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No Fees Unless We Win

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Common FAQ About Car Accidents & Rental Cars

Auto accidents are always confusing and frightening, especially when you’re driving a rental car. After a collision, you might be wondering whether your insurance will cover the damages, or if you’re still responsible even if you didn’t cause the accident. Who will pay for your injuries, and do you need a car accident attorney? Below are answers to some of the questions you might have in this difficult situation.

Common Questions About Auto Accidents & Rental Cars

Will my insurance cover damage to the vehicle?

Most auto insurance policies do extend coverage to any rental vehicle you drive, as long as your policy includes collision and comprehensive protection. However, the coverage limits may not be enough to fully pay for the damages, so you may be held responsible for the remainder even if you didn’t cause the accident.

What if I purchased insurance from the rental company?

Each rental car company offers their own insurance products, which usually covers vehicle damage, liability, and your own injuries. However, these policies usually have fine print specifically excluding some common situations. If the rental company refuses to honor your claim, a car accident attorney can help defend you from unfair lawsuits and ensure your rights are protected.

What if I’m injured by another driver?

Whether you’re driving a rental vehicle or your own car, you have the right to file a claim against another motorist’s insurance policy if they caused an accident in which you were injured. In addition to your medical expenses, you may be able to collect compensation for your pain and suffering, lost income, and how your injuries have impacted your quality of life.

What is “loss of use?”

Loss of use is essentially money the rental company loses because they can’t rent out the damaged vehicle. Unless you purchased insurance from the rental company or your policy includes loss of use coverage, you can be held responsible for those losses, even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

If you’ve been involved in a crash while driving a rental, the car accident attorneys at Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC are ready to provide the detailed legal insight you need. They proudly represent accident victims throughout Michigan and Wisconsin, and don’t collect a fee unless they win. Visit their website to learn how they can help or call (877) 784-1230 to speak with a car accident attorney today.