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Severe injuries caused by multiple car accidents

Car crashes are often terrifying for those involved as well as for those who witness them. Car accidents involving rolled vehicles can be especially terrifying as well as dangerous. Wisconsin authorities recently responded to a multiple car crash involving a rolled vehicle. When authorities arrived at the scene, they discovered that multiple people had suffered injuries of varying severity.

Three vehicles were involved. Authorities speculate that the accident occurred when one car rear-ended another car whose driver was attempting to turn left at an intersection. This forced the struck car into the path of a third, southbound vehicle. This second collision resulted in one of the vehicles rolling over. 

Motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles may cause injury

Crashes involving heavier vehicles, like pickup trucks, have the potential to cause serious injuries. This may be especially true for accidents involving a heavy vehicle and a light vehicle like a motorcycle. People involved in motorcycle accidents are often particularly vulnerable to injury due to the lack of protection usually provided by the frame of a vehicle. Wisconsin authorities recently responded to a motorcycle accident involving a pickup truck that sent two individuals to the hospital. 

A pickup truck was moving through an intersection when it struck a motorcycle which was also moving through the intersection. The truck had been stopped at a stop sign before it moved into the intersection. Authorities noted that there were no traffic signs or signals for vehicles on the intersection cross street.

Did your car accident cause traumatic brain injury?

Car crashes often result in serious injuries, and in fact, they play a leading role in causing traumatic brain injuries, which can present through a variety of symptoms, and can have many long-term consequences. Because the brain is so complicated, damage to any area can cause a range of impairment in various functions.

Wisconsin law has some important deadlines for filing a personal injury case, so it is wise to begin discussions with your attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

Car accidents involving pedestrians result in injury and death

Speeding is something that many drivers all across the nation are guilty of. This most often occurs on large roadways like highways or interstates rather than in residential areas. However, one 19-year-old Wisconsin resident's decision to speed through a residential area caused a crash that had a serious impact on the driver, his passenger and two pedestrians. As was the case here, car accidents involving pedestrians can result in serious injuries or even death. 

The driver was traveling an estimated 102 miles per hour through a neighborhood where the speed limit is only 30 miles per hour. He had slowed his vehicle to about 80 miles per hour before losing control and striking two elderly pedestrians out walking their dog. The car's passenger told authorities that the driver had swerved in order to avoid hitting other vehicles. 

Wrongful death suit filed against assisted living facility

Many families trust assisted living facilities with the care of their older relatives. However, some of these facilities fail to provide the high-quality care that these individuals need. After the death of their 84-year-old relative, one Wisconsin family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the assisted living center where she had been staying. 

The elderly woman was admitted to the facility two months before her death in Oct. 2017. Records show that she had a habit of wandering outside of her room and attempting to leave the facility. On the evening of her death, the center's staff noted that the patient had attempted to leave the premises several times. The staff claimed that the woman was in her room at 4 a.m., but that they were unable to find her inside four hours later at 8 a.m.

3 telltale signs of a neck injury

When you suffer external injuries such as bruising or lacerations, the visual evidence proves that you have been hurt. It is not so easy to detect injuries to your muscles that may not be immediately visible. This is certainly true if you have suffered injuries in a car accident and do not immediately experience any symptoms. Still, your head, neck and back are particularly vulnerable to being hurt.

Whiplash is a common neck injury that follows physical trauma such as a collision. According to MedicineNet, the cost of this single injury is as high as 30 billion dollars annually in the U.S. If you suspect you may be suffering from whiplash, be on the lookout for the following three symptoms:

Fatal hit and run car accidents

Hit and run crashes are among many drivers' worst nightmares, especially when the crash results in serious injury or death. Car accidents like these are often taken very seriously by authorities, and the search for the suspects can be city, state or even nationwide. Wisconsin authorities are currently searching for two individuals seen fleeing from the scene of a fatal accident in hopes of holding them responsible for their actions.

The two suspects were riding in a stolen SUV at the time of the crash. They were driving at a high rate of speed through a residential area when they ran a stop sign and collided with another car. The smaller vehicle was knocked off of the road and collided with a nearby home. 

Car accidents in poor weather conditions

Wisconsin residents are no strangers to inclement weather. Driver's have likely driven in rain, snow and ice all within the same year. However, sometimes, drivers may not be as careful as they should be during poor weather conditions. Other times, a small mistake may be amplified by the conditions, and car accidents can occur. 

A recent crash between two vehicles occurred one morning on a slush-covered road during a freezing rainstorm. There were a total of five people involved in the crash. One of the vehicles was a van carrying four people, and the other was an SUV. While driving eastbound on the icy road, the van began spinning out of control and crossed the center line. It then collided with a westbound SUV. 

Taking steps to prevent motorcycle accidents during riding season

The weather is improving and Wisconsin residents are pulling their motorcycles out of their garages. Many of these people have not been on their bikes in months and are out of practice. Authorities are encouraging all riders and drivers to take proper precautions in order to prevent motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists are being asked to thoroughly check their bikes before riding. Checking the general condition of the bike can help to prevent many accidents before they occur. This includes checking to make sure that the brakes are functioning properly, the tire pressure is where it should be, and performing other forms of basic maintenance. 

Injuries result from holiday car accidents

Holiday weekends, even for those who do not celebrate the holiday in question, are often plagued with traffic and rushing or distracted drivers. As well as being an annoyance for many drivers, these things can sometimes lead to car accidents, which is surely not the preferred way for anyone to spend their holiday weekend. Unfortunately for a few Wisconsin residents, this is exactly what happened this past Easter Sunday. 

Authorities received a call around 1:30 p.m. reporting a crash involving two vehicles. The report also stated that there were severe injuries caused by the crash. When they arrived on the scene, the police discovered that a pickup truck had been struck by a minivan while the driver was attempting to turn off of the highway and onto another road. The truck rolled over, and the driver was trapped inside.

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