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3 Winter Driving Tips

Negligent drivers pose a risk year-round but are particularly dangerous during the winter months. Snow, ice, and sleet increase the risk of mistakes that result in a collision and the need for a car accident attorney. While you can’t control what others do on the road, following the tips below will help keep you safe.

How to Stay Safe While Driving in Winter

1. Keep Tires Inflated

As the daily highs decrease in late fall, tire pressure will drop, leaving the rubber underinflated. This situation reduces vehicle control and increases the chances of a flat tire and blowout, which can cause an accident. To avoid these problems, inspect the wheels daily and use a pressure tool to check the levels at least once a week during the winter. 

The ideal pressure range varies based on brand and vehicle type — usually around 32 or 34 pounds per square inch (psi). Find the proper amount in your owner’s manual or the label inside the driver-side door, and inflate as needed. 

2. Clean Windows 

Snow and ice quickly build up on vehicles. Not only can they significantly reduce your visibility while on the road, but they can also fly off and hit other automobiles. In some states, leaving the accumulation unattended is considered negligent driving and could cause you to need a car accident attorney.

Clean off the glass and windows using a vehicle glass scraper after turning on the defrost heat settings. Also, remove snow buildup on the hood, roof, and trunk with a broom. This measure will prevent the accumulation from dislodging and injuring another driver. 

3. Leave Space

It takes far more time to slow down on wet and icy roads than on dry streets. If the vehicle in front slams on its brakes, it can cause the car behind to rear-end them, which can lead to injuries. Slowing down too quickly can also cause a loss of control. For these reasons, you must leave plenty of room in front of you when driving to allow for proper deceleration. 

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