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Car accidents: 5 injured in chain reaction crash

As with many things in life, one action can set off a chain reaction of events. This is certainly the case when it comes to car accidents. Often, the action of one driver can have far-reaching effects on the other drivers and vehicles on the roads. A chain reaction of crashes recently occurred in an eastern county of Wisconsin.

Sheboygan County police officials report that four vehicles were involved in an incident in the Town of Rhine. Following the accident, numerous citations were given to the drivers involved. In addition, five people sought treatment at nearby hospitals.

Animal bites: Search underway for owner of dog that bit young boy

When someone from Wisconsin or elsewhere around the county is bitten by a rabid animal, they likely have to undergo a series of rabies vaccinations to prevent complications from the disease. If animal bites come from an unfamiliar dog, the victim often still has to receive the shots, though they may be unnecessary. The shots can certainly pose an inconvenience and cause possible pain to the bite victim. While no one relishes the thought of receiving these vaccinations, it is unthinkable that a child may have to suffer through a series of unneeded shots.

Recently, a 5-year-old boy in another state was playing at a local park with his mother. During their visit to the park, a dog attacked the child. The mother indicated that everything happened so quickly and they were caught off guard by the attack.

Car accidents: Mother dead, 3 children injured after crash

Most drivers in Wisconsin and throughout the nation have been guilty of speeding at some point in their lives. In the majority of cases, speeding drivers go undetected by police or are given warnings or tickets. In some instances, speeding can be a contributing factor to car accidents that result in injury or death to drivers or passengers. Recently, speeding was suspected as the cause of a crash that claimed the life of a woman and injured her three children.

Police reports show that a 43-year-old woman was driving her minivan northbound. A pickup truck traveling south hit the minivan after crossing the center line. Neighbors responded to the crash to provide assistance.

Dangers of driving on rural Wisconsin roads

The number of traffic accidents tend to be high in places where traffic is high. However, city streets are not the only dangerous places for drivers. According to federal data, rural roads have a higher rate of fatalities, making them deadlier than urban areas.

What makes rural routes so risky and harmful? Factors ranging from engineering to environment contribute to the danger of country driving.

Animal bites: Know how to prevent and treat dog bites

Dogs are a very popular pets for Wisconsin households and others across the country. In fact, recent data shows that there are over 83 million dogs in more than 56 million homes nationwide. However, almost 90 percent of all animal bites come from dogs, surveys citing around 4.5 million attacks annually.

Despite the staggering numbers, the country's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contend that those figures are underestimated. Officials there believe that, in many instances, bites go unreported. Victims may not see medical professionals for treatment. Experts stress the importance of reporting the incidents and getting proper medical attention.

Rear-end car accident injuries motorists should be aware of

When a vehicle clips or bumps into the car in front of it, the result is a rear-end accident. Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of accidents that occur on the roads in the La Crosse area. There are many ways to prevent them, but sometimes those methods are not enough. 

Because car accidents are the source of major injuries for many motorists, it is imperative for them to learn about the types of injuries they may have to deal with. Here is a brief overview of the three most common injuries that occur in rear-end motor vehicle collisions. 

Car accidents: Amputation required after hit-and-run accident

Hit-and-run drivers leave everyone searching for answers following an accident. While police officers search for the perpetrators involved in these car accidents, victims are left to deal with the emotional trauma, damage to vehicle or even personal physical injuries. A Wisconsin man recently suffered a devastating injury following a hit-and-run incident.

According to Milwaukee police officers, a 71-year-old retiree was walking toward a school one morning. As he crossed a street near an intersection, a car struck him. Reports show that the driver did not stop and kept driving. The impact crushed the man's legs, broke his ribs and elbow and dislocated his shoulder. He also suffered damage to his spine.

3 ways TBI can result from a car accident

Of all the injuries that can result from a car accident, few are as serious as a traumatic brain injury. Symptoms of this ailment are often temporary and possible to overcome, but any TBI case can potentially cause permanent and severe damage. If you have been in a car accident, it is imperative that you get medical attention and ensure that you have not sustained any dangerous head trauma.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents are the leading cause of TBI-related hospitalizations among adolescents and individuals between 15 and 44 years old. There are a few different ways that TBI can occur from a collision, and you should be aware of all of them.

Wisconsin car accidents: 3 dead, 2 injured in head-on collision

Many things can happen on Wisconsin roadways that are used heavily by cars and other types of vehicles. While the majority of them travel safely without incident, accidents still frequently occur. These car accidents can result in damage to vehicles, injuries to drivers or passengers, and even death. A recent head-on accident in Brown County claimed the lives of three people and left two others with serious injuries.

Police officers responded to the accident that occurred on a state highway near the Dyckesville exit. Reports show that a car drove the wrong way onto an off ramp, then got onto the northbound lane of the highway traveling south. The driver, a 38-year-old man from Green Bay, then struck a northbound vehicle.

Animal bites: Woman injured by dog bites receives award in trial

Many dog owners in Wisconsin or other states around the country love to walk their pets in their neighborhoods. For most of the time, they do this without incident. However, a woman in another state suffered multiple animal bites when a neighbor's dog attacked her while she was walking her own dog in 2015.

Reports showed that a 73-year-old woman was walking her dog when she was attacked by another dog belonging to a neighbor. The woman had avoided the dog when she initially spotted it. However, the animal charged at the woman, knocked her down and bit her lower body. She suffered a concussion and other serious injuries. The woman filed a lawsuit against the couple who owned the dog and the wife's parents who own the home near where the accident occurred.

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