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No Fees Unless We Win

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3 Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

If you’re driving a car and are involved in an accident with a semi, the experience can be frightening. However, follow proper procedure after a crash of this type to protect yourself legally and medically. Here’s what truck accident lawyers recommend doing after a crash.

What to Do After Colliding With a Truck

1. Stay at the Scene

Never flee the scene of an accident. In Wisconsin, you are legally required to stay at the scene, even if there is only vehicle damage to report. If there is significant bodily injury, fleeing the scene could result in felony charges.

If your car is not out of the way of traffic, put on your hazard lights and pull over as soon as it is safe. Call 911 and report the crash. Focus on the most pressing needs first: Check yourself for injuries, and if you’re able to move around safely, check on others involved to see if they’re hurt.

2. Start Keeping Records

With your smartphone, take images of the accident scene. Capture photos and videos of the damage to your vehicle, injuries sustained, and the general environment. If there were witnesses to the crash, ask them for their names and contact information in case their testimony is needed later.

Once the police arrive, they will complete an accident report, so request a copy. This information will be crucial if you need to hire a truck accident lawyer and start building a legal case.

3. Seek Medical Treatment

Make it a priority to receive medical treatment. Even if you or a passenger don’t feel as if you experienced any injuries, receive attention from medical personnel. Many types of injuries don’t immediately exhibit symptoms or pain, and some of these—like traumatic brain injuries—can be quite severe.

Also, seeking medical attention will start the documentation of your injuries, no matter how minor, which can be helpful for your truck accident lawyer in creating a strong and compelling claim for compensation.

After you’ve taken these steps, contact a truck accident lawyer to start exploring your legal options. Since 1982, the legal team at Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC, has been serving western Wisconsin, the Coulee Region, and the Driftless Area. They offer representation in all types of personal injury cases, including accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and wrongful deaths. Call (877) 784-1230 to schedule a free consultation, and visit their website to explore their practice areas.