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What You Need to Know About Jet Ski & Personal Watercraft Lawsuits

A jet ski or other personal watercraft can be a source of endless summertime fun. But as with any type of vehicle, these devices can also be involved in accidents that lead to substantial injuries—which, in turn, can result in lawsuits. Below are some important aspects to know about personal watercraft lawsuits and how a personal injury lawyer will be able to help.


To file a legal claim in a jet ski or watercraft accident, there needs to be compelling evidence that another party caused the injuries or damage for which the victim is seeking compensation. For instance, if a jet ski collides with a pontoon and injures people on the boat, witnesses to the incident may be able to testify that the jet ski was speeding, or the operator was behaving erratically in the moments before the collision.

Injuries alone do not constitute evidence of another party’s negligence or reckless behavior. Photographs of the accident scene and injuries sustained, weather and visibility readings from the time of the incident, and reports of traffic and water conditions at the time can all further support a plaintiff’s claim.


There are several different types of jet ski or personal watercraft accidents. These include:

  • A collision of two jet skis
  • A jet ski hitting a swimmer or water-skier
  • A rider or passenger falling off a jet ski
  • One jet ski colliding with another kind of watercraft or vice versa


An injury from a jet ski or watercraft accident can have a devastating impact on your life, health, and ability to work. If you can prove someone else was at fault, you can seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and costs associated with rehabilitation or ongoing medical care.

A personal injury lawyer will identify the specific aspects of the accident for which you can pursue damages. They will compile evidence to build a strong case in your favor; conduct an investigation into the accident; file all paperwork and legal motions; negotiate with insurers and other parties involved; and, if needed, represent you in court.

The personal injury lawyers at Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC are here to help. For two decades, they have been working together with La Crosse County, WI-area clients to win compensation in accident and injury, workers’ compensation, and Social Security Disability cases. Call (877) 784-1230 or visit them online to schedule a free consultation.