to become complacent about their driving and not pay as much attention as they should. In an effort to get a load delivered on time, truckers may push their limits and try to drive for an extended period of time, often times going without sleep. Because this can be so dangerous, federal laws have been put into place that dictate that drivers cannot drive more than 11 hours on any one shift.

Family of pedestrian killed by city truck files legal claim

When a pedestrian is struck by a car in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, the consequences can be serious, and sometimes even deadly. The severity of injuries sustained can vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the speed at which it was traveling.

Wisconsin training program could reduce work accident risk

Employers are often faced with the challenge of keeping their employees safe. A work accident can not only leave an employer with an injured worker, but can reduce overall productivity and affect company morale. It is in the best interests of both a company and its employees to take every measure to increase safety. Here in Wisconsin, one construction company is hoping to do just that by properly training prospective employees before they are even on the job.

Motorcyclist dies after colliding with tractor

With summer right around the corner, farming season in Wisconsin is in full swing. This means that drivers need to be aware of the potential for farm machinery to be out on the road. It is completely legal for farming machines to be on public roads, however certain restrictions apply. For example, machines that travel slower than 25 miles per hour are required to have an orange triangle or SMV emblem displayed on the back. This warns faster moving vehicles that they are approaching a vehicle that is moving slow so they can adjust their speed in time to accommodate the slower moving vehicle. It is also important to remember that tractors and other farm machinery do not handle the same way that automobiles do when turning, slowing down or speeding up.

Chemical exposure and workers' compensation in Wisconsin

Working in a manufacturing environment where chemicals are present creates a certain risk of a work accident and increases the potential need for workers' compensation. An employee that is wounded by chemical exposure and poor safety enforcement while on the job may have questions about filing for workers' compensation insurance benefits. A Wisconsin paper manufacturing facility recently received citations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for its purported inability to protect employees from sulfur dioxide chemical exposure.

Looking historically at the Social Security Disability program

Although we are lawyers and not history teachers, we specialize in an important area of the law with deep historical underpinnings that provides for programs serving as lifelines to disabled people and children in lower-income homes. That history is fascinating, and we think that many our readers in Wisconsin and elsewhere might be interested in noting some of the notable developments that have occurred in our area of practice.

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