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Social Security Disability for Illness Archives

COPD is affecting my employment. Can SSDI help?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a breathing condition, which often results from a combination of chronic bronchitis and emphysema. A majority of COPD cases are caused by smoking tobacco. However, outsides pollutants may contribute to the condition. Unfortunately, the damage caused to the airway in COPD cases is often irreparable. In most cases, the condition does not respond to treatment.

Daunting yet doable: the SSD process for many claimants

We noted in a recent blog post the periodic revisiting of a claim made by naysayers of the federal government’s disability program that the process is flawed if not irretrievably broken (please see our entry dated June 17, 2014).

SSA adds new conditions to Compassionate Allowances list

The Social Security Administration (SSA) periodically updates a special list of what it deems the most serious disabilities. Any person with a disease or illness that appears on the so-called Compassionate Allowances list (CAL) qualifies to have his or her disability claim expedited, provided that the claimant is eligible to apply for government benefits.

The SSD Compassionate Allowances program: What is it?

A great many people who file for government disability benefits arguably cannot wait. That is, they have a truly debilitating mental condition or physical illness or injury for which they require immediate help. Put another way, any delay in eligibility confirmation and approval of benefits works an extreme hardship on them, as well as the caregivers who often make great sacrifices to step in and help them.

Wide variances can occur in SSD processing times

A recent media investigation into how disability claims are handled at a particular Social Security Administration office in Western New York is revealing on a number of counts. We think that some of the details might be interesting to readers in Wisconsin and elsewhere, and thus pass them along.

25 medical conditions have been added to Compassionate Allowances

When someone has an acute medical condition or disease -- especially a life-threatening one -- that is so serious and disabling that it virtually always qualifies for Social Security disability benefits, it's outrageous for that person to be subjected to administrative waiting periods, adversarial proceedings and backlogs. The Social Security Administration agrees. In fact, it holds itself obligated to provide benefits quickly when an applicant's condition obviously meets the SSA's statutory disability standards.

ACA provides coverage for those on Social Security disability

One of the main points in the debate over the Affordable Care Act was the potential for cost savings in the healthcare system. Among a host of proposals was the observation that many people without insurance end up in emergency rooms -- the most costly place to get treatment. Moreover, with preventive care and routine treatment of chronic diseases, most of these folks would never need emergency intervention. Ensuring that people have access to basic care, therefore, actually turns out to be much less expensive than letting them go without.

Senate proposal would rush SSDI benefits to the terminally ill

Under current Social Security disability law, even when someone qualifies for benefits they don't kick in until the sixth month of the applicant's disability. The purpose of this waiting period is in part to prevent fraud and abuse of the system by people who are only temporarily disabled from work. In the case of many people who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance because they can't work due to a terminal illness, however, that five-month waiting period essentially denies them their benefits while they most need them.

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