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No Fees Unless We Win

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3 Ways to Qualify for Workers’ Compensation

Thanks to federal and state laws, employees could be entitled to benefits if they become injured or ill while performing work-related activities. However, the rules and procedures for claiming compensation vary by state. Here are Wisconsin’s requirements for obtaining workers’ compensation.

How to Be Eligible for Workers’ Compensation in Wisconsin

1. Your Employer Has Coverage

In most cases, employers must have workers’ compensation insurance. While state laws dictate whether or not employers are exempted from this rule, they will still be allowed to purchase insurance if they choose to do so. In Wisconsin, employers are only required to provide coverage if their business has more than three employees or if they have at least one employee earning $500 or more within one quarter. This rule applies even if the employer is out-of-state but has employees in Wisconsin. Also, it is mandatory for farmers with at least six workers hired on the same day for 20 days to provide insurance.

2. You’re an Employee

Although it’s natural to assume that employees are automatically eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, not all are covered by the law. Independent contractors and volunteers are excluded from the coverage because they are not considered employees. Moreover, federal statutes cover federal workers, so they don’t fall under state laws. Other individuals who are exempted, according to Wisconsin’s Workers’ Compensation Act, include domestic servants, Native American tribal business employees, religious sect members, and real estate agents.

3. You Have Work-Related Injuries

An injury or illness is viewed as work-related if it resulted from doing activities that are part of the job. One typical example is a machinery injury at a factory. An employee could be entitled to compensation since the machine was being used in the workplace when the accident happened. Workers’ compensation covers both mental and physical injuries in Wisconsin, as well as conditions that develop over time due to the nature of the job.

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