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Texting while driving crackdown yields more than 900 tickets

In a prior post, we noted that distracted driving is still a problem…even in 2016. Law enforcement agencies apparently see it as an ongoing problem as well. Last week, officers across Minnesota participated in a week long crackdown on texting while driving violations.

According to a report, officers from 300 agencies across the state issued 972 citations. In a few instances, drivers were cited twice for the same infraction on different days. A 17-year-old Elk River driver was ticketed twice in the same day for not putting down his phone while behind the wheel.

Last year’s spring crackdown only yielded 909 tickets. 

Even more troubling, officers actually found more people not wearing their seatbelts than drivers on their phones while driving. While distracted driving is certainly a hazard, not wearing a seatbelt dramatically increases the chance of being seriously injured or killed in an accident.

The story is yet another reminder of the duty to use reasonable care that all Wisconsin drivers have when they are behind the wheel. This means that they must drive as a reasonable person would, and this includes them driving in accord with the speed limit, not using mood altering substances before driving, and most importantly, limiting distractions such as cell phones.

If a driver is involved in an accident, and it is found that he or she was not using reasonable because they were texting or talking on a cell phone, the driver could be held liable for the injuries and property damage suffered.

If you have been involved in an accident with a distracted driver, an experienced personal injury attorney can advise you. 

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