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Wrongful death lawsuit could follow hit-and-run accident

In Wisconsin and across the country, car crashes happen every day. Sometimes, things like inclement weather, car trouble and the like are major contributing factors. Most motor vehicle collisions are attributed to negligence on the part of one or more parties. When this results in loss of life, grieving families typically have grounds to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit through the civil justice system.

Wrong-way accidents may result in wrongful death claims

No one goes through life expecting it will be without some sorrow and heartache. However, the wrongful death of a special person may seem like the end of the world for those who mourn, especially when the victim is a member of a small and close-knit family. A Wisconsin family is still in shock following the horrific accident that took the life of their loved one and two of his friends.

Wrongful death case likely after driver abuses prescription drugs

A Milwaukee woman was charged with one count of homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle for an accident that occurred in 2014. She was expected to enter a plea this month. When Wisconsin family members experience the loss of a loved due to the negligent action of another person, as in this incident, they may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit.  

Car accident may lead to wrongful death claim

Losing a loved one in a car accident is tragic. When the accident happens because of possible negligent actions that could have been avoided, surviving family members are understandably devastated. Survivors may experience both emotional and financial losses. When negligence is suspected to have caused the losses, a wrongful death claim may be pursued. This situation recently occurred in a car accident in Wisconsin.

Potential of wrongful death case after fatal multi-vehicle crash

If a driver causes an accident, it may be proven that he or she exhibited negligent behavior. Unfortunately, this negligence may result in the death of someone involved in the accident. In these cases, survivors often pursue wrongful death claims to help them offset costs and other damages they have incurred. However, what happens if the driver who caused the accident dies as well? A Wisconsin family recently experienced this situation.

Wrongful death possible after crash with controlled substance use

Losing a loved one in an automobile accident is a traumatic experience. When the accident is caused by someone under the influence of an illegal substance, it becomes even more distressing for the surviving family members. A Wisconsin man was recently found guilty of vehicular homicide with a detectable amount of marijuana in his system. It was not reported whether wrongful death litigation has been pursued in civil court. 

Wisconsin crash could lead to wrongful death claim

A Wisconsin car accident may lead to devastating results. The likelihood of a tragic outcome is even greater when that car accident involves a head-on collision. A recent crash claimed the life of a passenger when his vehicle was struck by a driver travelling in the wrong lane. The family members of victims in similar accidents often seek information about filing a wrongful death claim.

Similar investigations sometimes lead to wrongful death claims

One can only imagine the horror of seeing a loved one struck down by a motor vehicle while crossing the road. For one mother on her way to church with her young daughter, a tragedy like this changed her life forever. Two people are now facing charges in Wisconsin connected with the incident. In the past, similar investigations have sometimes led to wrongful death claims being filed in civil court.

Wrong-way accidents often lead to wrongful death claims

A tragedy took place recently on a Wisconsin roadway that resulted in several fatalities. One of the people involved in the horrific crash was said to be attempting to elude police at the time. The identities of four fatally injured victims have since been released to the public in the incident, which appears to be a wrongful death situation.

Head-on collisions often signify wrongful death issues

There are many factors that commonly lead to car accidents in Wisconsin. From distracted drivers using texting devices behind the wheel to those who have consumed alcohol in excess of legal limits, one never knows when another motorist will do something to cause a collision. Poor road conditions, obstacles in the road and other issues may also be causal factors when a crash occurs. When two vehicles hit head-on, and a fatality occurs, it is often evidence of a wrongful death situation.

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