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No Fees Unless We Win

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How to Apply for Children’s Supplemental Security Income

Under Social Security law, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits provide much-needed financial support to children with disabilities in families that fall below a certain income level. If your child qualifies for payments, you want the application is approved as quickly as possible. The information below highlights the process and how we, as Social Security disability attorneys, increase our clients’ chances for success.

What to Know When Applying for Children’s SSI

How “Child” is Defined for SSI Purposes

For a child to qualify for SSI, they must be younger than age 18, unmarried and not a head of household. Another way to qualify as a child, according to Social Security standards, is to be younger than age 22 and a student enrolled in school. Children may be eligible for benefits from the date of birth.

What Disability Must a Child Have?

A child must be blind or disabled to qualify for SSI benefits. They must have a physical or mental medical impairment or impairments which severely limit their ability to function. The impairment must have lasted or is expected to last for at least 12 continuous months, or is expected to result in the child’s death. Visually impaired children may qualify as blind.

How Can Attorneys Help Individuals Obtain Benefits?

The SSI rules and application process are complex. Parents who are not familiar with them—even when their children are eligible—can fail to obtain benefits. Lawyers who know the SSI requirements, processes, and Social Security law rules can guide their clients through the application process with a higher possibility of success. If you need to file an appeal, experienced Social Security disability lawyers are prepared to present the information in the best light.

Seeking SSI for your child can provide Social Security disability benefits that improve their quality of life. As experienced Social Security law attorneys at Fitzpatrick, Skemp & Associates, LLC, we are dedicated to providing effective and caring legal representation, giving you the best chance of obtaining these valuable benefits. For almost 20 years, clients throughout the La Crosse County, WI, area have trusted us with their claims. Let us help you give your child financial benefits that can last a lifetime. Visit our website to learn more about how we can serve your family. Call (877) 784-1230 to schedule a free consultation with us.