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August 2016 Archives

Cycling suggestions: 5 tips for a fun and safe ride

With the rise in popularity of so-called "Fat bikes," named for the width of their tires and celebrated for their ability to handle virtually any riding surface, cyclists in Wisconsin can now enjoy the freedom to ride on sand, in rain and snow. If you own such a bike, now the shift in seasons will not prevent you from enjoying a quick spin outside. Your ability to disregard seasonal limitations, however, should result in increased awareness of road safety. While the drivers sharing the road with you in the summer may expect to find a peloton crowding country roads, they may not anticipate cyclists on the road in January. Keeping that thought in mind, review these bike safety tips to ensure your ride is exciting for all the right reasons.

Wisconsin law concerning owner accountability for animal bites

It is impossible to know how an animal will act at any given moment. Many pet owners are confident that the animals they own will not harm anyone, only to be disappointed later when a bite occurs. As animal bites often cause severe injuries in Wisconsin and elsewhere, the law allows a monetary judgment to be sought against a party or parties deemed liable in such situations.

Wisconsin family determines grounds for wrongful death lawsuit

There is always risk involved in any type of surgery. However, every patient has the right to reasonably assume that all medical professionals will adhere to the highest levels of accepted safety standards when providing care. Many families have been devastated to learn their loved ones have died due to medical negligence. One such family recently filed a wrongful death claim in Wisconsin after discovering details regarding a tragedy that occurred several years ago.

Options for family members who lose loved ones in truck accidents

Wisconsin highways are often cluttered with traffic and many different types of vehicles. The more vehicles that share the road, the higher the chances are of a collision taking place. Truck accidents, in particular, often have devastating results. One such tragedy recently occurred that ended in two fatalities.

Child's estate awarded $10.7 million for wrongful death

One can only imagine the unspeakable grief of suffering a child's death in an accident that might have been prevented. A court outside Wisconsin recently determined that such was the case concerning a baby who died after suffering serious burns from bathtub water. After a week-long trial, a verdict awarded the substantial monetary judgment to the 18-month old girl's estate, holding the water heater manufacturer liable for her wrongful death.

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