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3 Common Reasons Social Security Disability Claims Are Rejected

Social Security disability benefits provide people who have life-limiting medical conditions the resources they need to make ends meet. However, not all claims are approved, which can be frustrating for an individual who is unable to work because of their health. To ensure you have the strongest claim possible, it helps to understand a few of the more common reasons people are denied Social Security disability benefits.

Why a Disability Claim Might Be Denied

1. Insufficient Medical Evidence

The Social Security Administration meticulously reviews every application it receives. It summons an applicant’s medical records to verify the scope and severity of the disability and to confirm the accuracy of the information they submitted.

It might also request that an applicant see a doctor of its choosing to further confirm a diagnosis. If a claimant does not have their disability extensively documented in their medical records or they do not attend the required medical exam, they are often denied benefits.

2. Lack of Qualifying Work Credits

Social Security disability is rewarded based on a system of credit hours a person earns while they are working. When you work and earn a paycheck, money is automatically deducted, and you are paying into the system. Work credits are typically based on how many years you’ve been working and how much you’ve made.

For 2020, a worker must earn $1,410 to earn one work credit. In general, you will need at least 20 accumulated work credits to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and if you don’t have this minimum, claim denial is more likely.

3. Paperwork Errors

Applying for SSDI involves completing and submitting a significant amount of paperwork. The administration needs to see more than just medical records and information about your symptoms; they need detailed descriptions of how your disability interferes with your life and ability to work.

Failing to complete a required piece of paperwork—or even a required portion of the paperwork—without an adequate explanation can result in a denial. Also, there are submission deadlines for all applications, and missing a deadline will often get your claim closed and an automatic rejection rendered.

A Social Security disability attorney will help you avoid the common errors that can lead to claim denial. The team at Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC, is here to help. Since 1982, they have been representing western Wisconsin, the Coulee Region, and the Driftless Area in SSDI, personal and work injury, and wrongful death claims. Call (877) 784-1230 to schedule a consultation, or visit them online to explore their practice areas.