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October 2014 Archives

Why are crash test dummies gaining weight?

Crash test dummies are being remodeled to represent the most common drivers and passengers. Essentially, they are gaining weight, just like many ordinary citizens who are struggling with their weight. But when it comes to crash test dummies, what designers may learn in terms of keeping larger drivers (and passengers) safe is crucial.

NHTSA issues stern warning about airbags

Despite the number of recalls initiated in 2014, they are actually a relatively common part of doing business for automakers. In fact, they have a continuing legal duty to conduct recalls when they discover (or should have discovered) dangerous defects that could put consumers in danger. If an automaker fails to notify consumers or initiate a recall, it could be held liable if a driver (or passenger) is injured in a crash caused by the defect.

Car surfing leads to man's death

Car surfing is not for the faint of heart. The notion of riding on the roof or the trunk of a moving car is something that professional stuntmen would practice for a scene in a movie. However, an 18 year-old-man has passed away after a car surfing incident in western Wisconsin.

Pedestrians must be careful after daylight savings time ends

If it feels like the days are getting shorter, it’s not just you. In a little more than two weeks, daylight savings time will end; essentially putting most people in hibernation mode until next March. While it is a sign that winter is coming, it is also a warning that pedestrians may face additional dangers. After all, the time change will mean that more people will be commuting (and more pedestrians walking) while it is dark.  

Why it is important to deal with road rage

You’ve been cut off in traffic. The idiot in front of you now must have seen you. More importantly, they nearly caused an accident. This really upsets you and you feel like giving him or her a piece of your mind. So you jerk the wheel around and try to pull alongside of the culprit and roll down your window to get ready to scream.

GM to start compensating those injured in ignition switch crashes

As the fall driving season begins in earnest, more drivers are likely to be on the roads to take in tours of the fall colors, and to get back and forth from football games across the state. In a prior post we highlighted the potential dangers that drivers may face as the seasons change. In light of the natural hazards that may befall drivers, many believe that there are still many mechanical dangers that are still unaddressed. 

Wal-Mart denies liability, says lack of seatbelts led to injuries

Wal-Mart recently filed an answer to the complaint filed by Tracy Morgan and several other people hurt in the June accident with a truck owned by the retail giant. It claimed that Morgan and his entourage were not wearing their seatbelts, and that this lapse of judgment essentially led to their injuries. In its pleadings, Wal-Mart claimed that if the injured parties were wearing proper safety restraints, their injuries could have been “diminished or minimized.”

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