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4 Painful Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Wisconsin

Mortorcycle riders are mostly unprotected and, as a result, can suffer painful motorcycle accident injuries. A pedestrian accident lawyer in Wisconsin at our firm can meet to discuss your injuries and memories of the crash. Our consultations are free and no risk!

4 Painful Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Wisconsin

Motorcycle accident at an intersection

Motorcyclists involved in a crash are vulnerable to many of the same injuries as people riding in cars: concussions, whiplash, arm fractures, and chest injuries. But motorcyclists also suffer rather unusual injuries due to a lack of protection. If you were involved in an accident while riding your bike, go to the hospital to receive treatment, and then make your first call to Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Butler, LLC to speak with our Wisconsin motorcycle accident attorney.

Pelvic Fracture

The pelvis is a butterfly-shaped bone which connects your spine to your legs. It plays a critical role in helping people sit and stand. You can feel your pelvis when you reach down and touch your hips. Unfortunately, the pelvis can fracture in a motorcycle accident.

Any fracture to this area is devastating. Even minor fractures are serious because a person might compensate by putting more stress on their lower back or legs, leading to strains and cascading problems. Major fractures require screws to keep the bones together, as well as significant down time to allow everything to heal.

Road Rash

Riders in Wisconsin can suffer serious abrasion injuries when they are tossed from their bikes. Any exposed skin can rub against the asphalt as you skitter down the road. This type of abrasion injury is called road rash, and it is very serious.

Some road rash will lift flaps of skin, exposing the tissue underneath, whereas other victims will get dirt and pebbles embedded in their skin. Road rash can result in disfiguring scars when it heals, and many motorcyclists also suffer an infection which requires careful monitoring.

Clean any wounds and go to the hospital. A doctor will close any flaps or even use skin grafts to cover exposed areas.

Facial Fractures

The face has more than a dozen bones. A motorcyclist can fracture any of them in a collision, including:

  • Orbital bones around the eyes
  • Jawbone
  • Nose bone
  • Frontal bone

Facial fractures make it impossible for some people to talk or eat normally. There is also a risk of lingering disfigurement even after the bones fuse back together.

Rider’s Arm

Many riders extend their arm right before an accident, or they land on it. Any traumatic impact can damage the brachial plexus nerves, which originate near the neck and pass through the shoulder and down the arm. The impact can compress, stretch, tear, or twist these nerves, resulting in:

  • Numbness in your arm, hand, and fingers
  • Loss of sensation in your shoulder or upper arm
  • Weakness in your hand
  • Paralysis in the arm

Many riders report feeling as if their arm is useless, and they can’t work. Treatment varies depending on the severity of the nerve damage. Some rider’s arms will slowly heal with sufficient rest, but others require surgery when nerves suffer serious damage.

You Deserve Compensation for Your Injuries

Wisconsin motorcycle accident victims bravely struggle to heal from their painful motorcycle accident injuries. Our job is to seek compensation from the person responsible for your accident, whether a negligent driver or a municipality which did not maintain a safe road. Call Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Butler LLC in Wisconsin to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers Today!