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Car accidents on major roadways can result in serious injuries

Seemingly small mistakes can have devastating results on the road. Highways can be especially risky because of the larger number of vehicles. Car accidents can affect not only the people involved, but they can also heavily influence traffic. Depending on the severity of the accident, roadways may be closed for a few minutes or several hours. Wisconsin authorities closed down a portion of a highway for more than an hour in order to investigate and clean up the scene of a fatal car crash. 

The crash occurred on a Friday afternoon on a Wisconsin highway and involved two small vehicles. A sedan crossed over the center line and collided with another small car. When authorities arrived on the scene, they discovered that there were multiple injuries. Both drivers and two passengers from both vehicles were seriously injured in the accident.

Car accidents are increasing across Wisconsin

Roadways across the state of Wisconsin are more crowded than ever before. With so many vehicles sharing the same roads, car accidents become almost inevitable. Most accidents are fender benders and nothing more than minor inconveniences. However, some accidents can result in very serious injuries, even death.

Recently, a crash in Janesville sent three people to the hospital with serious injuries. The crash occurred during the nighttime hours near a popular intersection. According to reports, an SUV traveling west struck a passenger car that was attempting to make a turn.

How to deal with a road raging motorist

As a motorist, you are probably no stranger to the dangerous conditions that arise from poor road conditions and weather. However, one danger you might not give much thought to involves road raging drivers. Road rage is becoming a common occurrence on the roadways in the La Crosse area and across the country. There is the chance of you encountering it during your commute at some point in your life. 

It does not take much to set off a road raging driver. Usually, it is a careless driving error, such as failing to give the right of way or cutting someone off. Calm motorists do not take other drivers' errors personally. Road raging drivers do and cause serious car accidents and injuries. When they are provoked, there is often no limit to the amount of harm and terror they cause their victims. Here is a brief overview on how to avoid confrontations with road raging drivers.

Animal bites: Who is most likely to be bitten by a dog?

According to statistics, there are around 70 million dogs in this country, with a substantial number of those in Wisconsin. Since dog bites comprise the largest percentage of total animal bites, there is a potential risk for injury since so many homes have dogs in them. In fact, there are around five million dog bites every year. While roughly half of those incidents involve children, experts have analyzed the specifics of the injuries and have offered suggestions on how to avoid them.

Researchers reviewed data gathered from 2007 and 2014 from the National Trauma Data Bank. They discovered almost 8,000 dog bites for individuals 17 years old and younger. The analysis showed that a child's face was bitten in more than half of the incidents, though many injuries were deemed minor. Children 2 years old and under represented 30 percent of the dog bites, while the largest group was made up of children 6 to 12 years old with 34 percent of the bites.

Car accidents more likely when motorists ignore traffic signals

There are thousands of traffic lights at intersections throughout Wisconsin. Drivers rely on them to navigate safely as they travel. Unfortunately, car accidents are likely to occur when motorists ignore the signals at these lights. Milwaukee residents are experiencing recent increases in injuries and fatalities near traffic lights.

In Nov. 2017, a 36-year-old man had a green light as he drove through an intersection. However, another driver who should have stopped at a red light sped through it and hit the man's car. The car caught on fire and several people helped to get the man out of the vehicle. The speeding driver and a passenger fled after the impact. The victim of the crash was transported to the hospital where he later died from injuries suffered in the accident.

Why you should not minimize the seriousness of a car accident

When it comes to motor vehicle collisions in the La Crosse area, you might not understand how much one can change your life. Besides the risk of sustaining bruises, broken bones and whiplash, there is also the likelihood that you may sustain traumatic brain injuries.

When you think of brain injuries, the first thought that might come to mind involves extensive damage that might render you paralyzed. However, many brain injuries that occur in car accidents are not as obvious. Some traumatic brain injuries cause internal trauma that can make it hard for you to return to your previous standard of living. To better understand how a car accident brain injury can impact your life, consider the following information. 

Distracted driving can result in wrongful death lawsuits

Distracted driving has become an increasingly dangerous contributor to deadly accidents on Wisconsin roads and elsewhere around the nation. It may be defined as any activity that takes a motorist's attention away from driving safely. Unfortunately, it only takes a few seconds of distraction before an accident may occur. As the number of fatalities from distracted driving behaviors increase, the number of wrongful death claims is likely to follow.

Safety officials hope to create awareness of the dangers of distracted driving much like the focus drunk driving received years ago. So many drivers text while behind the wheel and this creates an extremely dangerous scenario. Statistics show that it takes roughly 4.5 seconds to send or read a text. If someone is traveling at 55 mph, his or her eyes would be off the road for approximately the length of a football field.

Animal bites: Tips for owners to prevent attacks

Many Wisconsin residents have dogs in their homes or are frequently around them. While most interactions with dogs or other pets are safe and uneventful, some can be catastrophic if animal bites occur. For example, a 72-year-old woman from another state recently lost her arm after being attacked by a dog. The animal care services organization in that area has mounted a campaign to make individuals aware of how to prevent dog attacks.

Laws often state that dogs must be restrained at all times, either in a secure area or on a leash. Animal experts believe that these types of restraints are key to the prevention of attacks. While the laws are very clear, many dog owners are either unaware of them or ignore them. Therefore, the animal care officials believe that bites can be prevented if owners acted more responsibly.

Car accidents: 3 dead following interstate crash

Interstates in Wisconsin are traveled daily by a variety of vehicles. Drivers are on the roadways at every hour of every day, heading to their homes, jobs or other locations. While most travelers reach their destinations safely, car accidents still unfortunately occur. Crashes are not surprising when one vehicle is heading in the wrong direction on a highway. A recent incident involving a wrong-way driver occurred in Manitowoc County that claimed the lives of three people.

Officials report that a 40-year-old man was driving his pickup truck southbound on Interstate 43. His truck then crossed the median and struck a northbound minivan operated by a 62-year-old man. A 33-year-old woman was a passenger in the van. Emergency personnel had to use the Jaws of Life to get all three of the trapped occupants out of the vehicles.

How workers' comp works with Social Security disability

For those who cannot earn a living due to physical or mental restrictions, assistance may be necessary for survival. Thankfully, the government provides programs that help those people get the benefits they need.

Some may question how the programs operate, especially when they qualify for more than one. Workers' compensation actually works well with Social Security disability to aid people in living their lives comfortably.

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