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No Fees Unless We Win

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No Fees Unless We Win

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3 Reasons to Hire an Attorney Before Going to Court

If you’ve been hurt in an accident or involved in a legal dispute, sometimes going to court is the only way to achieve justice. Even if you believe your case is relatively simple, having a qualified attorney represent your interests maximizes the chances of success and helps you achieve an optimal outcome. Below are a few reasons to hire a trial attorney if your case is headed to court.

Why Have a Lawyer for Your Court Case?

1. Maximize Your Recovery

Calculating the full extent of your damages isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve suffered an injury that caused emotional trauma and disrupted your life. Experienced attorneys use their understanding of the law to recover the full amount you deserve, including all of your economic and noneconomic losses. In many cases, the award a lawyer achieves is more than enough to offset the legal fees.

2. Navigate a Complex Legal System

Your case might seem open-and-shut, but the outcome of a trial often depends on the smallest details. Successfully handling a case requires an in-depth understanding of the law, the resources to carefully examine evidence, and the experience to navigate the trial process. Without an attorney, you likely won’t know when to object, how to respond when the other side challenges your evidence, or how to construct a compelling closing argument.

3. Save Money

In many civil suits, the losing side can be held responsible for the other party’s legal fees, which could total tens of thousands of dollars. Not having a lawyer increases the chances of an unfavorable verdict, especially if the other side has a team of attorneys on their side. Depending on the type of case, you could wind up owing money instead of collecting the compensation you deserve.

For over 20 years, the trial attorneys at Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC, have been fighting for the rights of accident victims throughout western Wisconsin, the Coulee Region, and the Driftless Area. With their staff of talented lawyers and resources, they’ve successfully collected over $90 million on behalf of their clients. Visit their website for more on their personal injury services, follow their Twitter for tips and advice, or call (877) 784-1230 to schedule a free consultation with a member of their team.