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How common is substance abuse among truckers?

Anyone who drinks alcohol or uses drugs before getting behind the wheel endangers everyone else on the roadway, but when the drivers of commercial trucks do the same, the repercussions can prove even more catastrophic. Because today’s commercial trucks are so heavy and large, they pose a threat to other motorists even under the best of circumstances, but many truckers admit to also abusing substances while on the job, which is hazardous for the entire motoring public.

Just how common is drug and alcohol abuse in the trucking industry?

What can be done to prevent animal bites

Thousands of families across the nation have pets. While walking through a neighborhood or in a store, many people are unable to resist stopping to pet the animals they see as they pass. However, as some Wisconsin residents have experienced, not all pets are as friendly or as trusting as they might appear behind a fence or on a leash. If people are not careful when confronting an animal then it is possible for animal bites to occur. There are, however, steps that people, including pet owners, especially those who own dogs can take to help prevent such accidents from happening.

Those who are passing a confined animal, one in a fence or on a chain, may wish to refrain from approaching it because even though the animal may appear friendly from a distance, it may react very differently up close. In some cases, an animal may begin to chase a person. However, instead of running away, a person should avoid eye contact and stand still until it is safe to slowly move away. If they do choose to approach a strange animal then allowing the animal to sniff them first could help to prevent startling it. Also, if it appears as though the animal is about to attack then a person should attempt to place something between him or herself and the animal. 

Forth of July car accidents result in deaths

The Fourth of July is a day of celebration for people across the nation. Families and friends get together, grill out and shoot fireworks late into the night. Because so many people are traveling throughout the day, the possibility of car accidents occurring often increases. This year, Wisconsin authorities responded to reports of a serious collision around 11:30 p.m. on July 4. 

When authorities arrived on the scene, they discovered that there were two vehicles involved in the crash. The first vehicle, an SUV, was traveling eastbound, and the second vehicle, a sedan, was traveling westbound. Witnesses told police that the eastbound SUV had crossed the center line and was traveling in the westbound lane before colliding head-on with the sedan. 

Injuries may be more likely in multi-car accidents

All vehicle crashes, even minor ones, have the potential to cause injury, and those injuries only become more severe when multiple vehicles or higher speeds are involved. Car accidents involving multiple vehicles may also be more likely to result in the death of one person or more. Last week Wisconsin authorities responded to reports of a multi-vehicle accident that resulted in multiple injuries as well as one fatality. 

This crash occurred on the afternoon of June 24 on State Highway 73. The northbound vehicle crossed the center line and collided head-on with the southbound vehicle. There were a total of four people involved in the crash, two traveling in each car. In addition to the Wisconsin State Patrol, three fire departments, a county EMS, a county sheriff's department and a county coroner responded to the accident. The state patrol technical unit also arrived later in order to reconstruct the crash. 

How to avoid a deadly crash this summer

The summer comes with a lot of celebration. Between fireworks, parades and picnics, you may be spending a lot more time on the road. Before you start out on your next road trip, it is important to review some safety tips.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Independence Day is the deadliest holiday for traffic crashes. While you get ready to have fun this summer, here are some guidelines for avoiding becoming another statistic.

Failure to monitor suicidal teen results in wrongful death suit

People may experience a wide variety of traumatic events. Some may argue that few of these traumatic experiences can compare with rape, especially for a teenager. These victims, no matter what age, are often carefully monitored for signs of self-harm, substance abuse, suicidal tendencies or other mental or physical issues in order to prevent the victims from being harmed further. A wrongful death suit claims that a Wisconsin group home and its staff failed to heed warnings of one resident's suicidal tendencies. 

The victim, a 17-year-old girl, was admitted to the hospital after attempting to hang herself in her closet at that group home. Allegations indicate that a staff member of the home failed to check in on her at regular intervals, as was policy and despite warning signs that the girl might have been suicidal. She had a history of self-harm and was punished earlier that same day for possessing alcohol. That evening the teenage girl went up to her room alone and shut the door, which is forbidden by the group home.

What to know when applying for SSDI benefits

If you have a health or medical condition severe enough to impact your ability to work for the foreseeable future, you may be preparing to apply for Social Security disability insurance from the U.S. Social Security Administration. SSDI benefits may be available to you, depending on certain specifics, such as if you paid into the Social Security system as a working adult, but you do have to go through an application process if you wish to try to obtain them.

Because there is a lot of misinformation surrounding the SSDI benefit system and application process, separating fact from fiction can help you take the right steps to increase the chances of your application getting approved. So, before you formally apply for SSDI benefits, know that:

Fatal car accidents caused by reckless drivers

Many drivers are guilty of passing slow vehicles when they are in a hurry. However, doing this can be dangerous and cause car accidents. Recently Wisconsin authorities responded to a fatal crash that was believed to have been caused by a reckless driver.

County sheriffs received a call about the crash before 10:30 on Friday, June 8. The reports they received indicated that the collision involved two vehicles and that one of them was on fire. EMS, the fire department, and Wisconsin State Patrol all responded to the crash in addition to the local authorities. When the first responders arrived, they saw that the two vehicles involved were a car and a minivan.

Groups of cyclists risk being involved in motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists are often seen traveling in groups. These groups can help to protect the individual motorcycle riders from being hit by other vehicles. However, as many Wisconsin riders may already know, motorcyclists often travel close together and may be at risk of hitting one another. Motorcycle accidents between cyclists can easily cause severe injuries or death.

Two motorcycles, each carrying the driver and one passenger, collided while traveling together on a Wisconsin highway. One of the motorcyclists had slowed down in order to make a turn when the second collided with him. The second driver claimed that he did not see the other driver slow down until it was too late to avoid a collision. 

Serious truck accidents may result in multiple injuries

Parents all across the country watch their children get onto school buses every day. Few wish to consider the possibility that the bus carrying their children might be involved in an accident. However, this nightmare came true for many Wisconsin parents in late May. A semi-truck collided with a school but and caused multiple injuries. Truck accidents involving other vehicles, especially other large vehicles like buses, can be devastating.

The school bus, which was carrying around 30 students of various ages, was pulled over on the side of the road due to mechanical problems. A semi-truck crashed into the back of the bus before continuing on down the road. Authorities later attempted to locate the truck through a series of 911 calls, several of which reported the truck driving erratically. 

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