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Wisconsin work safety and work injury

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration came into existence as a way to monitor safety regulation compliance among employers, helping to ensure workers are protected as best as possible from work injury. When a Wisconsin worker does experience work injury from the irresponsibility of an employer, they may have mixed emotions. Some people may desire to expose the inappropriate environment while receiving their rightful benefits for the damages they suffered.

Farm safety training could help prevent work injury

When farm safety and emergency care training are not provided to employees, an entire group of people could be at great risk for catastrophic accidents. Experiencing a life threatening work injury while working on a farm could leave an employee with physical and mental disability. A recent emergency rescue and safety program will help to train Wisconsin farm workers to proactively help prevent accidents and work injury.

Wisconsin foundry's apparent negligence could cause work injury

Employees who are exposed to respiratory toxins could suffer serious or fatal work injury. A Wisconsin iron foundry recently received three citations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for violations that could have caused work injury to a number of employees. The employer has been fined $50,600 and had previously been cited for a violation similar in nature to this in the past two years by the federal agency.

Wisconsin legislation could affect work injury compensation

Mesothelioma is a very dangerous and often fatal form of cancer in the lungs that can be developed from asbestos exposure, and can take many years to develop and surface into a work injury. Asbestos was a common compound found in military equipment, living quarters, vehicles and a number of factories in the past, and was a substance many mechanics were exposed to while working. A Wisconsin worker who suffered a work injury in the form of cancer from exposure to asbestos may choose to pursue compensation from the responsible party.

Wisconsin manufacturer violates law, could cause work injury

Manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin are required to adhere to certain laws and regulations for the safety of the public and to help protect any employee from a work injury. A worker who inhales or comes into contact with a highly dangerous chemical may be given limited information regarding his or her potential workers' compensation benefits. When a company is responsible for failing to protect an employee from a work injury, it may be responsible for extensive compensation benefits to the injured worker.

Small Wisconsin farms and their risk of work injury

A Wisconsin farm employee can face a wide range of dangerous situations that have the potential to lead to work injury on a daily basis. A worker who has experienced a work injury on a small farm may question the safety of their environment and seek professional help in collecting workers' compensation . Laws passed by Congress allow Wisconsin farms with less than 10 employees to remain exempt from inspections executed by OSHA, prohibiting certain regulations by the agency.

Wisconsin OSHA regulations could help limit chemical work injury

State and federal regulations regarding human chemical exposure are put in place for the protection of employees and the general public. When a work injury occurs due to an unsafe exposure to toxic vapors, an employee may wish to seek professional help in collecting rightful workers' compensation. A possible change in Wisconsin OSHA regulations could help limit chemical work injury by giving them more freedom to make citations.

OSHA inspections on dairy farms to minimize work injury

A little over a year ago, in response to safety and repeated work injury, Wisconsin dairy farms became subject to unscheduled inspections by OSHA that could occur at any time for any reason. Victims of poor safety on a farm who were hurt while working may find it difficult and confusing to collect compensation benefits from their employer without legal assistance. The ongoing OSHA inspections on dairy farms to minimize work injury have helped with employer accountability and are now being implemented in other states as well.

Serious safety violations could cause work injury: Big Lots Inc.

Although the Big Lots store in Wisconsin has not yet been involved, its stores in four other states have been cited by OSHA. The latest citations included repeat offenses that are regarded as serious by OSHA as some of the violations are recurrences of others cited at branches in other states. Various hazardous conditions that could cause accidents resulting in a work injury were identified once again.

Wisconsin mine could cause asbestos-like work injury

When iron mine employees are working, they are encapsulated with heavy equipment and efficient air filtration systems. In mines where rocks are crushed with heavy machinery, the machines are also encapsulated and provided with air filtration. If safety measures fail, workers can have contaminated residue on their face, clothing and skin -- potentially causing work injury and illness. A proposed new Wisconsin mine could cause asbestos-like work injury if proper measures are not taken prior to opening its operation.

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