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July 2014 Archives

Wisconsin Supreme Court approves mandatory 3-year sentences for chronic DUI offenders

When Wisconsin drivers drive while intoxicated, they are often punished severely. Unfortunately, some drivers do not learn from their previous mistakes and become chronic offenders, which increases the likelihood that they will cause an auto accident in the future. Recent legislation, however, requires that all chronic drunk drivers receive prison sentences of at least three years, excluding supervised probation.

Truck driver pleads guilty in crash that killed 2, injured 6

Because of the unique driving abilities and the differences in handling a semi-truck compared to a regular sized passenger vehicle, truck drivers are required by law in Wisconsin to obtain a commercial driver’s license. In order to get one, drivers must undergo specialized training and testing to ensure that they can safely operate a semi-truck. This is done to help drivers be safer on the roads and reduce the number of truck accidents.

Does distracted driving really up the risk of a car accident?

Using a cellphone and engaging in other distracting behaviors while driving has been proven to increase the risk of a car accident in various studies throughout recent years.

Work injuries take the life of a construction worker

Multi-story construction sites can be hazardous and require additional safety precautions. When a Wisconsin employee falls from heights while on the job, they may suffer work injuries or death and require workers’ compensation benefits. Recently a young man lost his life as a result of work injuries incurred during a fall while on a construction site.

Family files wrongful death suit against Wisconsin facility

A Wisconsin mental health complex has come under fire after a suit was filed against the facility, staff members and Wisconsin County Mutual insurance. The wrongful death suit claims that a 62-year-old man died at the facility after choking on a sandwich. According to reports, the man had been a patient of at the facility since 1998 and died after eating the sandwich in June 2011. The man had reportedly been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenic anti-social personality disorder and had choked on food multiple times in the past. Because of this, staff members were supposed to monitor the man during meals, and he was also prohibited from eating bread. According to reports, the man got a sandwich out of the trash and started choking when he ate it. The suit claims that the staff did not respond quickly enough because the closest phone was not in working order. The plaintiffs also allege that responders were not given the man's correct location, further delaying treatment.

Work injuries on Wisconsin farms

Those that work in the agricultural industry may well be aware of the risk that certain farm machinery poses to employees. Wisconsin grain bin entrapments are an ongoing problem that continues to cause multiple death and work injuries to farm employees every year. A worker that has suffered serious work injuries from the safety negligence of their employer may want to expose the incident and prevent future damages.

Wisconsin semi accident kills 1

Driving is an everyday activity for most of Wisconsin's residents, and many drivers never give a second thought to what could happen while driving on their usual routes. A life can be changed in a split second, however, as one family found out after a recent accident.

Authorities catch up to Wisconsin hit-and-run driver

It is the law in Wisconsin for those involved in an automobile accident to stop, no matter how small the damage may be. You are required to exchange information with the other driver including your name, address and registration number. If the other driver asks to see your driver’s license, you must comply. If anybody in the other car is injured, you are responsible to get help for him or her. Failing to do these things may constitute a hit and run.

General Motors offers ignition defect settlement plan

General Motors recently outlined a settlement plan to compensate victims of car accidents caused by its ignition switch defects. However, the families of two teen girls from Wisconsin who were killed in a faulty ignition switch-related crash have yet to decide if they will partake in the settlement.

Teen goes left of center, injures 4

A two-car accident in Wisconsin has left five people injured. The incident, which happened around 9:30 p.m. on June 29, involved a 2003 GMC Sonoma and a 2008 Dodge Avenger. According to reports from the Rock County Sheriff's Office, the 17-year-old driver of the Sonoma was headed east on Highway 14 when the vehicle allegedly went left of center and crashed into the Avenger. The Sonoma apparently flipped over and landed in the road, while the Avenger went into a ditch.

Wisconsin work safety and work injury

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration came into existence as a way to monitor safety regulation compliance among employers, helping to ensure workers are protected as best as possible from work injury. When a Wisconsin worker does experience work injury from the irresponsibility of an employer, they may have mixed emotions. Some people may desire to expose the inappropriate environment while receiving their rightful benefits for the damages they suffered.

Daunting yet doable: the SSD process for many claimants

We noted in a recent blog post the periodic revisiting of a claim made by naysayers of the federal government’s disability program that the process is flawed if not irretrievably broken (please see our entry dated June 17, 2014).

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against drunk driver

Driving a motor vehicle in Lacrosse, Wisconsin comes with a lot of responsibility and is not something that should be taken lightly. In order to operate a car in a safe manner, people must have their faculties about them. Because alcohol and drugs can interfere with a person’s reaction time and ability to think clearly, drivers must avoid them in order to operate a vehicle in a safe manner.

Applying for SSDI based on bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness which, according to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, affects roughly 5.7 million Americans adults. Bipolar disorder comes in a variety of manifestations, one of which involves shifts between episodes of mania and depression and another which involves milder episodes of mania but more severe depression.  No matter what variety of bipolar one suffers with, the condition can be debilitating until adequate treatment is obtained.

Wisconsin work injury fatally injures worker

The machine computer of a crane may not always register the complete weight of a load until it has been completely lifted from the ground. When an inappropriate load weight is attempted or moved, a crane may bend or break, risking serious work injury. Wisconsin construction zones can require additional employer care to avoid work injury and protect workers from harm.

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