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No Fees Unless We Win

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How Social Media Can Damage Personal Injury Claims

When you’re filing an accident claim, your personal injury lawyer might ask you to refrain from certain activities during the process. Adverse actions can unfavorably affect your claim; this is especially true of social media usage. Here are a few ways social media posts can be used against you.

4 Reasons to Avoid Social Media During a Personal Injury Case

1. Accident Investigators Will Access Your Accounts

It’s a good practice to review your privacy settings on your social media accounts and to avoid making public posts. Even when you adjust your privacy settings, there are ways for an investigator to access your account. This is commonly done by sending a friend request from a fictitious account or asking an existing friend to give them access.

2. Pictures Could Be Used to Question Your Injuries

Your personal injury lawyer will ask you to avoid uploading pictures to your social media accounts. Even if they’re photos that were taken prior to your accident, an attorney working for the opposing party can use them against you. They can show the pictures to a judge or jury and suggest your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim.

3. Online Statements Are Admissible 

Any statements you make online can be used against you. This includes posts you make about your case as well as comments you make to someone else’s posts. Even jokes can be taken out of context. If the strategy to cast doubt on your claim is successful, a judge may determine that you were partially at fault for your injuries, and that will limit how much you can claim.

4. Statements Made by Others Can Harm You

Friends and relatives may tag you in posts that can indicate your injuries aren’t severe, or that you contributed to the seriousness of the accident. Even something as innocent as tagging you on an event invite may be used to suggest you’re out partying when you should be home recuperating.

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