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No Fees Unless We Win

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What Happens if You Slip & Fall on Government Property?

If you slip and fall while visiting the State Capitol or renewing your driver’s license at your local Department of Motor Vehicles office, you may be entitled to money damages. As experienced personal injury attorneys know, special rules apply when pursuing injury claims that arise from accidents on government property. The information below may help you start the process after suffering an injury.

What Personal Injury Attorneys Want You to Know About Slip & Falls on Government Property

Steps to Prove a Negligence Claim

If you slip and fall on public property, you may have a negligence claim. You must show the owner had a general duty of care to maintain safe premises, knew or should have known of the unsafe condition, and breached their duty of care. Then, you must establish that your injury occurred because of the breach and show monetary damages due to the injury. Photos of the scene, your injuries, medical and police reports, and eyewitness accounts are pieces of evidence that help support your claim.

Private Property Versus Government Property Claims

The time limit for filing a claim is typically much shorter when pursuing damages from a government authority than against a private property owner. Most governments require you to file a notice of claim, and you may have to do it in 30 days or less after your injury. 

Wisconsin Law on Slip and Fall on Government Property

If you slip and fall on government property in Wisconsin, an authority may be liable for damages if it was negligent or violated the state’s Safe Place Statute. This law places a higher duty of care on public property owners. The Wisconsin Court of Appeals has issued conflicting opinions on when a government is immune from suit and liability for injuries under this statute. The best way to protect your right to recover damages is to consult an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

Our personal injury attorneys at Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC keep up with changes in legislation and court decisions that can affect the outcome of slip and fall claims on government property. Our attention to detail has helped us establish a strong record of success in and outside of the courtroom. Bring your claim to a team that will work tirelessly for you. Visit our website to see how we can help you or call (877) 784-1230 to arrange your free consultation.